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Route: Mt Evans Road
Posted On: 2021-04-05, By: Eagle Eye
Info: Mt Evans Road Conditions: I reached the summit of Mt Evans hiking up the road yesterday. No snow removal has started on the road. From the gate to almost Mile Marker 3 (Goliath Nature Area) the road holds deep snow and has been hiked and skied a lot! In many other places higher up, hard drifts mostly or completely disguise the road: Mile Markers 5, 6, 7, and 12. Much of the road near Summit Lake (about 8.5 to 9 miles) is covered over. The road is completely clear from Mile 12 to the summit. From the summit I didn't see anyone on Mt Bierstadt's summit or coming over to Mt Evans along the West Ridge Route. A note that I started early (carrying snowshoes) and the (first 3 miles in particular) of the road were cold and nicely travelled with just micro spikes, but returning late day the road had warmed up & become really rotten, hollow and unsupportive even with snowshoes on. 
Route: Mt Evans Road
Posted On: 2021-03-29, By: Eagle Eye
Info: Mt Evans Road Conditions: Not seeing any recent updates I'll start with last weekend (3/20) when I'd gone up to the gate to check it out for a possible fat bike trip up. I was surprised to see a snowmobile track going up the road. It seemed fairly supportive and recent, and went as far up as I could see. But I didn't go up, it was too windy. Yesterday (3/2 I went back, following on top of the snowmobile track hiking as others have and there were ski tracks, too. This was early but there was one guy who had set out ahead of me hiking/carrying skis. There is a lot of deep snow on the road. The snowmobile track split into two at maybe a mile and a half. Between 2 1/4 and 2.4 I was no longer able to find or make use of snowmobile tracks which had created a (weakening!) platform in otherwise deep powder. The attached picture is looking ahead where I stopped at 2.4 miles. Several groups of people were setting out when I got back to the parking lot and I wondered how far they went/what they found! 
Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
Posted On: 2021-03-12, By: wintersage
Info: Standard route to Bierstadt is well packed but I wore snowshoes anyway to avoid having to carry them on my back. The Sawtooth is very loaded and the slopes that you have to downclimb before getting to the gendarmes on the ridge are very unstable. Lots of postholing and soft, powdery, unsupportive snow that made the hidden rocks underneath very slick. I saw a horizontal crack shoot out in front of me but thankfully it didn't slide. Theme of the day was "this whole thing could slide any moment". Crampons and ice axe were helpful on the Sawtooth, but the crux of the route is relatively dry. What made the route harder was the fresh snow moving in with today's storm and on-off white out conditions. From the sawtooth there is a 1.5mi class 2+ hike to Evans which I did not expect. I stashed my snowshoes near 12900ft and went without traction though microspikes wouldn't have hurt. Winds picked up and visibility decreased to almost complete whiteout at Evans' summit. Once I picked up my snowshoes I headed towards the gully that takes you to Scott Gomer Creek. I started out with crampons and ice axe but switched to snowshoes when the slope eased off near the willows. Here's where the fun began... impossible to find a trench in the dark (if there was one) so I had to break my own through the willows. Despite snowshoes I was sinking quite a lot but had no other choice but to continue to the lake junction to meet my previous tracks. Once at that junction it was easy going back to the car, 1.5mi from the summer TH at the winter lot. 
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Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2021-03-09, By: longlevi823
Info: Attempted Evans 03/07 but turned around about half way up the gully. I was trying to follow the elevation route recommended on here but that is what screwed me. I burned a lot of energy in the beginning making a trench off to the side for no reason. Ended up turning back to the predefined trail after 30 minutes then got into the gully and got some fuel in me. I was about to turn back but then two additional people showed up who started leading the trench dig and a 3rd person showed up so that made 4 of us taking turns leading through into the gully. That gave me some confidence to keep moving. But decided half way up gully I couldn't do it anymore so decided to head back. Flotation is necessary to get to the gully. With this weekends snow storm coming in a new trench is gonna need to be built 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2021-03-08, By: KristinJones
Info: Road is hard packed from the parking lot 1.5 miles from Guanella Pass trailhead. There are a couple of switchback short cuts that are well trenched. We left the road to enter the meadow prior to the GPTH where it was well trenched. Flotation devices would have been helpful for some postholing, but a group ahead of us ensured the route was well trenched. The gully had some icy spots and scree where traction is good for up/down. The upper bowl above the gully was easy to traverse without traction sticking to where the grass and rocks were visible as it's fairly windswept. We turned around at the hump/west ridge. The rocks were bare and we watched a 3 hikers ahead of us slowly make their way across. 
