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2016-07-23  Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2016-07-24, By: slysalimander
Info: Parked at Route 70 exit 221 before the dirt road started. Started at the trail head at about 7:15 am. Lots of people were there and parking was backed up about 1.5 miles on the road. Great summer conditions. I did Grays first. Water is low and easy to cross. On the way down from Torrey you will cross 100 foot of snow. Well worn trail in the snow. 
2016-07-11  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-07-11, By: uvajosh
Info: Got in pretty late about 9 in the parking lot on a Monday. There were 30-40 cars around. Weather pretty great in the 50s though gusty up top 30mph. The trail up to grays was clear and dry except for a few rivulets, nothing that will get your feet wet. Still some snow on the path high up coming back from Torreys to Grays but otherwise clear and dry. Fair number of people on the trail, but not bothersome. Lots of wildflowers, really a beautiful hike. 
2016-07-09  Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2016-07-13, By: Colorado_Chris
Info: Arrived Saturday morning at 6:00am. The trailhead was very crowded. I suggest arriving earlier if you want a "quieter" start. The road up to the trailhead is quite rough - I wouldn't advise going up to the trailhead in a car with lower clearance, although I did see some that had made it all the way up. The trail all the way up to the summit of Grays was perfect. No issues, no snow. The saddle down and up to Torreys was perfect as well. The return route from Torreys across the face of Grays still has snow that you have to traverse. The snow part is about 100-200 feet long, but there is a packed down path that isn't too bad to cross. If you have water resistant gloves you can steady yourself on the snow to your right as you come down. After the snow portion the trail isn't as clearly marked although you can see where you need to go - this portion of the trail is also quite gravely and rocky and isn't quite stable so take caution as you make your way back to the main trail down Grays. Once you meet up with the original trail it is smooth sailing all the way back to the trailhead. 
2016-06-25  Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2016-07-01, By: cwllmwl5
Info: Hiked on a Saturday. Arrived at upper parking lot around 5:30 a.m. Already full. Had to turn around and park 100 yards down on road. On trail at 5:55 a.m. Temperature was between 55 and 70 all day. Running water on trail in places while walking up from parking lot to base of Grays. Not too bad. I hiked in cross-training tennis shoes. No snow on trail up to Grays. No snow on trail down to saddle to Torreys. No snow on trail up to Torreys. No water on trail between Grays and Torreys. Came back down Torreys and took trail that crosses back to main trail. Had to cross about 130 yards of packed snow. Advise poles for this area, because if you slip you are sliding down steep mountainside into rocks below. 
2016-06-23  Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2016-06-24, By: jdcoleman
Info: 4WD trail is clear to upper TH. We made it up with a 2wd Ford Escape (small SUV with decent clearance and street tires) and it was fine - just go slow and be careful with tire placement. Trail is a super-highway the whole way up. Clear of snow until a couple drifts below Grays summit in the basin and higher up on Greys near the top. It had snowed the night before 1 inch or 2, so most of the upper switchbacks we were punching through crunchy snow - but it was actually nice to get off the hard rocks. On the return trail from the saddle theres about 60 yards of side-stepping through snow, be careful its slick and one slice of it has potential for a big slide down. Not worth glissading, btw. Left TH at 5, summitted Greys at 7, 30 minutes over to Torreys which was also dusted with some snow but nothing to worry about (but also not enough to ski, fyi) and back down to the TH by 9. Storms were approaching madly as we were on Torreys so we ran down to avoid hail, rain, lightning, etc - forecasts said it was going to hit at 11 but it hit was coming fast 830/9. We got breakfast in Silverthorne at 930/10 and it was raining solidly on us down there. PSA: Please be careful with lightning, everybody, and start your 14ers EARLY. 
2016-06-21  Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2016-06-21, By: t3design
Info: Summited Grays and Torreys today. Road to STH is in really good condition. We managed in a Mercedes SUV and there were several cars in the parking lot with less clearance. Got to STH at 6a. Main trail to Grays has a couple really short snow crossings, but nothing that can't be handled in shoes. Summited at 9:30a. There were others on trail and on peak, but not crowded by any means. Took the saddle to Torreys. Again, really no snow at all. On the return, the cut across the face of Grays from the cairn in the saddle has about 100 feet of snow crossing. By the time we were traversing it the sun had softened it up and it was not slick. We managed fine in trail shoes. Regained the STH at 1:30p with lots of time spent on both peaks and no rush on the climb or return. 
