Huron Peak  
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2015-07-03  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-07-04, By: shaberer0511
Info: Great conditions up there. A bit of snow in several patches, but nothing really on the trail. The creek crossings do run a bit high in the afternoon due to snow melt, and there is a bit of mud and running water on the trail, but as long as you have good tread on your boots you‘ll be fine. 
2015-06-30  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-30, By: C-Shepguy
Info: Good to go. The pesky aforementioned snowfield in the basin is down to like a hundred feet long and not very deep. Summertime up there. 
2015-06-28  Route: North Ridge from Lulu Gulch
Posted On: 2015-06-29, By: mojah
Info: A tiny bit of snow to contend with going up Browns, but otherwise dry the whole way. Standard route looked to be 99% dry 
2015-06-26  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-27, By: lfishsays
Info: Hiked Huron on 6/26. The 4WD road is in good shape. A few rough spots but as long as you have good clearance you should be fine, although we did see a church van at the upper trailhead (props to them)...we got my buddy‘s Subaru up there last year but took my Jeep this time and it was way easier. Anyway, it was an absolutely beautiful day on the mountain. Camped at the trailhead and started the hike a little after 6:30am. As the other reports stated, no snow along the route until the basin and along a few portions of the upper route, which the husky was more excited about than we were, but nothing unmanageable. I did the hike in trail runners and didn‘t use my spikes - I would definitely recommend waterproof shoes as there is a lot of runoff above treeline. We postholed through the basin but it‘s not really a long enough stretch to worry about. Summited around 9:15 and had the obligatory beer...the weather was awesome so we stayed up there for about an hour before heading down at 10:15. Back to the trailhead at 12:15, so overall it took us about 3 hours up and 2 down. Solid day! 
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2015-06-20  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-23, By: AlexeyD
Info: The creek shortly above the upper trailhead is running pretty high - a pole is definitely helpful for the crossing. There are currently 2 areas of significant snow on the route: one in the flat basin just above 12,000 (Photo 1), and then on the NW-facing slopes from about 12,700‘ to just below the saddle at 13,400‘ (Photo 2). The last very short section, maybe 100‘ or so, of the summit ridge (Photo 3) has a large amount of snow as well. Despite a light overnight freeze (evidenced by the presence of frost and ice on the trail), the crust on top of the snow in the basin was unsupportive even around 7AM, and downright horrendous on the return. We brought snowshoes and were happy to have them for this section, although at times we broke through anyway. The second snowfield was more consolidated on the way up - easily done with microspikes, although snowshoes worked as well - but again, a rotten mess on the way down. Glissading seemed to be the best option for descent, as the snow was too deep and soft for plunge-stepping, but even there it was hard to maintain speed. I would definitely recommend, at a minimum, some type of traction if going up early in the morning, as well as an ice axe if planning to glissade on the descent, and snowshoes if you don‘t want to posthole thigh-deep crossing the basin. Other than that, it was a pretty easy hike in summer-like conditions, and beautiful scenery. Lots of people out! 
2015-06-20  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-22, By: r_grizz
Info: Cruised up Huron on Saturday 6/20 with user Crowdsurf. The road up to the trailhead is rough but doable with 4wd and decent clearance. Easily made it up in my F150. Saw lots of folks parking their Subarus 2-3 miles down the road though (which must have sucked at the end of the day). Hiking at 5:30 AM and it was already warm enough for just a t-shirt. Trail is completely snow free up to the basin. Basin is post hole s--t even in the morning. Snowshoes got us through. Drank multiple beers on the summit, which got pretty busy at about 9:30. We mounted a sweet (and what looked to be the first of the day) glissade down the North Face from 13,600 ft. to the run out area at 12,400 ft. This was definitely the way to go as it allowed us to skirt around the edge of the basin and never have to touch the snow again. People choosing to go back down the standard route and through the basin were in for an afternoon of pain. It looked like all those poor suckers were literally swimming their way through it. Most chose to follow us down the corn once they saw how sweet our tracks were. According to GPS, it also saved us 0.9 miles on the total distance. 
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2015-06-20  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-22, By: jwgrosser
Info: No snow on the trail until the Basin. In the Basin there is still a snow field that was giving everyone without snowshoes problems. The snow was holding after a freeze earlier in the morning (~7:30am) but shortly after that most people were post-holing to about thigh high. After the basin on the final pitch up to the summit there are scattered snow fields. Most were solid early and could be avoided if not. Snowshoes were worth the haul this weekend but not sure how much longer that will be the case. Microspikes were handy at the top on some remaining snow fields but might not have been entirely necessary. Creek are flowing but the crossings are fine with a little bit of a leap and some careful balancing. 
