Pikes Peak  
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2017-03-20  Route: Railroad Couloir
Posted On: 2017-03-20, By: Tim Edinger
Info: The Railroad Couloir is not in condition. Neither is the Y Couloir IMO. At least the upper 3rd of both are bare or marginal. Would not be worth the calories to try and descend on skis or a snowboard. Unless there is another storm this season, these two couloirs are not going to give anyone much juice. 
2017-03-19  Route: East Slope - Barr Trail
Posted On: 2017-03-20, By: Dlbma30677
Info: Per US Forest Service the Crags Campground trailhead is closed until June 2017, therefore eliminating the northwest slopes route to summit Pikes Peak for now. I hiked the Eastern Slopes route aka Barr Trail route to the summit. This route is easy to follow, well-maintained and well-travelled. https://www.14ers.com/php14ers/trailheadsview.php?thparm=fr08 The beginning of the hike is hot and bright. Recommend wide-brimmed hat, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen and wearing long-sleeved athletic shirt and pants to begin. Too hot for long underwear at start of trail. I saw several incline-runners with bloody knees and saw one girl sprain her ankle from trying to descend too quickly from the incline so please be careful. Having two trekking poles will help with stability throughout the hike. Only difficulty I had with the route was after mile marker 5 where Barr Trail to Pikes Peak goes the the RIGHT and Mount View Trail (wrong way) goes to the left. Water available just after mile 3, mile 5, Barr camp (mile 6.5) and at the timberline A-frame. Traction helpful during ascent from Barr camp (mile 6.5) to 200 yards past the timberline A-frame (mile 9). This section is sloppy in the afternoon during descent. Picture below is in a sunny area but postholing likely in the shade with snow thigh-high. For the final ascent try to KEEP LEFT and aim for the ribbon of white across the face about 12 of the way up which is the actual trail. See photo of mountain face, thanks Luis for sending! Trail will be easier to recognize in person. You can navigate around the patches of snow on the face of Pikes until the very top. The last train departed the summit on 3:30pm on Sunday March 19th. Lastly, I want to heartily recommend staying at Barr Camp (fee) if overnighting. I got very helpful condition info from the caretakers as well as several other campers who had just submitted earlier in the day. The caretakers printed the weather.gov multi-day summit conditions forecast for me at breakfast which was also very helpful. And the pure maple syrup on the buckwheat pancakes was d-e-e-e-licious. 
2017-03-11  Route: North Face/Upper Barr Trail
Posted On: 2017-03-12, By: aholle88
Info: Just a quick update on the North face conditions. Seems statewide that most north facing routes are seriously lacking in the snow department thanks to our windy winter, and Pike's is no exception. Do not let the snow in a couple of the photos fool you, there is minimal snow below the top sections of the couloirs. Also included is a picture looking down the East Face/Gully with Barr Trail visible. Saw 3 climbers coming up to summit yesterday. Trail looks to be packed with snow, did not speak with climbers but it did not look like snowshoes would be necessary at all. 
2017-03-04  Route: Barr Trail
Posted On: 2017-03-09, By: ROPjason
Info: I climbed the Barr Trail on Saturday afternoon up to A-Frame. I didn't use snowshoes or any sort of traction device. The trail is thoroughly packed down to where post-holing is not likely. On Sunday, I traversed to the crater where I reached the summit via the Southeast Cirque. 
2017-01-13  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2017-01-13, By: bmcqueen
Info: JQDivide and I did Pikes today from Crags (see his TH report). There is a prominent but rogue trench going left shortly after the turnoff to Pikes. Don't take the rogue trench. It leads in a circle. We wore snowshoes up through the trees and up past Devil's Playground then switched to spikes. Cairns are visible higher on the mountain if you take the time to find them. No avy danger if you stay en route. Slope east of Little Pikes has some windloading, but all very solid. 
2017-01-07  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2017-01-09, By: Dean82
Info: Hiked right up to Little Pikes on Saturday. The snow conditions weren't bad at all, but the wind was. Their is a boot pack all the way to treeline. After that you will have to make your own trail to the plateau because of the wind. The snow is not deep above treeline, but microspikes and gaiters help. 
2016-12-22  Route: East Slope
Posted On: 2016-12-24, By: Carbinematt
Info: Went up from crags 12/22/16. The trail from the campground to where it crosses the road was all snowshoes. Had to pull off the shoes and add traction around 12,750. Above 13000 was pretty miserable, visability 30', temps in the teens and wind driven ice that cut into any exposed skin. Once to the saddle the trail only seen by the cairns. Trail invisible due to drifts once off the wide flat before the final ascent. Had to turn around about 13,600 due to dangerous conditions. Got onto the road as soon as possible, turns out the road was shut down at mm13 (go figure). Great test of endurance for the cold and looking forward to coming back on a sunny day. 
