Mt. Champion  
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2016-10-29  Route: South Slopes: Champion + PT 13,736
Posted On: 2016-10-30, By: RyGuy
Info: Peak is pretty much free of snow except for holes between rocks in the shadows. Didn't need traction, but gaiters were helpful for a couple of the areas with 6" snow between rocks. 
2016-10-16  Route: South Slopes: Champion + PT 13,736
Posted On: 2016-10-16, By: Grover
Info: Great day for a hike on a random 13'er. Yes, it was windy, but that was predicted. I drove up to ~12,000 ft. on the 4x4 road that leads up into the basin between Lackawanna and Mt. Champion. Easy hike. Great day. If you have the vehicle to get into this basin, it can be short and sweet. 
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2015-08-29  Route: South Slopes: Champion + PT 13,736
Posted On: 2015-09-01, By: EatinHardtack
Info: Climbed the south slopes of Mt Champion on Saturday the 29th. Also made the traverse to Pt 13,736. Route was fun and with a lot of old mining activity. I took the first Avalanche path for my ascent route, if you stay left you can hit a few scrambling sections. Actually summited Champion twice on this trip. Here are my splits on this group.... 540am TH 812am summit of Champion 901am summit of 13736 941am summit of Champion 1145am TH 
2014-10-18  Route: North ridge from Deer/Pt13,736
Posted On: 2014-10-19, By: CarpeDM
Info: Hiked the Deer --> 13,736 --> Champion loop yesterday with an approach up the North Fork Lake Creek trail. The trail was in fine condition and easy to follow up into the basin. It petered out at about 11,500, but it was easy walking to find the lake at about 12,400. There was essentially no snow of consequence until above the lake. Deer is not your typical easy, rolling c2 Sawatch peak. From the lake, it‘s pretty steep going the first few hundred feet to get up to the NW ridge. Then, it‘s more interesting (i.e., steep and rocky) than most Sawatch peaks. The south ridge off the peak is narrow, steep, and rocky. After a few required bumps, as you approach the saddle with Pt 13,736, there is a steep, loose c3 section. The route up Pt 13,736 gets a bit easier, and then getting to Champion is cake. On this day, on Deer‘s NW ridge and on the S ridge, there were lots of patches of unreliable snow. If I had to do it again, I would not have worn my summer hiking boots. I brought and used gaiters from Deer on over, used microspikes for parts of the initial ascent up Deer‘s NW ridge, and got an ice axe out for comfort on the initial ascent. Indy Pass usually closes about the last week of October or first week of November. 

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