2015-06-19  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-19, By: jmark
Info: Stream is running fast, so walk up the hill to the third crossing which is narrower. Trees are virtually snow-free, and trail is easy to follow. Snow in the basin and up the NW face, although melting fast. Micro-spikes recommended for the ascent of the NW face. Terrific glissading down. Saw some skiers and snowboarders. Snowshoes recommended for the basin on the return. 
2015-06-18  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-18, By: telescreen
Info: Perfect weather. Left TH at 12:40 pm (yes, afternoon), made summit, and back to TH at 6:20. I hadn‘t planned on summiting until figuring out I could navigate the snow. Snow in basin for about 150 yards. Postholed 30 times which I deserved for very late climb. Surprised it held my weight most of the distance following snow shoe tracks. After that you can avoid snow except for a few patches and of course at the summit. Trail is visible for last 400‘ gain to summit. Cornice at summit has calved some so stay well to right. Two snow boarders went down with a dismount to traverse rock. I wore trail runners and Dexshell waterproof socks. I brought microspikes but couldn‘t use them much in soft snow. Next year I‘ll buy snowshoes or start early. 
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2015-06-17  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-19, By: codogg81
Info: Did Huron on 6/17. Dry all the way up to the basin. Consistent snow there after. I would advise everyone to bring snow shoes unless you like post holing to your belly button. I had to learn the hard way and pretty much low crawled across the basin on the way down! 
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2015-06-15  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-21, By: rmendon
Info: Sorry for the late post but Huron was a great climb on Monday 6/15. The trail head is driveable all the way for a decent clearance vehicle. We drove within around 1/2 mile to the trail head before stopping in front of a large mud puddle. Driving a Subaru Outback we were unsure if we could make it through but once we hiked to the trail head we found another group of hikers also driving an Outback that made it the entire way to the trail head. We were able to start our from the trail head at 5:45 am and summitted at 8:10 am. There are a few snow patches in the trees on the way up but nothing unmanageable. Once you hit the basin, however, it is pretty much snow all the way to the summit. Starting as early as we did, we were able to hike with minimal post-holing issues. We did bring spikes but never used them. If you start as early as we did, you should be fine with just some good traction boots. 
2015-06-13  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-13, By: Tim A
Info: If you start early enough, you should be able to leave the snowshoes at the car. I started up at 5am from Winfield, summit at 930, back to Winfield at 1pm. Patches of snow on the upper half of the switchbacks in the forest, but given the bootpack through them routefinding isn‘t an issue, and postholing was minimal, even on the descent. Previous report mentioned posthole hell coming out of treeline, but this is no longer an issue, as trail was dry at treeline. Basin completely covered with snow but a fine snowshoe track through it held me up sans snowshoes during my descent at 1030. Any later than that, probably want snowshoes. The standard trail is easy to get mixed up as it is fairly snowcovered with various sets of boot-packs merging into and out of it along the entire route. I elected to follow stay on snow as often as possible and found well-set bootpacks along the upper route until the last few hundred feet, where I put in my own to reach the summit from the East side of the ridge. I wouldn‘t have been comfortable without crampons given the firm, icy snow higher on the route early in the morning, but most people I saw on the route seemed to do fine with microspikes, as they stayed closer to the summer route which featured more rocks and lower-angle snow. 
2015-06-07  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-08, By: jmark
Info: Began hike at upper TH at 6am. Spotty snow patches until 11,200‘. From then until 11,700‘, deep, soft snow up the steep hillside with difficult route-finding. Out of the forest to 12,100‘, snow-free. 12,100‘-13,200‘ solid snow with slight give. At this point I ascended the North face, which became almost solid ice until 13,800‘. Clear to summit. 
2015-06-05  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-05, By: dogballs
Info: Beautiful Colorado weather let me experience all seasons today. Started at the 4wd trailhead and was able to follow the standard route until around 11,000‘. From there up it was skis on. Snow is very rotten between 11,000‘ and treeline. Above that it is more solid an easily supports skis. Below that is a nightmare, even with skis. Exhausting going up and dangerous coming down. Once you get above treeline the freeze/thaw is keeping a good crust on the surface. About 3/4" of wet snow feel above treeline today which made for sloppy skinning on the way up as it kept sticking to my skins. Wasn‘t as bad coming down. Skis are your best flotation option once you reach the snow line. Below 11,000‘ I was pretty much able to follow the summer trail only having to cross a few snow patches, and those weren‘t bad as you could follow other peoples tracks. Once you reach the snowline around 11,000‘ it gets very hard to follow any tracks so I just headed up what looked like the easiest line. Had snow falling all the way to the summit and then cloud cover/fog until around 13,000‘. Below that a fine mist made sure I got nice and wet. At least the sun was shining when I reached my car. Round trip took 5hr28min with a lot of cursing between 11,000‘ and treeline going both up and down. Not worth the ski unless you are jonesing to summit it specifically. 
