Mt. Sherman  
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2016-06-18  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-20, By: stephakett
Info: trail road was completely clear to the gate, which IS open, by the way. there were a couple patches of snow to cross on the way up to the summit, but otherwise great conditions. 2 good glissading spots to get down, but i doubt they will last much longer. i did not bring spikes, however, this was the only trip in my life i wished i'd had trekking poles for! started at 5am, summited at 7, 1-1/2 hours at the summit, and 1-1/2 hours to get down. 
2016-06-18  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-19, By: miniarmstrong
Info: Our group decided to bring microspikes and ice axes, but we never used them (we saw about 40 people on the trail, one was wearing spikes). The trail was well traveled and the few sections that required traversing snow were hard packed with firm footprints in the morning. Most of the snow can be avoided. We postholed a few times on the descent once it got warmer. Two areas on the descent were perfect for glissading, I used my heels to brake and didn't need the ice ax. 
2016-06-16  Route: West Slopes from Iowa Gulch
Posted On: 2016-06-18, By: jdcoleman
Info: Besides the start of the route being a cluster-cuss, the routes in good shape to peak easily. The entire summit is a few feet under snow, but the finish is more fun than I thought it would be. On the start, what I mean is that as well as there being a hard-to-spot trail entrance and general lack of trailhead, the trail goes in and out of willows, snow, and a small ravine that is mostly snow-bridged over. After that, on the slopes leading up to the drainage of the saddle, there are some 50-75 yard snow drifts that need to be carefully kick-stepped and crossed. Take caution in the dawn when its still frozen and on the descent when its mushy and slippery. Nothing too serious, just be cautious - I came across of group of college kids who had split up and were giving bad route advice to each other - had to let some borrow my trekking poles and spot them across some steeper sections in the snow as they were nervous about the situation. Please keep your groups together, don't wear tennis shoes on 14er hikes, and stick to the trail. 
2016-06-16  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-16, By: JoeVonBokern
Info: Great early season conditions! Road to the 12,000ft gate is totally clear (had no problems getting to it in my passenger car). Started hiking at 5:20am. The snow left on the trail was still pretty firm that early in the day, but I did okay without Micro-spikes (even the gaiters weren't really needed). Everything above 13,600ft was still pretty much snow-covered, but very manageable. Hit the summit at about 7:01am. Saw only 7 other folks on the trail all day. On the descent I could tell that the snow was beginning to soften, so I'd say start early to avoid possible post-holing. Made it back down to the car by 8:19am. 
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2016-06-12  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-13, By: cardgenius
Info: Started at 2:30, snow was soft and water was running down the road. Road was clear past the gatr to the mine site. Snow started in the slope to the saddle. Firm with lots of foot holds. The ridge to the summit was mostly dry. False summit slope was snow covered, micro spikes coukd be used here. Skied off the summit to the gully in between Sherman and White Ridge as thats the only continuous line down. Wint last much longer as ine spot gets real narrow. Made it all the way down snd walked 100 or so yards back to the car. Stsrted our decent at 8:30. Sno2 was firm up top but starting to soften. Some decent corn in the middle and collapsing and melting fast at the bottom. 
2016-06-11  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-11, By: colincool
Info: Fantastic day on Sherman, lots of people and great conditions. Left Denver at about 3:30am, started hiking at 6:30am. Road is clear all the way to the gate, as earlier reports indicate. Quite a few people in Yak Tracks and Microspikes, but no need for traction or floatation at all-- we did the whole thing in boots and gaiters. Snow was definitely softening around 9:30am and some major post-holing was going down. Saw quite a few skiers, not sure how they made it all the way down because the snow seemed pretty discontinuous! Great early season peak to get in shape! 
2016-06-09  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-11, By: kevintheclimber
Info: Drove all way to 12,000. you could even drive further past the gate (its open) but no space to park your car and if you park on the shoulder, someone could block your way later in the day. left 6:30 summit at 9. started the descent at 9;15 down at car by 10;15. Went down via the south slopes (the direct route) and the snow was punchy in the end, postholing to the thigh. so an early start is suggested since you will be still climbing on the snow on the ascent. all in all, probably the easiest 14er out there right now. i climbed with my sister and it was her first 14er and we still made decent time. 