2016-06-20  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-21, By: My-Therapy
Info: Summited Grays last night. No traction needed, only a few short snow areas to cross. Lots of water on a few sections of the trail. 
2016-06-17  Route: South Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-17, By: gunnison_garrett14
Info: Skied the SE slopes this morning then hiked the south ridge back up and skied the east slopes. SE slopes were great! Snow started a little ways off the summit and went down continuously a little over 1,000 feet to the highest lake. Hiked back up the south ridge, which is completely dry and then skied the east slopes. I climbed Kelso's ridge the 15th and it was pretty much dry except for a couple sections with snow. It was nice to have my ice axe but never took out my crampons. On the 16th a couple of guys skied lost rat couloir (I climbed and skied dead dog but there is a more recent report up). I was thinking about skiing lost rat but as I neared the ridge it was obvious the line wasn't continuous and had lots of debris and a runnel in the middle. From the Mt. Edwards ridge I was able to see a clean line down the SE slopes. 
2016-06-17  Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2016-06-17, By: MichiganNative87
Info: Summer TH accessible with no snow, very bumpy. We drove a jeep compact SUV with ok clearance. I wouldn't have wanted to drive my Kia Spectra up that road. The summer TH parking lot was pretty full on this Friday morning, but we got a spot. Started on the trail at 7:20. Went up the south slope initially on accident, summited Torreys a little after 10, then over to Grays to summit a little after 11. Snow was firm, rarely broke through it (more so as it got later in the day), I'd say it's along less than half the route. I didn't wear spikes because I forgot them, but I wouldn't have used them anyway. Came down on the Gray's and Torrey's route. We were at the car at 2ish. I think it took us longer to get down because of the indirect route. Saw some adorable mountain goats. Blue skies and clear in the morning, with clouds rolling in on our trip down (white fluffy clouds mostly). 
2016-06-16  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-17, By: country
Info: Trail to the base of Grays has a few spots of snow but easily avoided. East Slope route has a few spots of snow that you will need to cross and in the morning it was fine. There maybe some potholing on the way out but should be short and not a big deal. The traverse from the saddle of G and T has a large snow field that may be in issue on your exit once it warms up. 
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2016-06-14  Route: Lost Rat Couloir
Posted On: 2016-06-14, By: fakejox
Info: Didn't climb it, but here's a distant shot of Lost Rat this morning, taken from the stevens gulch trail. It is difficult to see in the picture, but on our descent, I noticed that there is a ~50' dry patch near the top of the couloir consistent with previous trip reports. 
2016-06-12  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-12, By: gitarzan
Info: Started up from the Winter TH a bit before 6. The road to the summer TH is clear. No spikes necessary - I did it in running shoes, though I did post-hole a lot. A couple of slick spots, but nothing to fret over. Kind of wet and sloppy as the morning wears on. 
2016-06-12  Route: Lost Rat Couloir
Posted On: 2016-06-12, By: TheRealRooster
Info: Went up the Lost Rat this morning with a group of four. Snow was surprisingly good, but we were there early (apron by 5am, topped out on the couloir by 6:30am or so). Almost continuous snow to the top, with the exception of about a 10-15' section of scree near the top (see picture). Descent down the East Slopes was pretty sloppy above maybe 12k, wouldn't really want to go up or down after about 8am with these temps. No snow on the way to the summer trailhead. 
2016-06-07  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-08, By: aholle88
Info: Standard route: no snowshoes required with a 6am start yesterday, spikes optional. Snowshoes or skis highly recommended/required on the descent through the willows unless you enjoy post holing. Intermittent, but deep, snow from trailhead to base of the actual climbing, snow continuous once you come around the ridge. Lost Rat: Filled in completely, lots of rocks up in the choke section. Was slushy by 830. 
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2016-06-06  Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2016-06-06, By: pdenman33
Info: Welcome to post hole city! 4 feet deep at points, and plenty of breaking through above 13k ft. Flotation advised, though barely helpful as the day goes on. I summited both peaks via traditional route. Lots of wet slides in every couloir, though plenty of skiers taking advantage of the corn. The intensity of the sun + the persistent snow coverage makes for a pretty rough environment. High alpine protection is more important than usual in this arena for this time of year. Took me 6 hours round trip; most of that time burned up in the willows. Always fun though! I'll post in trail head conditions about this as well, but I was able to be the first vehicle (pretty sure) to break through to the summer trailhead. Probably 4wd high clearance only at this point, but it can't be more than a week or so of these temps before it's open to all. 
