Mt. Shavano  
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2015-06-14  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-15, By: SnowAlien
Info: Surprisingly little snow on the standard summer route. No snow to about 12.5k. After that snow is either avoidable or manageable. Follow the existing bootbacks and rocks from 13k to the summit. My friend made it to the summit in trail runners. Not necessarily recommend that, waterproof boots and probably gaitors would be helpful above 13k. Saw plenty of people make summit without any special gear. Ridge to Tab is mostly dry, but there‘s snow from saddle to Tab. 
2015-06-03  Route: Angel of Shavano
Posted On: 2015-06-03, By: madadraw1
Info: Can drive to TH w/o running into snow. I snow shoed and my friend skinned to summit. Note, snow is not continuous until after getting above tree line so skinning was not practical until that point. Took Angel‘s East arm to the East Ridge. Reached summit just before 11AM and great skiing for over 2000 ft vertical, starting from the summit. I glissaded down a good portion of East Ridge and the Angel (used a track that others have started). The trail below tree line has lots of downed trees making it tricky to carry skis up, but ran into some crew who are just starting some trail maintenance and clean up. 
2015-05-30  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2015-05-31, By: bacon_on_top
Info: Standard summer route is impossible to follow. Ended up going up the east ridge to point 13,612 and glissaded down the east arm of the angel. Lots of slide activity coming off the north face of the ridge to the west of the angel. Lots of waist deep snow up there, and with warmer temps the next few days, you can expect to posthole up to your knees and hips in places even with floatation. Snow starts at about 10,200. Regardless, it‘s beautiful up there. 
2015-05-22  Route: Angel of Shavano
Posted On: 2015-05-23, By: One Sierra Charlie
Info: Snowline is just below the trailhead. We hiked the first mile or so in thin snow and then transitioned to skis while still in the forest. The trail is easy to follow since several parties have been in there. There is solid snow cover all the way to the top. We were able to carve turns directly off the summit with little worry of hitting rocks. I have never seen the upper section so well filled in. Now is a good opportunity to ski this one! 
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2015-05-17  Route: Angel of Shavano
Posted On: 2015-05-18, By: r_grizz
Info: I fully intended to get a predawn start and bag Shavano and Tabaguache, but it turns out the Salida locals are pretty fun to drink (a whole lot) with. So, plan be damned, I didn‘t wind up hitting the main trailhead until about 11:30 with a massive hangover. No big deal. The weather was incredible - warm and calm all day. I had to dawn the snowshoes at about 10,800 ft. and wore them the rest of the way. This route would‘ve been impossible without flotation. Snow conditions in the "Angel" during the afternoon were amazing, corny goodness. Crossed paths with a couple skiers who were having a blast and made me super jealous. I summited with just enough daylight left to mount what has to be the most epic 2,700-vertical-foot ass glissade ever from the Shavano summit. The sun had moved to the backside of the mountain and snow re-froze, making the slide down just on the edge of terrifying/awesome and putting my self-arrest skills to the test. All in all, I‘d say this was a perfect spring day in the Southern Sawatch. The snow is amazing and will be in for great skiing for some time to come. Also, some of the coolest views were looking out towards northeast and seeing all the storms that hammered the Front Range. 
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2015-05-16  Route: Angel of Shavano
Posted On: 2015-05-17, By: BrentRichter
Info: Hiked Angel of Shavano Saturday May 16, road was dry all the way to the trailhead, snow in nearly perfect condition, best I‘ve ever experienced, solid with very little post holing, 6" of powder above 13k. A little too much powder to glissade as much or as fast as hoped. Plenty of skiers this day. Was supposed to snow 3-5" today but we had sun all day. 
