Vermilion Peak  
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2016-09-18  Route: standard route
Posted On: 2016-09-21, By: khuff5280
Info: Climbed Vermillion on Sunday the 18th. There is minor snow in the basin below the Fuller-Vermillion saddle. The upper portions of the known standard route were dry. 
2016-07-04  Route: Standard (Ice/Fuller Lakes)
Posted On: 2016-07-07, By: TravelingMatt
Info: Didn't climb it but have a pic of the basin from afar. Nearly all snow in the gully up to the col with Fuller and on the shelf over to Golden Horn. 
2016-06-12  Route: All
Posted On: 2016-06-13, By: Brad Snider
Info: Complete snow cover above 12k. It was so slushy I was post-holing waist-deep by 9am, turned around at this point. 
2015-09-06  Route: All
Posted On: 2015-09-06, By: CUaaron25
Info: Climbed Vermillion and fuller peaks today from Ice lakes basin. Vermillion is snow free until you get to the saddle. The west facing ledges were caked with just enough snow to get your attention, especially once you reach the final gully that you scramble up to get to the last notch before the summit. Happy climbing! 
2014-08-09  Route: All
Posted On: 2014-08-11, By: ToddW42
Info: Trail clear of snow and dry to Fuller/Vermilion saddle, and dry to summit along southeast ridge. 
2014-07-13  Route: Southeast Ridge via Ice Lake Basin
Posted On: 2014-07-14, By: evolve
Info: Not surprisingly the basin is holding snow. Used ax and crampons to the Vermilion Fuller saddle. The snow was soft. Snow and ice in the last gully before the summit that is easily bypassed. Creeks were raging. 
2014-06-15  Route: Upper Ice Lake Basin
Posted On: 2014-06-15, By: doggler
Info: No snow on the trail to 12,000‘. Above 12,000‘ that‘s all you‘ll find. Crampons and axe are a must no matter how you go up. Start early, my friends! 
2013-06-22  Route: South Mineral Creek
Posted On: 2013-06-28, By: JosephG
Info: Trail is devoid of snow until the slopes under the Vermillion-Fuller saddle. It is possible to cobble together an ascent to this saddle without hitting snow if you go to the far right (Vermillion side) of the saddle, though it would take creative route-finding. Otherwise, bring an axe and crampons and just go up the snow. The stream crossing from the high clearance parking before the trail joins the Ice Lakes Basin Trail is trivial. 
2012-10-21  Route: SE Ridge
Posted On: 2012-10-23, By: GeorgeB
Info: Totally snow free on the ridge. No significant snow until 13K. Enough snow on the slope to the saddle to actually be helpful (holding the scree in place). Used an ice axe on the descent, but probably could have got by with poles. 4WD trail head easily accessed in a 2WD. Lots of potential ice routes forming on the approach to ice lakes. Nobody had signed the register since Brian Thomas on 10/6. 
2012-10-06  Route: Ice Lake Basin
Posted On: 2012-10-08, By: Brian Thomas
Info: Some snow on approach to Vermilion/Fuller saddle, snow free to both peaks beyond there. Pic 1: approach to saddle Pic 2: Vermilion Pic 3: Fuller Pic 4: Wilson group from Vermilion summit 
2011-09-25  Route: standard route from Ice Lakes basin
Posted On: 2011-09-27, By: ChrisinAZ
Info: The route up to Ice Lakes was in good shape and snow-free, muddy in only a few spots. From a bit above Fuller Lake, there was patchy snow up to the base of the slope leading to the Vermilion-Fuller saddle. The climb to the saddle was in ~6" of new snow on 30-degree slopes; an ice axe is good to have, but I never put on my microspikes, and the snow was so soft it was un-glissade-able on the descent. Once at the saddle, the remaining route on the SW aspect of the mountain was almost snow-free, with a few spots warranting either an axe or a slight detour around the area. Fuller Peak was in similar shape. The picture shows Vermilion from the summit of Fuller, and gives a pretty good idea of general conditions; the Wilson group is in the background. From the summit, the Wilson group looked like it had only some lingering snow, but our view was from the south. South-facing aspects of pretty much every peak we saw (including Golden Horn and Sneffels) looked virtually snow-free; north-facing sides were still holding several inches of snow. The aspens are turning in the San Juans--get there soon! 

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