Trailhead:  Rainbow Trail
Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  eskermo
 Date of Info:  05/11/2013
 Date Posted:  05/11/2013
Drove all the way to the Rainbow trail crossing in a 4runner. Lots of snow still on the road shortly after the lower SCL trailhead. I had to back up and gun it up in 4 wheel-low once in a steep, slick spot to get over the hill. Only one other car was at the trailhead - another 4runner. Didnt look like anyone had continued up to the upper trailhead in a while so that stretch might still be a bit dicey.

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I think you met me today
05/12/2013 00:49
I was the guy in the other 4runner. If you were the dude with 2 friends coming up as I was coming down, you met me. I'll add a note here that my tires were far beefier than yours, and I didn't experience anything notable getting the Rainbow Trail crossing. Definitely need 4wd, and a few spots definitely require clearance at least that of a standard 4x4 truck. I would note that a lot of the 4wd road is muddy and slick, as you touched on.


Nice meeting you
05/13/2013 14:31
Always nice meeting other up on the mountain. Thanks for your boot/snowshoe tracks - we never would have made it as far as we did without your excellent route finding skills. I'll definitely be taking the standard route next time I attempt Humboldt

I just want to add that I added this trailhead status on the way down the mountain while waiting for 45 minutes for my friends to catch up. By the time I got back to the vehicle at the Rainbow trailhead, a ton of the snow had melted out, including the snow that appeared to cover the remaining half mile or so to the upper SCL trailhead. I would bet another 4Runner or similar vehicle could make it all the way up the road now.

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