Spread Eagle Peak  
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2016-07-21  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-07-23, By: JasonKline
Info: Snow-free summer conditions. Had a hard time finding the trail after the first stream crossing due to vegetation. Totally lost the trail at 10,600', so ascended the ridge there. 
2013-06-01  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2013-06-04, By: doggler
Info: Took a different approach - Taylor Rd, bushwhacked north until I gained the East Ridge. No snow to speak of. In the Megan lake/Taylor Creek basin, though...that‘s a different story. Sparse TR can be found here: http://seanoday.blogspot.com/2013/06/spread-eagle.html 
2012-12-08  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2012-12-10, By: CarpeDM
Info: From Gibson Creek, the trail starts out pretty easy on dirt and packed snow. Not long into the hike, there is deadfall that caused us to get off-route for a while. Once we found the trail again, it was covered in ankle-deep, loose sugar snow. That was fine until the trail ended and we had to ascend the sugar through sometimes thick trees up to the ridge. Above treeline, there wasn‘t much snow. But our adventures leading up to this caused us to turn back at treeline. The Gibson Creek TH is accessible by any car. Photo1: Trail Photo2: Bushwhack Photo3: Ridge above treeline Photo4: Fast-moving clouds across the basin 
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2012-10-16  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2012-10-16, By: d_baker
Info: Hiked Spread Eagle & Cloud Pk (UN 13,524‘) today via E ridge using Gibson Creek TH -- same route that can be found on 13ers.com. TH access = no issues. Some snow above treeline, but at this time I don‘t think gaitors or traction is necessary. From summit of Spread Eagle, we descended the S/SW ridge and traversed to UN 13,524‘ (a.k.a. Cloud Pk). Snow still not much of an issue with current conditions. Descended back to saddle between the aforementioned peaks and descended to the N from the saddle, down to Lake of the Clouds. Hiked out Lake of the Clouds trail back to TH. Question: Is Cloud Pk an official name? It‘s on my map like that, but on 13ers.com and TOPO! it is UN 13,524.‘ Photo 1: ascending E ridge of Spread Eagle Photo 2: connecting ridge to Cloud/UN 13,524‘ Photo 3: ascending ridge to Cloud/UN 13,524‘ Photo 4: descending to Lake of the Clouds 
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2012-03-09  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2012-03-10, By: aaronmojica
Info: Took a buddy back up here to follow a trench put in by a group a week prior, with Spread Eagle and Cloud as our objectives. Left the truck .3 miles below TH at 4:20am. There was a dusting of new snow that progressively got deeper as we climbed. In the Gibson Creek drainage around 9000‘ there was 6" of fresh powder. Getting nervous about following multiple trenches in the bottom of a giant terrain trap we made the decision to leave the bottom and bushwacked straight up the North facing side to gain the East ridge. 4 brutal hours, 1000‘ later we gained the ridge to find that the snow was still 36-42" of faceted "sugar". 8 hours from the truck we found ourselves still in the trees at 11700‘ and determined that this was not an appropriate summit route. We stopped here, I dug a snow pit and ran the basic snowpack field tests on an East facing aspect, 30 degree slope and found the pack to be fairly stable (happy staying where it was). Compression tests produced no failures, same with shovel shear. The warm days, cold nights with a little wind could change this though. Overall it was an absolutely beautiful day with zero wind (a drastic change from 6 days prior). On the way down my buddy and I determined that we needed to get out of the Sangre 13ers, head up to some Sawatch or F.R. 14ers for a break, and to actually gain a summit. 
2011-06-04  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2011-06-05, By: IHikeLikeAGirl
Info: Left the Gibson Creek Trail shortly after 10K and landed on the ridge at ~10,800. Took the ridge proper to the summit. Spotty snow, all avoidable, no need for snowshoes or traction all the way up to Spread Eagle. Trail looked clear for quite aways, but decided to head up early anyway. 

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