2016-11-26  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-26, By: Roald
Info: Since it's been almost a month since the last update, I'd thought I'd add one. I carried Microspikes with me the whole way but never found it necessary to use them. Gaiters are must though! The trail had 4 distinct conditions, as of today: 1) The first 1/2 mile or so (up to where the 664A turnoff is) has a good trench that is well packed and icy in spots. Microspikes might be helpful for some, but not totally necessary as of today. 2) From the 664A turnoff to just past tree line, there is also a trench but it is not hard packed like the first 1/2 mile. Although soft, its not deep enough to need flotation but might be after a few more snow dumps. Microspikes not needed here. 3) Shortly after leaving treeline the trench disappears and it becomes more like 3-4 sets of tracks fairly close together. Although at times these tracks clearly don't follow the actual trail, they will lead you to the Devil's Playground. Microspikes not necessary, flotation not necessary but will likely be needed on this portion after a few more dumps. I post-holed waist deep a couple times but not often enough to wish I had brought flotation. 4) Devil's Playground to summit doesn't have as much snow, but has just enough to make the trail invisible in places. Spikes and flotation not needed. Happy Climbing! 
2016-10-28  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2016-10-29, By: rivrrapids
Info: Route still completely clear all the way. 
2016-10-23  Route: East Slope
Posted On: 2016-10-24, By: RWSchaffer
Info: Barr Trail would be completely dry from base to summit were it not for the little creek that flows along the path for about 100 feet just below Barr Camp. 
2016-10-19  Route: Crags to Barr
Posted On: 2016-10-21, By: cbrobin
Info: Hiked from the Crags Trail Head to the Summit and down the Barr trail. Completely dry and minimal wind. The pizza oven on the summit is broken. 
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2016-10-15  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2016-10-15, By: Tlorbets
Info: Only 6 cars at trail head at 6a.m. Was filled completely on my return at noon. Trail was great all the way to summit, no snow, no traction. Windy, but was expected. 
2016-10-10  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2016-10-11, By: gokarengo
Info: From Crags, there was a tiny bit of snow above treeline that was completely avoidable and melted by noon. Other than the wind, it was a beautiful day! 
2016-09-23  Route: East Slope
Posted On: 2016-09-23, By: syukman
Info: The City of Manitou Springs has recently Increased the parking fees for Barr Trail parking lot, which is the trail head for Pikes Peak from $5.00 to $20.00 per day. If you want to climb Pikes Peak for free, take the Northwest slope route. There is a little town called Divide near by where you can get supples of needed. There is camping available on this Northwest slope route in the Crags campground. 
2016-09-22  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2016-09-23, By: majiqman
Info: From Crags trailhead, no hikers until DP parking lot. Trail was very dry with no snow. Good traction on slopes. Summitted at 12:30 p.m., windy at 20-30 mph, temps in the 40's, clouds coming in but no rain or lightning/thunder. 
2016-09-20  Route: Crags Trailhead
Posted On: 2016-09-20, By: njbillpas
Info: Climbed via Crags Trailhead on Sunday 9/19/16. Route was completely free of snow, no traction needed . Better climb it this week before the snow comes in. Added one picture of the Northwest face, most of the snow in the picture is on the north face. Great day , little wind, sunny with no clouds. 
2016-09-18  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2016-09-20, By: navygator2000
Info: Hiked up this day with my oldest son (age 12) and it was a great time. No snow, trail was in great shape, beautiful weather, not too windy. Last mile was a little tricky going over all the rocks (though they were dry) - definitely dicey with a little dude in tow, but he made it. Great day to be outside! 
2016-09-15  Route: East Slope
Posted On: 2016-09-16, By: camocreation
Info: Hiked/trail ran Barr Trail from trailhead to summit and back yesterday morning. Entire trail in perfect condition with zero snow all the way up. Minimal wind the last 2-3 miles below the summit. 
2016-09-02  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2016-09-02, By: benlawson1983
Info: No snow till around 13k. Last 800 feet of elevation or so was very slippery. I used microspikes here, and recommend having them packed just in case. I past a couple of guys that were not using them ... one mentioned that he might ask for a ride down to the devils playground so that he didn't have to go down from the summit to "little pikes," again it was very slick! 
2016-08-31  Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2016-08-31, By: dwoodward13
Info: Up and down Crags today leaving at 5am. snow started at around 12k and was manageable for a while, then turned to posthole hell after rounding around Little Pikes. On the final push up the summit snow was 2 to 3 feet deep in places. As you can imagine the snow did not get any better on the way down....A nice boot track should be in place now with about 15 people I saw on the route today. I would recommend some sort of flotation or nice cold overnight temps. Still cant beat a day on the mountain! 
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