Mt. Shavano  
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2017-03-18  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2017-03-18, By: Marmot96
Info: Note: Previous report saying the Angel of Shavano TH is impassable because of snow is very incorrect - they likely meant the TH off County Road 250. The Angel of Shavano TH is accessible by any car (completely dry) and flotation is highly recommended since there is snow on the route from the TH all the way to about 12-13k feet. In case you want to ski, the Angel is in!! Plenty of snow coverage and deep (about 80+cm near the top, 20-50 towards the middle and bottom). See photos for better idea. 
2017-03-11  Route: Angel of Shavano
Posted On: 2017-03-12, By: Lilgngr
Info: Once you get to the Y junction on CR 250, road is not clear. We got stuck in a high clearance truck. Tow truck got stuck twice trying to get to us. We were stuck about 3 miles from the TH. Conditions were beautiful but our situation prevented us from climbing. 
2017-03-11  Route: Espirit Point from Angel of Shavano CG
Posted On: 2017-03-12, By: dolfh
Info: The road to Angel of Shavano Campground is dry. The snow was ideal for microspikes on early morning 3000ft ascent to treeline. Solid boot track up the ridge to Espirit Point. Mostly dry over to Mt. Shavano. The snow was much softer on the descent. 
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2017-03-03  Route: From Angel Of Shavano Campground and Espirit Pt.
Posted On: 2017-03-04, By: Stratosfearsome
Info: Rd. 240 is bone dry to the TH at 9,100. Snow was relatively firm until near tree-line below Espirit Ridge where I punched through to knees, or slide on hard pack four inches below top layer of snow. Brought snowshoes but never put them on. Total time about 10.5Hr for both Shavano and Tabeguache. +/- 6,800ft or so. 20F and 10mph winds. Fun day. 
2017-02-18  Route: Via Esprit Point from Angel of Shavano Campground
Posted On: 2017-02-19, By: bmcqueen
Info: We did Shav and Tab from Angel of Shavano Campground. Snow was mostly consolidated with minimal post-holing up to the Esprit ridge. The ridge has some cornices, but again, snow was pretty nice to go up. We wore snowshoes on the way up down to the saddle between Esprit and Shavano. Shavano is mostly windblown, so we carried our snowshoes up to the summit and for the descent to the Tabeguache saddle. Had to put them back on at the Shav/Tab saddle and wore them up to the summit of Tab. 
2016-11-12  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-12, By: cbrobin
Info: Road is completely dry. There is plenty of camping along the road and there is an area at the trailhead also. Trail was also almost completely dry. A bit of snow up high. No need for microspikes and snow was less than 4 inches in the deepest spots. 
2016-11-12  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-12, By: jeffth5
Info: Dry, no snow on route. 
2016-11-09  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-10, By: CalebMD
Info: We did an afternoon ascent of Mt. Shavano on Wednesday (11/9) and it was largely summer conditions, aside from some snow on the summit along with patches of snow towards the top part of the ascent. The route to Tabeguache looked snow free but we decided not to attempt it since it was so late in the day. Microspikes weren't needed and my trail runners were just fine in terms of traction. Antero looked snow free for the most part from what I could see and there was barely any snow on the surrounding peaks. 
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2016-10-21  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-10-22, By: Ptglhs
Info: Started up from trailhead at 715. Amazing weather, almost no snow at all. There was a bit of snow on the northern switchbacks over 13,000ft and up at the summit in the shadows. About 13,500ft the trail more or less disappears and you're scrambling over difficult class 2 rock to get to the summit. The traverse to Tabegauche has no trail either and is pretty rough going. It was exhausting bouldering for a mile there and a mile back. 
2016-10-18  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-10-18, By: Curt Brass
Info: Route is dry with a bit of snow at the saddle between Esprit Point and Shavano. It was very windy on the saddle as well but on the peak the wind was not too bad. 
2016-09-18  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-09-19, By: cshanek
Info: Completed Shavano, Tabeguache and Esprit. Great conditions, no snow or ice, however entire route was bone dry, no water whatsoever, creek dried up. Fortunately my partner and I each had about 3L of water. We did a night hike the night before and pitched up at 10,700 where it levels off. There are about half a dozen great campsites from 10,700 to 10,800. Look for cairns and firepits. 
2016-08-31  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-08-31, By: LoveThisSite
Info: Beautiful and chilly morning on the summit. In case you were wondering, there is zero snow on the entire route. Route to Tab also looked completely clear. 