2015-03-29  Route: Angel of Shavano
Posted On: 2015-03-30, By: Grover
Info: Used the Angel to summit Mt. Shavano on Sunday, starting from the Angel of Shavano TH. The Angel is in fair shape. The body and head and left arm are solid, but the right arm does not extend to the East Ridge, so it does not aid you in gaining that ridge leading to the summit. The Ascent: There is snow in the trees between the AoS TH and the Shav/Tab TH. I easily walked over that snow in the early morning. After the turn up towards Shavano, snow is persistent from ~10,200‘ to the apron under the Angel. There is a solid trail that has been packed in and is easy to follow. I used microspikes to cover this ground, since the snow was still solid in the morning. I skinned up the body of the Angel and went straight up where the snow ended at her head, which is at ~13,300‘. From there, I hiked up to the South Ridge on foot, gained the faint trail on that ridge, and went up to the summit. The Descent: I hiked back down to where the snow was persistent at the top of the Angel, and rode down from 13,300‘ to 11,300‘. The snow was soft and easy to turn in and no issue with rocks to avoid. At 11,300‘ the snow was very soft and I switched over to snowshoes for the hike down. I don‘t think skinning down the soft snow would have been fun or helpful, as a previous conditions report stated. Gear (in order of use): Winter Hiking Boots Poles Microspikes Splitboard & Skins Snowboard Boots Snowshoes 
2015-03-23  Route: Angel of Shavano
Posted On: 2015-03-24, By: KTC88
Info: I attempted the Angel using skis and wish I had chosen snowshoes. I started at the Angel of Shavano TH and boot packed to the Shav/Tab TH (mostly mud, dirt, and patches of snow). I had to continue boot packing for at least another quarter mile past the Shav/Tab TH before I could put skis on, and then had to switch back to boots several times to cross patches of mud and rock. Once to 11,300‘ feet the current trench negotiates several downed trees. I ended up turning around at treeline - it took me much longer than expected to get to that point and the winds had started to gust. Snow conditions below treeline were pretty icy on the way up and by late morning it was still pretty icy, although starting to soften up where the sun was shining. All of the recent tracks I saw were from snowshoes. The only ski tracks looked like they were at least a week old - based on the amount of melting and that some of the tracks crossed areas that were now melted out to dirt and rocks. The arm of the Angel that goes to the East Ridge (climber‘s right) does not go all the way to the ridge. The East Ridge itself looked pretty dry. It looked like snow was continuous to the South Ridge from the Angel. I couldn‘t tell how much snow the was on the ridge itself. 
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2015-01-18  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2015-01-18, By: Yikes
Info: Conditions are pretty good. Boot pack from Angel of Shavano TH to angel cutoff. Trench to treeline. Not much snow to speak of above there. Even mostly dry heading up Tab. Very windy. 
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2014-12-30  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-12-30, By: Yikes
Info: Trench to 11,700 from Angel of Shavano campground/TH. The recent upslope storm dropped a bit more snow on Shavano than normal (typically in the rain shadow of the continental divide). Summer trail was easy to follow since someone has flagged the route with bright orange tape. The lower section of the trail was maybe 12" trench but closer to treeline was knee deep. Numerous collapses near treeline, fortunately I was not on any steep slopes; be careful of avy danger if you head up there. Was planning on trenching to treeline but stopped a little short due to the late hour. Original plan was summit attempt on Dec 31 (next day), but with the forecasted -35 wind chill maybe bump to Jan 1. 
2014-12-07  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-12-07, By: LizWeiss
Info: Snow is present below treeline, but not enough to require snowshoes. Microspikes could help in some areas, although you‘d probably just wear down the edges of the spikes due to the lack of continual snow. Some post-holing, but not enough to make it a s--tty day on the mountain. At one point during the switchbacks right before you hit treeline there seems to be a split in the boot-packed trail. Some hikers cut up the side of the hill and went off trail, while we stayed on the actual trail the best we could, as it was definitely hard to follow because of the snow. We only ran into one other person all day, a female hiker who was heading in the direction of the shortcut. Once you hit the saddle you can cruise up the last half mile free of snow and ice! Perfect weather and great conditions! Is it December?! 
2014-10-31  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-11-01, By: StarGirl
Info: Route dry up to about 13,500 where there are some shallow snow patches. They aren‘t deep and could be easily avoided or walked on. Summit has snow, but nothing that miscrospikes can‘t handle. Snow is deeper between rocks. Could mostly boulder hop when summiting if you wanted. 
