Mt. Princeton  
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2017-02-05  Route: Other
Posted On: 2017-02-06, By: Eagle Eye
Info: Starting at the lower TH, I left the 322A Road at about 11,800 for Tigger Peak's NE Ridge, then reached Mt Princeton on the Tigger Peak - Mt Princeton connecting ridge, and returned the same way. I used micro spikes from the start up to the radio tower, snowshoes on the rest of the road and up onto the NE Ridge, then often used micro spikes for traction beyond. Lots of hard crust snow and windblown drifts on the Tigger Peak - Mt Princeton connecting ridge made it slow going. 
2016-12-10  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-12-12, By: Jessiahbram
Info: The road up to the towers is snowy up until the point where the trees clear out facing south. We parked on the road where the first pull-off is available and the closure sign (between December 1st and April 16th (?)) is located. No substantial snow anywhere, and as such, snowshoes were not required. Despite indicators stating that the NE/E face of the standard route is prone to avalanche, the reality is that there is nowhere near enough snow for any avalanches. We put on microspikes shortly after coming off of the road, and even then we were going back and forth between stepping on the rocks and being in the snow. Managed to make it up to the saddle but turned around because of incoming snow from the north. It may have got a bit more from that storm (dropped during the remainder of Saturday and Sunday), but as we were descending the snow, for the most part, missed the peak. Overall, very doable when we went - we estimated that RT was likely ~11 miles. Will put up images when I get them off the camera  
2016-11-25  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-25, By: lkk8815
Info: Trail is completely dry except for a pathetic amount of snow scattered throughout. 
2016-11-20  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-22, By: connorhodes
Info: No snow as of 11/20, no need for snowshoes or any winter equipment 
2016-11-15  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-15, By: prddraper
Info: Great day for a hike up Princeton! Like one of the previous people posted it was summer like conditions. No snow except perhaps in some shady sections on the way up. 
2016-11-13  Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2016-11-13, By: CVAC
Info: No snow in grouse canyon. Route is clean until trail turns east from point 13,971. Light snow to summit, nearly all avoidable. Traction not necessary with good shoe tread. Footwear worn Salomon Sense Pro. 
2016-11-12  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-13, By: vanessasherk
Info: Completely summer time conditions. In the few spots in which snow existed, it was soft and very avoidable. You would be more likely to ruin your traction by wearing them on the exposed rock than you would be to fall because you weren't wearing it. The summit was a bit windy, but there are several rockwalls built up to block the wind while you rest/enjoy the view. After Princeton, we summited Tigger Peak, starting at the saddle, then descending towards where the trailhead left the road via the stair case. Completely dry. 
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2016-11-12  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-12, By: JQDivide
Info: Recommend Traction... is it a must? No. But with cold temps and northern shady exposure some people will want traction, microspikes. Snow and ice on the rocks/trail from the Tigger saddle to the grass slopes. If you have spikes, take 'em you may want them. And if it snows anytime soon, you'll really want traction. 
2016-11-12  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-12, By: merrion13
Info: Minor snow between 12-13K, no traction needed on shoes. Summit was clear of snow. 
2016-10-30  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-10-31, By: ramseyrt
Info: We parked at the very top of the service road and hiked down to the trailhead. The entire hike was dry, although a little bit slippery with frost on the rocks early in the morning. The trail was VERY difficult to follow once we got into the rocks. Be prepared to do some route finding. 
2016-10-15  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-10-17, By: ksteinhaus
Info: The trail past the road was mostly clear with many sections of freeze/thaw conditions. Some snow, some ice. I brought traction but didn't end up using it although my fiance did use hers. Be warned, she broke hers on the rock out there. It will slice into the rubber of yak tracks or micro spikes. Also if anyone heads out there can you look for a pair of yellow and black with a foam grips, Black diamond poles. I set my bag down at the end of the hike and they must have fallen out. They would most likely be on the trail below the large summit push, about 1-2 miles past the road. 
2016-10-01  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-10-03, By: kayleenann8
Info: Quick update: East Slopes route is still snow free. We started before sunrise and hit the saddle at sunrise. The rocks were very slippery and covered in frost but no traction necessary -- just careful foot placement. After the sun hit the rocks, they were still slippery as the frost melted off. 
2016-09-19  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-09-19, By: thomasdds
Info: Quick update on conditions. No snow at all along the entire trail and the aspens are at their peak color. Regarding the trail description, the road actually seems to get a little better on 322A past the towers and there are places to park about every quarter mile or so. You can probably comfortably get another 3/4 mile up the road. 
2016-09-15  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-09-15, By: bmcqueen
Info: No issues at all getting above the radio towers in a Subaru Outback despite construction signs at the 2WD TH. Trail had a thin layer of snow above 12k. Tiny bit slick here and there. We carried our micro spikes, but never put them on. Nice colors on the aspen trees! 
2016-09-08  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-09-08, By: chrisrh57
Info: excellent conditions today - no traffic up Mt. Princeton Road, probably 8-10 people summited during the day. No clouds, some wind gusts up to 20mph, but otherwise a perfect hiking day. 
2016-09-05  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-09-05, By: cbrobin
Info: The road was completely dry. My Subaru Outback was able to make it to the radio towers with no difficulties. Above that there was on spot that would dicey with a passenger car, but you can turn around there or park quite easily. 
2016-08-30  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-08-30, By: DeTour
Info: Climbed Princeton Tuesday. Morning verglas from the NE ridge of Tigger almost to the Princeton-Tigger saddle. Thin snow cover took over at around 13,000 ft., an improvement from the verglas. We summited with no snow gear, just pick your steps carefully, especially on a few steep scree slopes. Made sense to me at times to abandon the snow/slush on the trail for the talus which was readily visible in the few inches of snow. Nice day, no precip until after we were down. On our descent snow line was maybe around 13,200 and verglas gone. Looked like much of the remaining snow may have melted by the time we drove away on CR 321. 
2016-08-28  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-08-29, By: gabsimonelouise
Info: Mere dustings of snow up top. Nothing you need special gear for. The steep part between 13,600' and 14,000' was muddy, but not so much that it was slippery. It actually made for great traction! 
2016-08-08  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-08-09, By: whitneyc0319
Info: There are several spots to park at or above 11,000' that won't block the road. Camping near 11,000' and enough space for at least 4-5 cars. Spots at each switchback on the road past 11,000' - enough for 5-6 cars total. Road isn't too bad if you have a high clearance vehicle. I can't confirm this, but on google earth it looks like there may be some parking at the end of the road (past where the trail leaves the road)??? Could be worth a look if you're not interested in hiking the road from the lower TH. Trail is very easy to follow, even before daylight...just look for the cairns along the way. 
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2016-07-28  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-07-28, By: cgsfield
Info: Construction will be going on at the cell towers for the month of August. Please use caution going up the road there will be heavy equipment using the road. There is no parking on the road, also no parking at the cell towers. Parking is minimal at the top lot. Please park at bottom lot and try to minimize traffic. Its very hard to back up or pass on this road. Please Hike safe and have fun! Thank you 

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