Humboldt Peak  
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2017-03-15  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2017-03-15, By: Ptglhs
Info: Conditions absolutely phenomenal for an assent! The road was either snow free or hard packed, getting up to the ridge line at 9.9 sucked as usual. I wore snowshoes from the top of the ridge to treeline at 11.8k. After that the area is wind scoured and snow free. Weather was great and conditions on Friday should be just as good. Coming down I lost the trench and flailed around trying to find it. It didn't help. It was post hole hell from 11.5 - 10.2k from 3-4pm. Eleven and a half hours car to car and I didn't see a single human! 
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2017-03-10  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2017-03-10, By: Furthermore
Info: 4WD or high clearance can drive ~0.4 mile past the 2WD parking before snow prevents further progress. A solid snowmobile track leads to the Rainbow Trail. There is a good trench and boot back on Rainbow Trail. Once I left the Rainbow Trail, showshoes were mandatory but trailbreaking wasn't terribly difficult. The old trench (came and went) has been refreshed. Above treeline the warmer temperatures has sublimated/melted most of the snow. Travel was quick. Get it while it's in great condition! 
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2017-02-26  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2017-02-26, By: graberz
Info: Conditions report from 2/25/2017 are still spot on. There was a little more snow and high winds today that covered the trench in spots and stored snow in areas. 
2017-02-25  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2017-02-25, By: hett
Info: Parked at lower 2wd TH, several trucks had parked a few tenths of a mile further up the road by the time we returned. Donned snow shoes at rainbow trail junction, and stashed them about 500 ft above treeline. Found and utilized remnants of previous trenches in places, mild trailbreaking through a few inches of new snow in others. Microspikes helpful along ridge, with several sections holding more soft snow than expected, mostly wind scoured though. 
2017-02-18  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2017-02-20, By: gonza362
Info: I was hoping the warm temps would clear the road a bit, but had to park down at the lower trailhead. Packed trail on the road to the trailhead and then I'd like to give a huge shout out/thanks to the group of four we caught up to at the summit for breaking the trail through the trees. Snow was soft through the trees with crusty/windblown patches above treeline. Avg 25-40 mph winds, with gusts of 50-60 mph to keep you stumbling on the ridge in the afternoon. Snowshoes are a necessity below treeline, and microspikes were nice on the ridge above treeline. Took us a little over 9 hours from the 2wd trailhead following the trench on rainbow trail. 
2017-02-18  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2017-02-19, By: lajohn
Info: Snow starts just after the 2wd parking lot. There were tracks up to the Rainbow Trail junction. We put a trench in the for the whole route from the start of the Rainbow Trail. Winds were 50 to 60 mph above treeline. 
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2017-01-28  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2017-01-28, By: nsaladin
Info: A sled has recently gone up the road in the last few days and has made it easy getting to the rainbow TH turnoff for the east ridge of Humboldt. Pretty sure the sled tracks go further, but not sure how far. Trench in place to just past treeline thanks to two skiers in my group. After that snow coverage is pretty spotty up the ridge! Southeast Flank Gulley is pretty filled in down low, but definitely no where close to a summit ski. Evidence of a recent slide on the east face that is visible once you get out of treeline. 
2016-12-19  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-12-19, By: Tim A
Info: Peak in full winter conditions a few days before the calendar says so. From lower TH to about 2 miles up the road there was a vehicle track which allowed for passage bare-boot. Eventually this ran out and snow shoes were required the reminder of the way to the Rainbow Trail. After camping at the rainbow TH, myself and two buddies put in a sold trench to about 10,700 before turning around. The powder is deep all along the route and when the ridge steepens at 10,400 the going gets real slow and exhausting. We're all pretty fit but even taking turns we only made 1000' in 3 hours in the deep pow. Started at 8am so it would be warmer and light (that ridge would be hard to find in the dark, even with GPS), made it 2 miles and 1000' up, turned around at 1115 when we realized a summit wasn't in play for the day. The trench we put in is solid and open for poaching. 