2016-07-16  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-07-16, By: zastrow21
Info: Road to TH was great. Restroom was pretty disgusting. Summer conditions all the way up. Lots of haze from forest fires nearby but no substantial loss of air quality. Though I did feel winded a couple times on the heading up to Shavano summit (most likely unrelated). Summit was clear. Aside from the loose gravel below summit (going up and coming down), great hike. Very little wind up top but Some clouds rolled in at summit. Appeared thick but not threatening. After watching how fast they were moving out, I decided Tabeguache was worth a shot. Left TH at 0600, Shavano at 1050, Tab at 12 back in the parking lot by 1600. Slow moving going back down as my knees started to hurt and that loose gravel put me on my butt a handful of times. Surprisingly, lots of people on summit for a Friday. (20-25). *** I picked up 3 plastic bottles, 1 jacket and a few trail bar wrappers on the trail. Please pack out your trash and LNT. 
2016-06-29  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-30, By: quinnwolf
Info: No problems getting to the trailhead. Slept overnight in one of the dispersed campsites just past the trailhead. Perfect night. Beautiful start to the day. Left the parking lot just before 5am. Summitted Shavano just before 8am. Headed over to Tabeguache and came back. Left Shavano a little after 10am. Not a cloud in the sky. By the time I got to the saddle, two dark and large clouds had popped up very quickly (less than 20 minutes) just to the west. 30 minutes later just before I approached treeline, it started hailing pea-sized hail. It was hard enough to make the ground white. There was also several loud, close claps of thunder. After about 30 minutes while I descended, the heavy hail gave way to lighter rain for another 30 minutes. Then on-and-off-drizzle until I got back to the parking lot at about 12:15. Near the parking lot, along the Colorado trail there were about 20 cattle grazing on the trail. I waited a few minutes to let them slowly meander past the trail and continued. 100% snow free. No problems with the creek crossings. 
2016-06-25  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-25, By: rlynde
Info: Had a great time summiting (is that a word?) both peaks. TH was totally dry took a Ford Fusion up with no problems. Tabegauche had some snow on it but I avoided it by staying hikers left. Shavano had no snow and the trail was in great condition. I was surprised to see no snow already. Head out and have a great time! 
2016-06-20  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-21, By: hollyhammons
Info: Route is pretty much free of snow, definitely summer conditions. No microspikes needed. 
2016-06-17  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-18, By: duncanmil
Info: Trail 99% clear of snow with just a few short sections. Never post-holed going up. Ran in to one section in the saddle between the two peaks where I did, but simply went around it on the way down. No special equipment is required, though really good boots are nice. This is one rocky climb, with lots of sharp rocks above 13,000 feet on both peaks. Just in case you want to take a dog, this trial is one of the worst I have seen for paws, and this was my 41st and 42nd peak. Enjoy. 
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2016-06-12  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-13, By: Hawksnick
Info: Several short snow crossings between treeline at 12,200 feet and saddle at 13,400 feet. Many were avoidable, but walking through them wasn't too bad either with generally minor postholing. There was also a short stretch where water was running over the trail just below the stream crossing. Overall, the trail was in great shape and easy to follow. 
2016-06-04  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-07, By: edvardkenfish
Info: Below treeline snow is intermittent, and non-problematic shy of a few areas where you have to post hole. At treeline snow thickens and the trail all but vanishes. I'm no trail whisperer, but this route just about up and vanishes into the snow and old postholes and snowshoe trails above treeline, so be ready to do some heavier route finding higher up. Gaters are a must, and microspikes were helpful on the ascent, and though I brought snowshoes, the need for them never really arose. The snow is often too patchy to warrant putting them, only to have to remove them shortly, so we post holed instead. An ice axe was helpful on the descent since we glissaded off the summit and down into the Angel off of maybe 6-7 slides through patchy snow. Trekking poles also recommended, but not a necessity by any means. We hiked out to the trail down below treeline from the side of the angel where snow conditions are too deep/bad for a clean, fast glissade. It was a beautiful, warm day. Brought thermals thinking of how cold it might still be at 14k, but lo and behold, the need never arose. Practically t-shirt and shorts weather up there now despite the snow. 
2016-05-29  Route: Angel of Shavano
Posted On: 2016-05-30, By: madadraw1
Info: Skied the Angel today. As usual, have to bushwhack a bit when leaving the main trail around 11.2K feet. The main trail is better this year. Last year this time there were a lot of trees down across the main trail below 11K feet. Snow starts around 11.5K feet and continuous to the top (when going up East Ridge). Although, lot of rocks sticking out over 14K feet. Left our skis and tagged the summit in ski boots for the last ~100 feet to the top. Snow softened up nicely by 10AM when we started our descent. Note, patchy / non-continuous snow starts a little below 11K feet. Occasional post holing in early AM, lots more post holing on descent. All worth it for last ski of the season! 

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