Trailhead:  Avalanche
 Posted By:  rosebudcassidy
 Date of Info:  08/20/2018
 Date Posted:  08/24/2018
Status Update
Drove in from Chicago --> Boulder (Sat/Sun/Mon) --> Buena Vista and decided to get a little more altitude in and do a dry run of a couple miles for timing purposes before attempting Mt Yale on 8/21 with my 18 year old son. After getting 2 miles up the Colorado Trail from the Avalanche Gulch TH we turned around and on the way down met up with a group of 6 coming up and they said they saw a bear just above the creeks. We weren't too convinced, but my son had his GoPro-running and just before the last switchback on the way down we heard something. We thought hmmmm maybe airbrakes on a truck running down from cottonwood pass? It was around 6:30 PM - He had his GoPro running so I said guess we'll review that sound when we get home and we became a lot more chatty i.e. noisy. We reviewed the video and it sure sounded like a bear. We still weren't convinced - On 8/22 on the way down from a failed attempt just past the creeks and on the last straight section running due west to the parking lot there it was - bear tracks on the trail. So guess there was a bear wondering around them parts.

I haven't been to Buena Vista since the early 90s and in all my years there I'd only ever seen bears around some of the camps in the area eating bike seats and garbage (and I was a guide in the area). Maybe this is normal for Avalanche gulch these days, but I was a tad surprised to see and hear the evidence (but never saw a bear). If this is useful you're welcome - if this is a "well hello flatlander there are bears in them woods" the sorry

In other news the road is closed JUST before the entrance to the Avalanche Gulch parking lot (so you can get in) and the traffic in the PM is a tad annoying when you're tired and just wanting to get to the hot springs, but before the sun is up there is NO traffic delay. This week it was only one lane when they were actually working on it during business hours.

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