Trailhead:  Mt. Princeton Road
Sawatch Range
 Posted By:  AeroFaze
 Date of Info:  06/14/2012
 Date Posted:  06/27/2012
The road up to and past the radio towers was completely clear and dry yesterday. From my assessment, the big humps and dips were the only things that would be problematic for a lower car. We didn’t see any significant rutting. The road to and past the towers is wide enough for only one vehicle, except at the switchbacks where there is a little room to pull off or turn around.

My manual tranny, AWD ‘07 Forester XT Limited easily made it as long as I didn‘t get stuck behind anyone going uphill (we had to stop and wait a few times for a slow-moving Xterra to make his/her way up after we caught up to them each time). My vehicle has approx 7.9" clearance and 99.4" wheelbase with extreme performance summer tires. My car could easily have made it all the way to the trailhead at the rock stairs, but we decided to camp at one of the 3-5 sites just above the radio towers. An Impreza wagon did make it to one of the first camp sites past the towers, and the driver said he only scraped the front panel once.

There was a Corolla parked about 0.2mi below the radio towers, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Photos show the road on the descent.

Photos (click for slideshow):
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Narrow road?
07/06/2012 17:29
How narrow is the road, particularly higher up past the radio towers. I drive a Dodge Ram HD that is fairly wide and I'm worried about getting it up and back in one piece.


Re: Narrow road?
07/06/2012 22:18
Yours is a pretty wide vehicle. Based on my memory, there really isn't much room to turn around or move over on the entire length of this road, except at the switchbacks. I recall 2 switchbacks before the towers, and 2 after.

My first instinct is to say I think you'll be ok moving forward, even past the radio towers, as long as you take it slow. I mean, they had to get the radio tower materials, tools, and vehicles up there somehow, right? Additionally, I thought the road actually got better ABOVE the towers anyway!

But still, because I don't want to feel responsible for getting you stuck , maybe you should ask this in the public forum since I was only up there the one time. If you do take your Ram up there, good luck with no one is coming down while you're driving up (and vice versa)!!

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