Rosalie Peak  
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2017-02-05  Route: Tanglewood Trail 636
Posted On: 2017-02-06, By: rambis_21
Info: Started at the Tanglewood Trailhead at the end of deer creek road. The last half mile or so is snowpacked and drivable with any mid-sized car. Careful to go slow and stay in packed tire tracks. Hike is packed out all the way to treeline and hard snow from the willows up to the east ridge or Rosalie. Snowshoes only necessary at the willows just above treeline. If it warms up more, it will be mushy conditions for sure and would need snowshoes. Summit was blisteringly cold (-2 windchill) but the sun was warm! And once we got back to the trees is was beautiful. 
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2016-06-18  Route: Tanglewood Trail 636
Posted On: 2016-06-21, By: courtleighallen
Info: Left at 8:30am, parking lot was decently full, but didn't see as many people on the trail. 2:45 up to the saddle, with only a patch or two of snow to pass over, but it was packed down and no need for any gear other than your typical summer set up. Another 2 hours to the summit (man, that last push is way farther and steeper than it looks!). Hung out for 30 mins at the top and 3:30 to get back down. Such a great 13er near town, and nice to avoid the masses of most nearby 14ers. 
2016-06-16  Route: From Mt. Evans Road
Posted On: 2016-06-16, By: xcrunner365
Info: There is little snow left on this ridgeline and what is left is very easy to avoid. I brought poles and microspikes, but I used neither. Summer conditions for these three. 
2016-06-11  Route: Tanglewood Trail 636
Posted On: 2016-06-12, By: JeffR
Info: Trail completely clear (and seemingly less swampy than usual for late spring) below treeline, save for a few downed trees and snowdrifts. From treeline to saddle, there are random snowfields obliterating the switchbacking trail in places - I just beelined for the saddle after losing it several times. From saddle to summit is mostly clear, but with more random snowfields (some of which are avoidable). 
2016-04-22  Route: Tanglewood Trail 636
Posted On: 2016-04-25, By: Taillon75
Info: Tanglewood Bowl had some nice spring skiing friday. Solid coverage to top. Trail from trailhead was thawing fast though. Skinned up from TH. Was able to ski from summit 75% of the way back. Easy walk out in ski boots. 
2015-10-10  Route: Tanglewood Trail 636
Posted On: 2015-10-12, By: timf
Info: Route up Tanglewood trail to summit of Rosalie was snow free on this bluebird day. Attached pic of Epaulet and Evans showing the same 
2014-06-13  Route: Rosalie Group
Posted On: 2014-06-13, By: duncanmil
Info: I hiked Epurlet and Rosalie today from the Evans Road. What a delightful and easy hike. As in introduction to 13ers and 14ers, I think it would be a great hike for children or for people not in very good shape. The view of the Sawtooth was incredible. Very little snow. My Husky loved it. My GPS said it was 5.87 miles with about a 1700 foot elevation gain. Small children and those who are not in shape could easily turn back at Epurlet if it was too much for them. But the terrain was easy all the way. It was both very windy and cold, but I came prepared. I parked shortly after the mile 11 marker, before the first major switchback up to Evans. I believe it is actually the saddle between Evans and Epurlet. 
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2014-01-11  Route: Tanglewood Trail
Posted On: 2014-01-12, By: goldenite
Info: The trail is very well packed to the Tanglewood/Rosalie Trail split. Near sunrise or set, when the trail‘s iced up a little, snowshoes aren‘t required. After the split, the trail is fairly packed and well defined. A ‘shoer who‘s done this trip around 8 times did the route finding and I followed about an hour after him. So, its only been packed down 4 times, but its still well defined. (There are two places where one could get confused, but in both case take the left option.) Getting near the tree line, the snow is not favorable. His trail is not the summer trail (only pass one carin), but it gets the job done and goes to the saddle of Rosalie and the Pegmatite Points. From there, up the east ridge of Rosalie. Since there was an early road closure, I wasn‘t able to make it to the peak, but I did start my GPS tracking, so the map below may help. Note: Rosalie trail goes south of Bandit Peak, not up to Rosalie. 
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2013-06-22  Route: Rosalie Group
Posted On: 2013-06-25, By: MC.Ikema
Info: Rosalie Peak via the Tanglewood Trail is snow free all the way to the top. 
2013-05-26  Route: Rosalie Group
Posted On: 2013-05-27, By: Mtnbird
Info: We hiked Rosalie Peak via the Tanglewood Trail. We brought snowshoes and Microspikes but didn‘t end up using them. The trail up to the saddle between Rosalie and the Pegmatite Points had patches of snow but they were well packed down and slushy so no snowshoes or Micropikes were needed. Most of the ascent up the final ridge to the summit is grassy. There are some snowfields but on the day we climbed they were firm enough to walk across with only the occasional post hole. One could also walk around most of the snowfields if needed. 
2012-11-30  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2012-12-01, By: dehrlich101
Info: Dry, very little snow. Some ice on the trail leading up to the peak. No microspikes or gaitors needed. 
2012-01-08  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2012-01-09, By: jeremy27
Info: Climbed Rosalie with my wife on Sunday - 1/8. Almost perfect weather but a little breezy on the summit and back down to the saddle. You‘ll probably need 4wd to get all the way to the trailhead. The trail is a nice, hard-packed trench to treeline. Old wind slabs and 3-5 inches of drifting powder from Saturday‘s storm above treeline. Snowshoes not needed. Microspikes very helpful the whole way. Good luck. 
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2011-05-29  Route: From Summit Lake
Posted On: 2011-05-30, By: JasonF
Info: Adam (avs88fan) and I bagged Epaulet, Epaulie, Rosalie and Mt Warren in that order. Hwy 5 was closed off at Summit Lake. CDOT bulldozers were parked 1 mile or so up the road from the closure. There is still plenty of snow on the road in certain sections. Same goes for the ground - lots of dry areas but where snow remains it was fairly deep and was fairly firm even in the early afternoon. Sunrise Couloir had a healthy cornice. The southern face of Epaulie made life real difficult as it is holding a good deal of snow, enough to slow you down. We encountered 35+ mph gusts yesterday. Could be a short wildflower season this year. We also noticed that aspens are not even budding yet coming down from Echo Lake. I‘m guessing another 2 weeks before they get the road opened up to the summit. Image 1 - Sunrise Couloir Image 2 - Road about 1/2 mile from Summit Lake Image 3 - Bierstadt (left), Sawtooth and Mt Evans from Rosalie Peak Image 4 - Slope east of Epaulet 

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