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2016-06-06  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-07, By: JeeprCreepr13
Info: The road is clear all the way up to the gate (and then some). My boyfriend brought microspikes and I had snowshoes, but we didn't use them at all and completed the hike in snowboarding boots. He was leading and postholed maybe a handful of times. It was also pretty warm - we started the hike in pants and sweatshirts, but quickly changed to short and shirts. Rode down and ended up about 20 feet from the car. All in all, it was a perfect day and we saw maybe 6-8 people the whole day. 
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2016-06-05  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-06-05, By: kwhit24
Info: Road conditions are great all the way up to the gate around 12k (I think). My friend and I opted to start at the Leavick Site just passed the mine building around 11,300 (based on iPhone) to add some distance and elevation. We started at 6:30 without our snowshoes but turned around to get them when some people on trail said we would wish we had them. Didn't need them! Oh well. I easily made it up and down in just microspikes and since my friend left hers at home on accident she just followed me but didn't use anything except her snowshoes for a small area coming down after the summit. She took them off once we started our glissade down (Sooo much fun. I may have went a little too fast at times!). 2.5hrs up and less than 2 hours down. All in all you do not need snow shoes if you follow the existing postholing, glissade when you can, and pick decent routes. By my count I'd say 20ish summits on Sherman but there we many others skiing Sheridan and others nearby. 
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2016-06-04  Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2016-06-05, By: WillRobnett
Info: South Slope is great snow climb right now! The road melted out to the summer trailhead and plenty of glissades from the summit with more than 1000 feet glissading. A friend in the group skied summit to car fully connected. It's a gradual incline and very (very) low risk of slides on route and alpine start. Get it before it's gone! Saw equal glissades off the east face of Sheridan, the 13er neighbor. Still plenty of smaller cornices around Sherman's standard route. 
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2016-05-29  Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2016-05-30, By: ghb829
Info: Road is clear all the way up to the Leavick mine site. Almost entire route from the 12,000' gate holds snow, and our entire group made it up with snowshoes. Most others were either in snowshoes or skins, however some made it up in microspikes as well. Post-holing pretty bad on the descent, especially getting back to the road. Great conditions for Memorial Day weekend! 
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2016-05-28  Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2016-05-29, By: Tlorbets
Info: Left at 6am from parking lot at 11,250. 3hrs to summit. Visibility hardly none on top. Needed only micro spikes because snow was crested. Snow shoes would be fine, some post holing on way down as it warmed. Saw people skiing down. Still lots of snow on Sherman. Great hike, would have been perfect if sky was clearer. 
2016-05-23  Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2016-06-04, By: LilSpookies
Info: Unless you can pass over the high snow, the road stops you about 1.5 miles from the old mine. We reached the peak in about 3 hours and snowshoed the entire way. You'll want a flotation device as there is a lot of snow on Sherman. The summit was crazy windy and we glissaded the entire way down. Start early so the snow is hard and packed as it began to melt and become slushy and difficult to descend around 10am. Beautiful climb. 
2016-05-21  Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2016-05-22, By: Klyn116
Info: Parked about .5+ miles from the mine, unable to skin the whole road up due to large intermittent dirt patches. Saw a jeep with chains digging out on small incline past mine, impressed they got that far but would not recommend this. Started at 6 am and reached the summit at 10 am. Weather was blue skies with some non-threatening clouds which helped keep the snow hard for the majority of the morning. Saw evidence of several R1 and R2 avalanches on steeper angles and gullies. Many skiers, snowshoers and hikers out and we saw several hikers take off snowshoes from time to time as the snow was quite hard through 9:30am or so. Forecast said winds up to 19 mph at summit but we did not experience this. Fantastic snow on ski down, did see some hikers postholing. Snow on road was slush by our return to the car but otherwise great conditions on the mountain. 
