San Luis Peak  
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2017-02-03  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2017-02-05, By: SnowAlien
Info: Deep snow below treeline and windblown hardpack above treeline. Winter closure is 4 miles below summer TH 
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2016-11-26  Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2016-11-27, By: fakejox
Info: Drove down to the middle of nowhere for a post-prandial calorie burn this Thanksgiving weekend. As evidenced by the attached pics, it still looks like fall in the La Garita Wilderness. The 30 mile drive on dirt roads to the Stewart Creek TH was unremarkable--at worst we encountered a few sections of road with 2-3" of powder. Same experience on the approach up the Stewart Creek drainage, with alternating shallow ( 
2016-10-28  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2016-10-29, By: majiqman
Info: The road up to Equity Mine was in great shape. Pitched my tent about a mile below the mine in a nice clearing below the west side of the road with a pull off where the loggers had been working. Was able to drive 1.4 miles past the Equity Mine up the 4 wheel drive road to the trailhead in my Tundra. Some mudholes to deal with, but relatively dry. Wouldn't take a car up this road. Added a pic of the trail marker at the trailhead, San Luis Pass Trail #882.. Route was dry, except for some icy snow in the shadows, but nothing to talk about. About 40 degrees at the summit, so a warm day for the end of October. From the summit, looked like the northeast approach from Stewart Creek was also dry. 
2016-10-08  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2016-10-11, By: Beaboutl
Info: Amazing day to do San Luis. We parked at the Equity Mine. In the dark we missed the 4x4 road. It is just below the mine on your left. Very obvious in the daylight. We reached the main trailhead at 7:15 and finished at 2pm. It feels like a long ways back. Only a few inches of snow and no snow at around 12,600 (right before you start the true ascent up San Luis). Snow was easy to manage early in the morning, but stunk on the way home. Just very sloppy. No spikes, just water proof boots as of now. Happy to be able to enjoy a peak so late in the year! We were hot and over prepared for cold weather. 
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2016-09-24  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2016-09-25, By: robinbk
Info: San Luis got 1-2" of snow (uniformly from 10K to 14K) on Friday, 9/23. As of 3pm on 9/24, the snow had melted out below 12K, but was hanging on above 13K (drifts up to 5" on the trail in places). One good day of sun will dry out the whole mountain, but we didn't get much sun on Saturday. Good late-fall conditions as long as your footwear is water/snow proof. Overnight temperature at the 4WD trailhead (11,500) about 20 degrees, but the creeks are still running merrily. The 4WD road was quite muddy on Saturday afternoon. I had no trouble getting up Friday night in my Forester (with 1" of snow"), but going down on Saturday afternoon involved some tobogganing in slippery spots that I don't think I could have gotten up. 
2016-08-29  Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2016-08-31, By: AnastasiaC
Info: To get to San Luis trailhead you will drive on a well maintained dirt road for many miles. Since it's been raining almost every day, be aware that there are some very slick greasy spots. There are bunch of campsites along the road. We hiked after it rained for couple of hours (I think it started around 3am). The foliage along the narrow trail was very wet and our feet were soaked by the time we started ascending San Luis saddle. There was some fresh snow, it wasn't deep or slippery, which was good because we ran down to keep our wet feet from freezing. Overall easy and beautiful hike. 
2016-08-07  Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2016-08-07, By: Roald
Info: The first 4 miles of this approach has constant overgrown willows and weeds along the trail. Wasn't hard to follow, but dealing with the wet conditions was way worse than what I expected. Bring waterproof boots and/or gaiters! I had neither and my feet were miserable. Trail is otherwise in great shape. 
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2016-07-09  Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2016-07-10, By: Wentzl
Info: There is a note in the Roach guide that says if you get to the end of the 4WD approach the road continues steeply to the west. Well, indeed it does. But if you get to the end of the road and find the camping spaces too crowded take a few minutes and go up there. These couple photos are what you will find. Just a tad scary getting up there, but not too bad for the experienced 4x4 driver. Oh yeah. Full on summer hiking conditions and the flowers are amazing right now. Get up there! 
2016-07-01  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2016-07-04, By: thebeave7
Info: Ran the CT from the Equity Mine via the South Ridge. The CT still has a few snow patches to cross, but nothing that will cause a problem. There is a lot of running water and many muddy sections so expect dirty and wet feet. The final ridge climb to San Luis is completely snow free and in full summer shape. 
2016-06-25  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-28, By: STIBungy
Info: Mostly clear trail with portions of it having water running down it from snowmelt. There are certain sections where snow is unavoidable. Nice and solid in the morning. Mushy towards the afternoon. Trail is clear all the way to the summit. 
2016-06-21  Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-24, By: oldschool
Info: Easy going....went to Eddiesvile TH. Meet some CDT hikers as they go right thru that TH. Took standard hike from Stewart Creek TH which is just up the hill from Eddiesville. Minimal snow to cross and will be melted out on no time....quite warm up there last week. 
2016-06-18  Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-19, By: hokiehead
Info: clear! great early season 14er. ~6 places where a small snow drift crossed the trail, but easily crossed w/out snow gear. One note -- the two creek crossings are not trivial right now though. Multiple strategies employed in our group, but I think de-booting and going barefoot or in Crocs would be best. bring a towel. One drift about 30' wide to cross with some post-holing and the one member of our party wearing shorts was glad he had his gaiters. wildflowers starting to bloom. 
