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Route: Stewart Creek TH
Posted On: 2011-10-07, By: JimS
Info: Snow, ice, and strong winds above 12,500. Snow was not deep due to the strong winds. Using my Kahtoola ice spikes and trekking poles was very helpful. Next day a storm would have closed access to the TH as well as heavy snows on the mountain. 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2011-08-22, By: mrschaible
Info: Trail is in great shape. They had some substantial rain yesterday and that left the trail wet in the morning. By the afternoon, it had pretty much dried out except for a few places between 3-4.5 miles down the trail. Up higher, the trail has some substantial over growth that you have to walk through. You can easily see the trail, you just have to do some brush pushing. Very easy trail finding and an easy climb. Lots of beaver damns! 
Route: South Ridge
Posted On: 2011-08-15, By: mjohnson1960
Info: SOUTH RIDGE ROUTE TO BE CLOSED While on the South Ridge at about 13,000 ft last Thursday (8/11/11) I ran in to a 3-woman U.S. Forest Service work crew. They told me that the USFS will be closing a portion of this route due to growing erosion resulting from a combination of steep slopes, loose scree and initiation of multiple trails. Didn‘t get too many details but as they described it the new route will basically detour around to the east of the existing steep section at the bottom third(?) or so of the ridge. The new section will switchback down from the 12,600-ft saddle at the base of the South Ridge, contour across the east face of San Luis, and switchback up to rejoin the traditional South Ridge route. They claimed the new route, which has been surveyed and staked, would be "easier" than the original, but seems likely to add a few more tenths of a mile and some vertical to the route. That‘s all the info I got - sorry, don‘t know when the closure will go down, but at this point seems unlikely to happen until next summer. 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2011-07-03, By: sjhiker
Info: San Luis standard route is completely snow free. Moose seen in the Stewart Creek willows. 
Route: S. Ridge via. Equity Mine
Posted On: 2011-06-28, By: Matt Lemke
Info: Did San Luis yesterday with spectacular weather. Started at the Equity Mine TH and walked up to the Colorado trail and took the trail over 3 passes to the base of the S. ridge. Walked the long ridge to the summit. San Luis as with most of the La Garitas are pretty much snow free. Only a few patches here and there. The Rio Grande River drainage only got about 50% average snowfall this last winter which means this area is in full bloom. Great wildflower displays and everything was green and very beautiful. This route is much better than the Stewart Creek route since you‘re above treeline on the Colorado trail for so long. Photos to come in my big TR in mid to late July...gotta continue climbing now! 
Route: South Ridge
Posted On: 2011-06-19, By: Monster5
Info: Started at Equity Mine 2wd TH, hiked up to San Luis, went over to 13150 and 13180 and then bailed straight down to the Bondholder sign. -Road: Drove a passenger van to Equity without a problem. A moderate-clearance 2wd can make it to the major stream crossing. The stream is low and beyond is easy, muddy 4wd. -San Luis route: Same as previous. Mostly dry with several snowpatches and avy debris below the first saddle (the crown 1000 ft above is obvious and awesome). A few smaller slabs above may slide, but they probably won‘t affect the trail. Some cornice failures. I chopped steps in a drift in the second basin, but you can easily go around. In other words, no special gear needed. Gaitors and boots would be ideal. I wore trailrunners and did fine, if wet on the return. -13ers: the summit of 13150 is interesting. Best accessed from the San Luis side: 30ft, 3/4-, dry. The ridge to 13180c has one class 3 section with easier climbing on the north side. Also dry. The traverse to 13280 is still technical as a large, steep slab covers the weakness on looker‘s left. 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2011-06-12, By: Yalegirl09
Info: The trail only had a few snow patches below treeline --- Easily avoidable and I am sure they will be melted this week. Once out of the trees the trail follows snow on top of Stewart Creek. The snow was frozen all day on this section so we did not posthole, however be careful here as once the snow gets softer you could posthole into the creek. On the trail leading to the saddle there were a couple of snowfields to cross with some postholing. The trail to the summit is relatively dry. There was only one snowfield that was impassible... we dropped below it through the scree on the ascent but it‘s better to stay on the ridge proper on the descent. We brought crampons (I was hoping to climb a snowfield) and ice axes, but never used them. Definitely no need for snowshoes! 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2011-06-11, By: ilium
Info: Similar to the previous post. Between tree line and the saddle the trail is very hard to keep, and a pain when you are removed from it. 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2011-06-06, By: boatmoose
Info: Stewart Creek road open to trailhead (I logged out a few trees on my way in), in good condition. Trail dry to second creek crossing, then snow drifts in the shade/trees. 12 trees across trail before first creek crossing none difficult to get around. Snow in upper basin above treeline only in drainages but is rotting out, choose route carefully to avoid excessive postholing.Left trailhead at 6:45, summit at 11:00 back to trailhead 14:30. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2011-03-13, By: pioletski
Info: Forest Service Road 504/503 is plowed all the way to the Equity Mine. Snow on the west side is consolidated spring snowpack, skiing was great (and continuous from the summit down the North Yawner Gully). North aspects around timberline are sugary, deep, slabby and prone to sinking. This is mostly in dense woods so it‘s relatively safe, if annoying. Take skis or BIG snowshoes. I can‘t speak to conditions across the slopes around/south of Point 12,562, as we skirted around it to the north. 
Route: South Ridge
Posted On: 2011-01-10, By: Kiefer
Info: Road is plowed from Creede clear up to the Equity Mine. Past the mine, the snow varries from calf to waist deep. Snow conditions up towards San Luis Pass and beyond is horrible. A 2"-3" frozen top-layer with VERY dry sugar snow underneath: lots of fracturing. Infrequent pockets of stability. Snowshoes are definitely required. Southern aspects are more scoured but all aspects seem to be holding snow. Image#1- Looking down onto San Luis Pass from the southeast Image#2- Looking up towards San Luis Pass from the Equity Mine side (south) 

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