Trailhead:  Mt. Princeton Road
Sawatch Range
 Posted By:  MonGoose
 Date of Info:  07/04/2011
 Date Posted:  07/05/2011
If the road is dry, a high clearance vehicle and some basic off-road skills is all that is needed. The narrow 3 mile trail consists of a number of large berms that divert water off of the road. My stock Jeep Cherokee didn‘t have any problems and never grounded out. The real challenge of the road is it‘s narrowness. The first mile of the road heading up from the trailhead is fairly wide and has plenty of spots to pass or turn around. About the 1.0 mile mark is a switchback with a large pullout (relatively speaking). Past this point, the next 1.5 miles provide almost nowhere for two vehicles to pass. Forget about turning around during this section. At roughly the 2.5 mile mark is another switchback with a wide pullout for passing / turning around. A half mile remains to the radio towers. At the radio towers are a handful of camping spots and if you‘re creative, quite a few parking spots. The road above the radio towers is very smooth but offers only a handful of parking spaces.

I recommend heading up the trail early in the morning to avoid any head on traffic. Keep an eye on your odometer so you know exactly how far the last pullout is just in case you need to back up or try to convince another vehicle to go back. Good Luck!

 Comments or Questions

07/08/2011 00:11
I am going to try to climb Princeton in 2 weeks. I have a Suburban. Do you think the switchbacks so tight that I won't be able to make them? I just got the vehicle so am not sure how it handles. Thanks. Brett


Re: Switchbacks
07/08/2011 14:02
I think the suburban could do it. The two switchbacks that I recall are at 1.0 miles and 2.5 miles and have wider pullouts so you may have to do a 3-point turn. It will be tight but I think you can do it. Let me know how it goes.


07/28/2011 17:52
we plan on taking our ~21ft Sportsmobile 4x4 here in a month or so. 2 ?'s: do you think there will be enough clearance for our van width wise, and is the parking at the radio towers large enough? Thanks buddy!


08/25/2011 00:04
The Sportsmobile will have plenty of clearance but you may prune a couple of trees on the way up. As I recall, there weren't any overhanging rocks or anything, just some trees. I think you'll be fine. Be sure and head up at the appropriate time (early morning is best) to minimize the chance of running into oncoming traffic. There is plenty of room to park at the radio towers or the campsites past the towers.

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