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Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-06-02, By: Trotter
Info: Summer conditions. Fairly soggy below treeline, and quite a few mosquitoes. Note there's enough high plants and grass on the route that recent rain or dew will get you wet from the knees down pretty fast. Steep climb. The burned trees are really quite pretty. An alabaster forest. I put in a crappy summit register. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-05-27, By: Flyingfish
Info: Old jeep road is a little muddy but nothing unmanageable. Essentially not snow except for a few hundred feet right at the base of the last climb but all easily avoidable. No summit register so maybe bring one if you are next up. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-05-17, By: mikemalick
Info: You can completely avoid snow if you want. Only real snow areas are in the saddle between PT 12,100' and the final ridge up to Hunts Peak. Dropping off PT 12,100', I stayed off the first snow patch by keeping to the far left. I then decided to cross the longer snow along the line you can see. It was plenty supportive early in the day and starting to complain a little by 11:15 AM on the way back down, but only a couple post holes. You can skip all the snow if you want. Pic 1 is coming out of the trees looking up to PT 12,100' and the final ridge to the summit. Pic #2 is looking into the saddle from PT 12,100' and up the ridge. Pic #3 was after crossing the 2nd snow patch along the red line shown in previous pic. Last pic is coming down from the summit looking back at the saddle snow. Again, you can bypass all the snow if you want. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-11-14, By: supranihilest
Info: I parked near US 285 because my small car couldn't drive up the road; know which road(s) to take to get to the trailhead! From the locked gate at the trailhead the snow begins. There's patchy snow/ice prior to that but nothing major. There's a great trench all the way up the old road and microspikes may be of some use on the icier parts; I did not use any but that's a personal call. When the road starts switchbacking up near the Oxcart fire burn scar just cut off the road and stay on relatively dry, west facing slopes. If you continue on the road around to the northern toe of the ridge you'll find yourself on very steep slopes with shin deep sugar snow on top. Best to avoid that nonsense and stick with dry slopes if you can. These west facing, dry slopes are quite loose due to the lack of vegetation holding them together but they aren't particularly dangerous, just irritating. Continue to the ridge crest then south on still mostly dry ground. Hunts Peak becomes visible from the ridge crest and the route finding is obvious. There's a couple large snowfields near the saddle with the approach ridge and Hunts itself but they're trenched out for the most part, just follow the footprints and/or dry sections where available. Return the way you came up. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-11-03, By: rivrrapids
Info: 4wd needed to get to TH. Route has mainly ankle deep snow with some areas getting to shin deep. Upper slopes have areas of wind drifted snow. I did not take snowshoes. Had microspikes with me but didn't use them. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-06-17, By: Tornadoman
Info: Descended the west slopes after going up another ridge to the right for a minor "tour de Hunts" basin. The standard route is dry until the summit pitch which has a bit of snow left. A bit hard on the ascent but soft on the descent. We did not use any gear, but someone really uncomfortable on snow might want spikes. 
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Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-05-27, By: RWinters
Info: Snow starts intermittently starting at 10k until 10,800 ft and the turnoff. The first 2-300 ft have melted out but solid snow starts above 11,100. Traction is helpful after a freeze. I wished I would have packed it since I was kicking steps in the steepest part of the ridge. Solid snow for the most part along the west slopes approach with intermittent patches of rock as it slowly melts out. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2018-06-19, By: cardgenius
Info: Summer conditions. Easy to follow route. Look for the carins on the steep slope once you leave the old road, they make it a bit easier. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2018-04-29, By: Flips
Info: The road to Rock Creek Trailhead off Hwy 285 is gated and closed (seasonal closure). 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2017-11-12, By: drop_bear
Info: A few inches of snow on the trail before the ridge. Ridge up to tree line is clear. Tree line to summit has mostly avoidable snow patches. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2017-06-24, By: tjf242424
Info: Summer conditions. Drove easily to the campsite 0.7 mi before the TH in an Outback. There's really no good camping after that and parking at the TH would be kind of awkward, so best to stop at the huge clearing/campsite noted in the description. Routefinding is straightforward, although very steep through the burned area. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2017-05-24, By: desertdog
Info: Snow free on the road and up the ridge in the trees. A small snowfield on the slopes. No snowshoes or traction needed. Wow, what a view from this peak! 
Route: West side
Posted On: 2012-11-19, By: BobbyFinn
Info: Here's a pic of what I think is Hunts Peak from Mt. Ouray. 

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