2014-10-27  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-10-29, By: saintelias
Info: Climbed Shavano on Monday, October 27. Dusting of snow in forest. A few snow patches on trail around 13,000‘. Ankle deep patches between rocks near summit. Microspikes helpful but not needed. Incredibly windy above treeline especially at saddle. Probably should have turned around. Constantly blown over. Lost ice axe near summit. Reward! See Lost and found forum for info. 
2014-10-24  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-10-25, By: Daniel Joder
Info: No traction needed. Trail is dry all the way to the "angel" and even there you can bypass a lot of the snow if you want. Plenty of tracks to follow in the snow if you choose to do that. Near the summit if Shavano there is some ankle-deep snow but is well-tracked and you can boulder-hop much of it. The last bit up to the summit of Tab is probably a bit worse--you‘ll have to cross some snow patches here and there, but I was fine doing it with no gaiters and traction isn‘t really necessary. The ridge from Shav down to the Shav-Tab saddle is fine--probably best to stay on the eastern side where you can see bits of trail. Caveat: This report is only valid until the next snowfall! As usual, I will have a full report and pictures up on my website in a day or so: P.S. There were a half dozen very thin spirals of smoke still visible from the prescribed burn in the area, but you had to look for them. They didn‘t affect the perfect blue sky in any way. 
2014-10-19  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-10-19, By: RWSchaffer
Info: Very little snow below timberline. Even above timberline, no significant snow until a few hundred feet below the saddle south of Shavano (photo 1). From this point on, gaiters are strongly recommended. What snow there is takes the form of frequent small patches that rarely reach shin deep. Some people might appreciate traction and ice axe when the snow is hard and icy in the morning; I did not use them. Snowshoes would have been useless. See pictures of Shavano and Tabeguache (photos 2 and 3). 
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2014-10-04  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-10-05, By: kenichi4692
Info: standard route is 95% dry. a snow patch on Angel some snow on both traction needed. 
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2014-09-26  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-09-27, By: swampthing
Info: The standard route is completely clear and gorgeous. The traverse over to Tab is clear as well. TH was pretty empty yesterday at 6 am, but as always, start early to be safe and beat the crowds. Get up there to see the unbelievable colors!! 
2014-09-13  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-09-13, By: appleseeds
Info: The trail to Shavano was easy to follow and completely dry. The traverse to Tabeguache looked dry too but I didn‘t go over since it was very windy and I was cold (estimated temp with wind chill 5-10F). 
2014-08-23  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-08-24, By: outdoorjen5280
Info: We followed the Roach‘s book on the standard route to Shavano and Tabeguache. After reading several blogs I was a little apprehensive about taking this trail. Because it was listed in the book as the standard way to bag both we went for it. We got in late to the trail head. We would not have found the trail if it were not for GPS points. It is an obvious trail once you find it but I am not sure how maintained it is. Several campers told us their horror stories of the hike and that is was actually closed. We chickened out and went for Jennings Creek trail head and decided to summit Tageguache from Shavano. Finally got to the trailhead at 12:30 AM and we up at 4:00 and on the trail by 4:45. The road to the trailhead was a very easy drive with just a bit of washboards and some rocks to watch out for. There is no camping at the trailhead. On up the trail there were great campsites if we would have gotten in before nightfall. The trail was easily marked. Wind and clouds came in early. When I say wind, I mean the type that can blow you over. I doubted we would make Tab. Closer to the Shavono summit the trail becomes less defined but you can see where you are headed. On top the wind was far less fierce. We met a great couple from out of state. We encouraged each other to keep going and made it to Tab. The trail drops below the ridge so you are out of the wind that you encounter on the saddle prior to Shavano. The hike back over Shavano feels longs and you don‘t really gain any time or energy by skirting the summit. You can‘t travel too fast once above tree line due to the large rocks. Therefore, watch the weather. There are not a lot of places to hide if a storm comes in. Great long hike. 
2014-06-30  Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2014-07-01, By: Andymcp1
Info: Full summer conditions. No snow anywhere on the standard summer route. The Angel is looking pretty thin and now starts about 200-300ft above tree line. The right arm still goes all the way to the saddle connecting to the standard route, but is shallow snow with many rocks now protruding through the snow cover. 

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