2016-06-18  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-18, By: dogballs
Info: Beautiful day today on San Luis Peak. I would call it summer conditions. There are a few snow fields to cross in the second bowl, but there are plenty of tracks/old post-holes to follow. No floatation required. I did bring spikes and put them on to descend a short snow section after you crest the first saddle. There are still freeze thaw conditions over night so the snow will be hard or ice in the morning. Summit ridge is virtually snow free. 2hr41min to summit and round trip took 4hr33min. The alpine flowers on the saddles are in full bloom. Go and get it. 
2016-05-29  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2016-05-29, By: StephenLutgring
Info: There was nearly continuous snow past the 12,300 saddle and I put on snowshoes at this point. The snow prior to the saddle can mostly be avoided. I was postholing in snowshoes in the two basins as the snow turned to slush in the afternoon. There was lots of avalanche debris in the first basin due to a large cornice along the 12,300 saddle. 
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2016-01-17  Route: Equity Mine
Posted On: 2016-01-17, By: Mickeys Grenade
Info: I attempted San Luis from the Equity Mine this weekend. The winter closure is about 6 miles from HWY 149 on 504 (Bachelor Rd) at 10,600. This is about 2 miles below the mine which is at 11,100. Snow storms and blowing snow required trail breaking in both directions. I camped at 11,600 in the first basin only to be greeted with a snow storm this morning. I had to break trail back up to the saddle in a whiteout to escape. I don‘t expect any trench to be left over as blowing snow quickly covered it up. 
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2015-10-10  Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2015-10-10, By: xrcdrvr
Info: Great day up San Luis. Very little snow on mountain and road was in great shape. 2wd can make it entire way in my opinion. 
2015-09-26  Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2015-09-28, By: Sunshineof1985
Info: Hi! San Luis Peak is the 50th fourteener I have climbed this season! My goal is to climb all 54 (minus Culebra). You can read more about this hike and others at Enjoy! Distance: 13.5 miles (the trail will say it‘s only 11, but it‘s wrong) Elevation Gain: 3,500 ft. Time started: 2:25pm End time: 8:15pm Time to Summit: 3 hours and 5 minutes Time to Descent: 2 hours and 30 minutes Overall Pace: 2.4 miles per hour GEAR (to bring): Bear spray, GPS, extra socks, phone, SPOT Satellite Tracker, Map, Topo Map from, hiking boots with 2 pairs of socks on, long-sleeve, wind-guard/raincoat, light weight puffy coat, warm hat, lightweight gloves, day pack with water sack (64 oz), snacks. ****Road Condition: A sedan can make it all the way to the trailhead just fine. DO NOT EXCEED THE SPEED LIMIT ON THE DIRT ROAD! I traveled the road in the dark and an unexpected turn nearly did me in. There are no warnings. 15GG WILL TURN INTO 14DD otherwise known as 794. Stay on the more defined road the whole way to the trailhead; there are many turn offs, and not much signage at all. Trail Condition: No snow at this point. There is some mud, but not enough to slow you down. The trail is an easy one to follow and is dirt almost the entire time until you get to the saddle at 13,100 feet. Then you‘ll be in small rock, and talus the remainder of the hike. 
2015-08-24  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2015-08-31, By: ajlavigne
Info: No snow was visible on or near the roads or the trail. 4wd stream crossing is running low, as are the runoff streams along/across the trail; there are much deeper spots along the 4wd road due to standing water (~6-8") and a few muddy patches. Low point between the first saddle and the woods is a bit of a bog, but nothing to worry about. 
2015-08-09  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Posted On: 2015-08-11, By: windwaker
Info: This alternate route at least made this lump of a mountain a little bit more interesting. There are two different versions of this route as well. About a 1/4 mile from the trailhead marked with two sticks and #882 is another stick in a pile of rocks that currently has a pink tape tied to it. At this point you can either go right (much faster, but steep climb with loose gravel for about a 1/4 mile, then you enter the willows and the trail is easy enough to see, but easy to lose if you are goosenecking and looking at the scenery) At the top of this route to the right you will encounter another stick in rocks and at this point you head down to the lookers left to meet up with the Colorado Trail. The other option, to go left takes you a little while longer, but offers an easier hike with switch backs and a slower gain. Sadly there is a lot of beetle kill in the little forest in the valley. We had a great day with sun and great wild flowers due to the rain. The trail is easiest enough to follow at this point, and you can see San Luis from the valley until you climb it. This mountain reminded me of Bross.....scree, scree, scree on the way up and the summit was just a smaller version of being on Bross. Had the summit almost to myself with only 2 other people. But very glad I could cross this lump of a mountain off the list. My favorite part was that we had a super clear day, and you could see almost every other range! 
2015-08-03  Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2015-08-05, By: addrock528
Info: Due to recent rains the trail was quite wet. Lots of grass and willows to get you wet from dew and rain. I‘d advise gaiters if you‘re starting early in the morning. I took the Colorado Trail/CDNST back to Eddiesville TH from the summit and enjoyed the variety. Otherwise summer standard conditions. 

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