Trailhead:  Mineral Park
 Posted By:  MikeK
 Date of Info:  09/06/2016
 Date Posted:  09/06/2016
Status Update
Went all the way to the trailhead in a Toyota Corolla on 8-28 (scouting), 8-31 (hiked up a ways), and 9-5 (summited). The road is full of water-filled holes that are deceptively shallow; the rut that transects the road (by my odometer at 1.4 miles, but clearly the one in question) was full of water the first time, but is now dry; it's passable in a 2WD, but only if your clearance is a tad above average and you are very sure of what you're doing; I never bottomed out. A collection of deep divots closer to the trailhead presents a similar challenge to a 2WD, but can be skirted/straddled. Otherwise, don't try it except in a high clearance vehicle -- meaning Subaru and up.

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