2016-05-19  Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2016-05-19, By: lrosenmayer6
Info: Solo climb on Sherman today. Did not see another person all day. Got to 11,000' on Four Mile Creek Road - I wouldn't advise anybody to go any farther as the road is still not plowed past this point. On this day there were 3-5 fresh inches of soft snow at 11,000' so it would have been a real bad idea to try to go any farther. Started hiking at 5AM sharp. Due to the fresh snow, I was in snowshoes the entire ascent. The road was 90% snow covered, snowshoes were not absolutely essential but they made my life much easier. After leaving the road at 12,000', snowshoes were absolutely essential to due to the soft new snow. A cool thing about this route is you are in the shadow of White Ridge for a long time as the sun is rising - I wasn't exposed to the sun until 8:15, which of course meant the route I was climbing was also in the shade, which helped to keep me from post-holing - I only had the sporadic post hole all day. The snow started softening immediately once hit by the sun (beautiful day out), but I was high enough by that point it wasn't a big deal. I reached the summit at 9:30 for a 4.5 hour ascent. Saw some potentially nasty clouds coming from the west (they were concealed the whole hike), so I didn't hang out long. Snowboarded down, got some awesome turns in from the summit to the road. Added bonus: thanks to the fresh snow, I was able to snowboard down almost the entire road as well! Got from the summit back to my car at 11,000' in under an hour. Overall great day. I recommend starting no later than 5, and would suggest even earlier. (Or just be faster than me) The snow softened up very quickly and I was in some real soup on my snowboard on the descent. 
2016-05-14  Route: White Ridge Saddle
Posted On: 2016-05-14, By: MountainHiker
Info: From the winter closure the road is still mostly snow covered. It was firm in the morning but soft on the return. Left the road near the summer trailhead and headed for the White Ridge Saddle. There are several possible lines to same place. I was on snowshoes but the majority were on skis or split boards. This route avoids the cornice on the Sheridan saddle. It also avoids the South West Ridge. One party I spoke to told me the SW Ridge is still holding a lot a snow and they found it sketchy enough to bail off the side. Sherman is still holding a lot snow! 
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2016-05-05  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-05-05, By: abreibart
Info: Solo ski. Parked 9 miles from US285 and one car was there at 7AM. Booted on the road to the house at car tour site 10. From there on, skinned on edge able snow. No slipping on side hills. For the last 800 feet, was able to kick in a skin track and booted about 300 feet without post holing. Skied down at 1030 with nice corn. Where I parked, I had to break out avalanche shovel to help a toyota tundra out of the snow. We spent 15 minutes and we finally got on the bumper, which did the trick with the weight. I weight 115 lbs. ha ha. 
2016-04-23  Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2016-04-24, By: climbnowworklater
Info: Jake, Rick and I skied this peak and conditions were tough. Windblown, crusty, and not ideal. The snow just didn't soften. Also, because no one had gone further up the road yet, we parked about 1 mile from the normal spring TH. This of course added some time on the way in and out. On the way back to the vehicle, a truck was attempting to get farther up the road but turned around. 
2016-04-02  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Posted On: 2016-04-02, By: bmcqueen
Info: We were able to drive to nearly 11k on the road today before the snow. We approached with the intent to take the SW Ridge route vs. South Slopes route, but the saddle was heavily corniced and there was recent avy debris in the area. We should have cut across to the south slopes route, but opted to go farther up the basin, then contour back towards the SW ridge where we could see safe rocky patches in the snow slope. We finished via the normal SW ridge route, one of us with spikes and one with crampons. We descended down the south slopes route and it was much better. Advise ascending that way for a few more weeks yet. 
2016-03-05  Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2016-03-05, By: sky_high
Info: Road is totally clear almost up to the mine (you'll have to walk an extra .5 miles each way). I strongly recommend stopping at the snow; it has been packed a little but two people got stuck today, and there's not room to turn around when leaving. Save yourself the tow. The trail is on/off snow the entire way, but where there's snow it is in mostly great shape. Nice and hard, hardly any post-holing until about noon. The approach is largely snow free until you hit the wall, still plenty on the south slopes. There were about 20 people on the mountain today and I think everybody took a different path up the wall, so there are a few trails to follow. I originally meant to take the south slope, but missed the turn and ended up climbing to the left up the 13er sitting just south then coming across. Not a bright way to go. The snow near the summit is mostly gone until you hit the last 1/2 mile, which is well covered. The false slope 1/4 mile SW is built up a little higher than the actual peak, so keep going and don't be fooled. I strongly recommend taking microspikes at a minimum. I managed to get by with mine the entire way, with a little steadying from my ice axe. Snowshoes are unnecessary, crampons would be helpful for people who are unsure on steep snow. There's not much point in bringing skis, as the snow cuts off about 500' from the summit and becomes patchy and full of grass and rubble. -To all you guys and gals who made it to the top today, my trip report has been posted. If you want any of the pictures in higher quality let me know. 
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