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Route: Mt. Evans Scenic Byway
Posted On: 2021-03-07, By: HikesInGeologicTime
Info: Road is packed to MM 3. Frequent drifting from there to summit parking lot, sometimes spanning 90-100% of the road. Drifts were deepest/most obnoxious between MM 11-12, but if you're walking, it's not worth the weight of flotation. Avy concerns are minimal in most of the hot spots, as there isn't really enough snow to slide at present. One exception is the slope above MM 8 (pics attached), which looks like it has already slid and could become unstable again. Trail from parking lot to summit has ankle-knee-deep snow, which can be avoided by rock-hopping. 
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Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2021-03-01, By: Aphelion
Info: Refreshed the snowshoe trench from the willows shortcut to the base of the gully, poach it while it's there. No traction/flotation required in/above the gully. 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2021-02-18, By: askwjs
Info: Approach road has a refreshed trench including the shortcut from the 2nd switchback. Cut trench through the willows for a couple of miles before turning back due to time constraintsand changing weather. Snow was powder and we were postholing waist deep with snowshoes. Air temps never rose above -10 on the trail. The section of Bierstadt trail we walked was packed and had a snowshoe trail. 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2021-02-02, By: benmangelsdorf
Info: Hiked Evans from the Guanella Pass closure yesterday. Wore spikes up to the Bierstadt trailhead and then on the Bierstadt trail itself until I cut off and headed towards the gully. They weren't necessary but they were slightly helpful in the avy safe trail through the trees at the beginning. I then put on snowshoes and didn't take them off until 2/3 of the way up the gully. The snow up to the beginning of the gully was deep but there were nice trench options. Snow was softer up the gully but still not too bad. After you're most of the way up the gully things get very, very dry and I didn't wear traction or floatation to the summit. Personal note: the conditions were so good yesterday that I honestly felt like I was cheating. But I was here last week and got caught in a whiteout mini-storm and made about 1000 noob mistakes, so was nice to come back and be able to go with confidence and new knowledge. 
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Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2021-01-30, By: Clint the climber
Info: From the closure on Gunella Pass, I followed the road and the standard Bierstadt trail to where it crosses Scott Gomer Creek (approx. 3/4 mile from the summer trailhead). From there I took off left and put in a trench to the base of the Gully. Ditched the snowshoes about 1/3 of the way up the gully and booted to the summit. Deep powder snow in the upper reaches of Scott Gomer Creek along with four moose. The upper portions of the gully along with the ridge were relatively dry and did not require flotation. Never used traction. 
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Route: Mt Evans Road
Posted On: 2021-01-20, By: Eagle Eye
Info: Mt Evans Road Conditions: On Monday 1/18 I pedaled up the road from Echo Lake (gate closure) to Summit Lake. The first 2 miles are hard packed snow. It has been well-travelled and skied on. Beyond Mile Marker 3 which is about treeline, there are only inboard sections with snow and lots of outboard road space available to ride or walk on. Around Summit Lake (Mile Marker 9) the road is covered over in hard drifts for maybe a quarter mile. I could see clear road to about Mile Marker 10, but did not go any further than the lake. 1/21 added 5 pictures and captions 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2021-01-07, By: angry
Info: Booted road to winter turnoff. Snowshoed through willows all the way to base of gully where we stashed em (put in a good trench). Booted to summit. Did not use traction. 
Route: Mt Evans Road
Posted On: 2021-01-05, By: Eagle Eye
Info: Mt Evans Road Conditions: Late yesterday I rode my fat bike up, from Echo Lake Lodge (fee gate) to the summit parking lot. This went very well, my last info about riding the entire road came from a December 9th Strava description. I ran the Strava app on this ride too. The first mile and a half has been well traveled/has well-packed snow I was able to ride on. About 2 1/4 to 3 are in deeper softer snow that I pushed through, beyond Mile Marker 3 (Goliath Natural Area) there is plenty of dry road to ride on. Around Mile 5, I saw a headlamp ahead and talked to a guy who had summited Mt Evans late in the day on the Chicago Lakes route and was returning on the road. Around Mile 7, sections of hard drifts slope downward covering the road, I walked the bike through these and microspikes make this a lot safer. (I have spikes on my pedals and wore microspikes the whole trip) The same drift situation is at Mile Marker 12, it blocks the road and has to be climbed over. It was too windy to ride from Mile Marker 13 to the summit lot, which is a mile and a half. The thermometer in the Crest House read 10 degrees. I was able to ride a great deal of the way down! 