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2015-06-02  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-02, By: DanielL
Info: Skied Huron Peak‘s Northwest Slopes route today - weather was perfect and coverage is solid on the upper mountain except for one (very) short section at around 13,750‘ or so. We were able to ski down to about 11,300‘ in the trees before hiking out the rest of the descent. I‘ll post a trip report with pictures soon. EDIT: Added a picture showing coverage on the upper mountain - snow is in from the summit and the west face is continuous. Our line along the left (Northwest) slope was continuous except for the brief rocky section mentioned. 
2015-05-30  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-05-30, By: Fr3ako
Info: Beautiful day on Huron and spectacular climb (12 people on the mountain today) Parked 0.3 miles after 2wd trailhead (for conditions between 2wd Th and 4wd TH, check TH update). Tree line was a combination of hard snow (spikes), deep snow (snowshoes) and dry land. We couldn‘t find the summer trail so climbed way north of it towards Browns Peak before redirecting south towards the summit. Route finding between trees Snow had a hard crust above treeline making it a pleasant climb with spikes. Snow was becoming deeper close to summit and with temperatures increasing around 10am.. Return: once down the ridge, massive postholing til 4wd trailhead and snowshoes required for 90% of the time 
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2015-05-25  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-05-26, By: yingyangsoup89
Info: A lot of snow from 11K and on. Was planning on doing the North Ridge but the trail was unbroken. Instead, took the NW slope route as other hikers have broken trail. Start early as snow is melting fast and become a postholing nightmare coming down. Peak of huron is caked with snow as well as the ridges. Don‘t go too close to the edges. 
2015-04-25  Route: East face
Posted On: 2015-04-26, By: jkillgore
Info: Good coverage from creek crossing to Clohesy. Approximately 70 cm of snow from last weekend‘s storm. Bonding nicely to older snow (CT 28, low energy). Run is in nice shape. Stormy weather kept thing interesting and exciting. 
2015-04-13  Route: North Ridge from Lulu Gulch
Posted On: 2015-04-14, By: KTC88
Info: Climbed Huron on Monday. Went up the Lulu Gulch route and descended the standard route. Lulu Gulch was hard snow in the trees, but above treeline I wallowed through hip deep unconsolidated snow on the northern aspects. The climb up to Brown‘s was on hard packed snow and tundra. The North Ridge to the peak was pretty dry. The descent down the standard route is mostly dry down to about 12600, with snow below that. I didn‘t have snowshoes, so I stuck to some higher ground north of the standard route and bushwhacked my way to the 4WD road. The only time I regretted not having snowshoes was getting from treeline down to the 4WD road. Once on the road, post holing was minimal. Microspikes were helpful on both the ascent and descent. 
2015-02-13  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2015-02-14, By: RWSchaffer
Info: About a mile below Vicksburg on Chaffee County 390 the road crests a small hill. Don‘t bother driving beyond it. My 2wd car got quite stuck at the end of the straight stretch beyond the hill. Another tenth of a mile beyond that was a spectacular stuck vehicle mess that looked to be of the 4wd variety. There is parking on both sides of the approach to the hill. Beyond that, the road to Winfield is bootpack, with a single snowmobile track to the trailhead. Fresh snow can make the road to the trailhead hard to follow. I thought that I had bypassed the trailhead when I had not yet reached it and ended up climbing the northeast ridge of Browns Peak. After a traverse to Huron, I descended a reasonable approximation of the Northwest Slopes route, reaching the road a bit beyond the trailhead. On both the ascent and the descent, snow below timberline was knee deep and somewhat faceted; snowshoes would sink most of the way to the ground but provide some traction where they stopped. On the descent, my snowshoes submarined frequently, making for an unpleasant slog. You don‘t want to use either my ascent trench or my descent trench. There is an old trench leading from the trailhead, but it hasn‘t been used (by humans) since the recent snows; I could not find it at timberline. Above timberline is a mix of supportive snowfields and relatively clear areas (photo 1). 

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