2016-12-03  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-12-04, By: graberz
Info: 4x4 low with chains to upper trail head see TH report. We broke 1-2 feet of snow for most of the trail. We lost trail and 2 of the group elected to go directly up a south gulley and ended up making the summit. They reported really loose scree with some class 3 scrambling. The rest of us bushwhacked across mountain side towards upper south colony lake. By the time we found the route up towards the west ridge we ran out of time, found an easier trail and made our way back to our original trench. There is now a decent trench from TH to the upper lake that mostly follows the real trail with some bushwhacking. There is 2-3 feet of snow up there in most places. Beautiful day none the less. 
2016-11-19  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-11-19, By: RockCaCO3
Info: Road between TH and SCL has many large ice patches on it. Snow on trail between SCL and saddle, but didnt need spikes or gaiters. Less snow on trail from saddle to summit. 
2016-11-12  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-11-14, By: mountainrachel
Info: Several icy spots on the road past the upper trail head, mostly avoidable on either side. Small amount of snow on the trail once on the ridge when it runs on the north side of the ridge, but avoidable and no traction used/needed. Trail completely dry otherwise. 
2016-10-29  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-10-30, By: Dean82
Info: Super dry 
2016-10-22  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-10-22, By: miniarmstrong
Info: No snow at all. Summer conditions but windy as all get out. Also, my Camry made it to the upper trailhead due to laziness/stubbornness. It was not damaged, but that doesn't mean it was a smart decision. 
2016-10-09  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-10-10, By: kayleenann8
Info: Small patches of snow on the trail above the saddle but entirely avoidable. No one in my group used traction. 
2016-10-09  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-10-10, By: jnzaro
Info: Dry with very few snow patches not exceeding a couple feet here and there, no traction needed. Clouds rolled in throughout the afternoon but not sure they left anything behind. 
2016-10-07  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-10-07, By: madadraw1
Info: Cold in the AM. Probably 20s on summit at 9:30AM. But, all sunshine and we were pretty much only ones on the mountain today. Occasional snow / ice patches on the trail. Didn't feel the need to use traction. 
2016-09-29  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-09-30, By: Sirboofsalot
Info: The route up was completely snow free on the trail, saw a tiny bit of snow off trail. Started at 6:45 am, temps were in lower thirties, warmed up as I got closer to the shoulder. Once on the shoulder the wind felt quite cold, I would say thirties at 10 am. I was booking it, but I took the gully route and got back to the car at the upper 4wd colonies trailhead at 11:45, once back in the valley temps were very comfortable, shorts and tee shirt weather. 
2016-09-25  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-09-25, By: JQDivide
Info: Recent snow left several patches on the trail, but no traction was needed. Most of the spots were only two or three steps across. Cool Fall temps left a few icy patches here and there, but be on the look out for wet areas in the early hours, might have some ice. There was frost on the rock on the upper West Ridge before the sun melted, guessing that might be the norm for the Fall. A few muddy spots with snow melt and normal run off. It other words, normal Fall conditions. Also, both lakes had a thin layer of ice in the early hours, but the sun melted them before we got back down. 
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2016-09-08  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-09-09, By: Fort14er
Info: Weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky. Little to no wind throughout the day as well. Ended the day in a short sleeve shirt and shorts it was so warm. Great day on the mountain! 
2016-09-04  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-09-04, By: ericwolf88
Info: Attempted Humboldt today but only made it to about 11,200 due to high winds. Wind was howling at 11k beneath treeline and could only imagine what it would have been on the exposed ridge up top. I passed a couple hikers who said they made it to 12,800 and turned around due to 50-60mph winds that were almost knocking them over. This is all not to mention that there were dark clouds and rain out there to the point that you couldn't even see the Crestones. Just not a great day to be out there with the actual weather worse than what was listed in the forecast. The lower trail was in good condition, however, as was the 4wd drive road to get up (made it in a Tiguan no problem). No parking spaces at the upper trailhead at 7:00 a.m. so had to park about a half mile back. 

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