Route: West Ridge from Echo Lake
Posted On: 2020-12-06, By: brauda02
Info: I did not summit today but I thought someone might find this information useful. The trail is very well broken out all the way to Upper Chicago Lake. There is no need for any flotation or traction to here though some might want microspikes in a couple spots. I briefly put on snowshoes to get to the base of the wall before Summit Lake. I got about a third of the way up the wall before turning around. There was a good amount of snow and a few traverses, and a top layer of slabs were breaking off. This sketched me out and I decided to turn around. 
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Route: Mt Evans Road
Posted On: 2020-11-17, By: Eagle Eye
Info: Mt Evans Road conditions. Late afternoon yesterday (Monday 11/16) I pedaled the fat bike from the gate closure to the summit. There is a lot of new snow and drifts, especially in the first 3 miles. In some places I pushed & wasn't able to ride through. After about Mile Marker 5 there is only partial drifts extending into the road and then higher up the road is (mostly) blown clear. A lot of the big gaps and breaks in the road were recently repaired and sealed up, especially around Summit Lake which is Mile Marker 9. The drifts that will grow big enough to block the road are forming at Mile Marker 12. The Crest House thermometer showed 27 degrees at 10:56 pm. PS. I tried out a new set of Maxxis Minion series snow tires which work pretty well and I ran the minimum 8 psi in them. 
Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
Posted On: 2020-10-13, By: dsr80304
Info: Whole route is in great condition. Some snow on the initial descent (maybe 200-300') from below Bierstadt summit down toward Sawtooth - a little slippery but not enough to warrant pulling out the microspikes. Stayed on the low route on the ledge - loose but manageable. Definitely got muddy on the exit, hard to avoid. Willows no problem. Great day! 
Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
Posted On: 2020-10-09, By: timewarp01
Info: Route is totally dry the entire way; no snow at all on or near the ledge. Took the high route for the crux rather than the gulley to avoid the loose dirt. Almost made it through the willows without getting my feet wet but its definitely muddy. 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2020-09-30, By: coopereitel
Info: I started at 9:00AM and returned to my car at 1:09PM. The cutoff to go this route is shortly after the river crossing on the main Bierstadt trail. There isn't a cairn or a well pounded in trail to look for. All it is is a trail of matted grass off the main trail in the first noticeable clearing. Then it is pretty self-explanatory where the trail goes from there. There is also an orange tag on a willow next to the trail. FYI there is a lot of mud and water on this trail down in the willows. Going up Gormer's Gully was not a problem. I stuck to the middle for the way up just to avoid the loose gravel on the side. I also have a weird preference for climbing on rocks. The gully was not a problem for the way down. I accidentally stayed on the ridge proper all the way to the summit because I didn't realize that there is a well marked trail that skirts just to the south of the summit ridge. This made me summit West Evans (which is a checkbox!). I hit the Sawtooth summit on the way down for fun. Going down I saw three people only until I met up with the main Bierstadt trail again. Great weather, haze to the north but none in the Evans area. I clocked 10mi ish on my inreach. This was a cool one. 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2020-09-23, By: JasonCrane
Info: Unsuccessful attempt on Mt. Evans on Tues. from the West Ridge/Steep Gully route. Despite the dry conditions, numerous "mud holes" through the willows, seemingly unavoidable. Steep gully dry all the way to the West Ridge, with sporadic patches of snow in the large expanse to the hump, but easily avoidable. Lost the cairns at the hump around 13.9-14k feet & mistakenly descended repeatedly to what appeared to be trail below, but cliffed-out at the final bend & never saw the summit buildings. Retreated amidst modest snow squalls & darkening clouds. No snow accumulation. Disappointed, but relatively uneventful return hike. 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2020-09-21, By: GordoByrn
Info: Route rolled as described with one exception. Right now at least, it's better to go about 1/10th of a mile past (what I think is) "the boulder" to make the left off the Bierstadt trail.The best, driest route stays higher than you'd expect. My down track shows it. See photo of the turn, which won't help in the dark, and GPS coordinates in a screen shot posted. No traction on the way up. Microspikes for the descent of the steep loose parts of the upper gully. Lots of fun once the sun came up and we were able to exit the swamp! Strange to be alone at the top of Evans - just us and a couple goats. 
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