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2016-05-22  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-05-22, By: spiderman
Info: I was able to drive my Civic up a mile to the road junction. 4wd vehicles could drive another quarter mile before getting to impassible snow. The early-morning conditions on the route were fabulous. We started at 4:30 AM and were back to the car around noon. Things started to get slushy on our descent. Microspikes were necessary and I appreciated an ice ax for extra safety. 
2016-05-14  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-05-15, By: rafuchoucv
Info: Road still closed, parked on the road side few yards from the winter park lot. Started to walk at 8:00am, I was surprised to find that the lot was full and also the road,so I assume everyone else arrived before me, lately I found the reason. temperature was 30ish. I started to walk, snow pads on the road where the result of last day melting and morning frozen making them little hard to walk over. 1 hour fast walking to the summer parking lot /trail head. Started to follow footprints after the bridge, considering the amount of people before me, there where not as many. things went ok till the start of the step hiking, I had some micro spikes that fail to give me support as the sun started to hit the snow and melting it. Forget about summer trail unless you have crampons or similar, follow the footprints instead, if there are not, walk over the east ridge, when it becomes flat, keep straigh to the couloir and then use the trail used to climb torreys from grays to climb Grays, that way you will avoid slippery snow sections of Gray's summer trail. Got to the summit after 5 hours of walking, two of them lost making new footprints on the standard summer trail. Wind on the last section of the mountain was very strong (20-40 mph) bring your windproof clothes. You want to get down early, before the snow start to melt, the 1.5 miles hike from the bridge to the east ridge is very easy to do with standar shoes if the snow is frozen, otherwise you will end up inserting your whole leg into the snow on every step, so, get down early or bring snow shoes/skiis/etc. Rafael Angulo Venezuela 
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2016-04-27  Route: Lost Rat Couloir
Posted On: 2016-04-27, By: aholle88
Info: Lost Rat did not look filled in today from what little we could see in the basin. It may be out of commission for the season by the looks of things, even with new snow on the way. The east face of grays was very dry as well. Going to need a lot more snow with a lot less wind involved in order to be getting a true ski from Grays this year. 
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2016-04-12  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-04-15, By: JasonCrane
Info: Solo climber & first summit attempt of Grays/Torreys. Stevens Gulch Rd is impassable near the I-70 ramps. There's a rudimentary sign posted as a warning. It's a 3 mile hike along the abandoned road to the trailhead. The weather conditions were spectacular. Crystal clear blue skies & no wind. Sun radiation & reflection off of the snow later became an unanticipated obstruction in the summit attempt. Significant post-holing through the first 1-2 miles of the trek into the foothills, even with snow shoes. Kelso Mtn. sits a bit ominously along the right side with vast snow fields all angled in the direction of the trail. As the only person within miles of the 2 peaks, avalanche concerns were omnipresent throughout the day. The trail is relatively easy to follow as you approach stunning panoramic views of the 2 solitary peaks. A patch of talus obscures the trail, which forks to the right, not the left. The left side of the hill is a post-hole nightmare (1st mistake.) After retreating, the foreseeable rest of the trail appeared to be extremely rocky, as well as the outlines of the trails along the Grays face, so I cached my snow shoes near a Park Informational sign (2nd mistake). Additional navigation issues & losing sight of the trail caused excessive hiking through post-hole zones, repeated back-tracking & unnecessary exertion (3rd mistake.) I eventually found the trail sign about mid-way up pointing Grays to the left & Torreys to the right, but inexplicably went to the right (4th mistake.) SPF 50 sunscreen had been washed off by sweating profusely eventually resulted sun poisoning & severe dehydration (5th mistake.) Abandoned the summit bid at 13,737 ft! It ended up being 9 hours of hiking without success! Seriously almost collapsed during the road hike back to I-70! 
2016-02-15  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-02-16, By: Grant Mills
Info: Snow blocking road completely after Grizzly turn off. My WRX couldn‘t even make it out of the winter TH due to fresh (4-5") of snow on road. From the summer TH conditions were widely variable. No trench in sight and visibility stretching from 5 km all the way down to 10 m. Snow was varied from postholing knee deep with 29" snow shoes to completely dry on portions of the upper mountain. As of this report, snow shoes are absolutely necessary from summer TH to Kelso‘s ridge turn off. I broke trail in both directions since the wind and snow filled in my tracks as I moved. 0630 Start, 1320 Summit, and 1700 return to car. Movement was slow while ascending because postholing slowed my progress to a literal crawl at times trying to not sink. 

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