Coxcomb Peak  
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2014-07-12  Route: Std from West Fork TH
Posted On: 2014-07-17, By: SnowAlien
Info: 2wd road is in good shape, but there is a challenging river crossing in 4wd section. Saw several fairly burly 4x4 parked before that, but its not a long walk/swim from the upper TH. Accessed Coxcomb from the saddle with Redcliff. There is some snow at the bottom of the climb to get to C3-4 terrain. Some running water past that and in the left chimney (the right one also had snow/ice). The upper terrain is dry. Webbing/rappel rings are in good shape. Used 2 x 30m ropes for the rappel. Rappelled most of the route as it was too wet (weather) to downclimb it safely. Route on Redcliff is completely dry. 
2013-09-08  Route: Std from Middle Fork
Posted On: 2013-09-09, By: Monster5
Info: Coxcomb, El Punto, Heisshorn, Redcliff, and surrounding UNs are presently free of snow/ice. The Middle Fork road is rough 2wd (well graded and smooth with the exception of 3-4 brief washouts). Hunters and big trucks galore. Coxcomb - webbing is currently in good condition. The ~5.3 notch is about 25 ft and a 30 m rope is more than sufficient for TRing it on the return. 2 x 30 m ropes were plenty adequate for rappelling (~65 ft) the 4th-5.0 chimneys descender‘s left. While the chimneys are only stiff 4th and arguable 5.easy, those not familiar with stemming techniques might find it awkward. Heisshorn, El Punto, and 13222(?) in Porphyry - chossy, but only c3 with careful route/hold consideration. Other UNs - class 2. Grassy ramps up all of them. Also plenty of scree and talus if that‘s your preference. Might do a report later. 
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