Longs Peak  
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2016-02-13  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-02-22, By: Kbal1
Info: Made it up to the boulderfield/keyhole. Trail was well packed below and near treeline and windblown in many spots above treeline. Took snowshoes but they weren't needed. 
2016-02-06  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-02-07, By: emgordon
Info: Well packed until trail turns west towards MLW, then the summer trail is actually clear in a few places from wind scour. Made it about a mile from Chasm Lake until winds convinced us to give up. Sidebar: saw some tracks, nails were visible which some research indicates likely means fox (not lynx as I originally thought). Wish Id taken a picture, but anyone seen any carnivores above treeline on Longs in winter before? 
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2016-01-23  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-01-24, By: devinwang91
Info: Can make it to keyhole without snowshoes or crampons. Didn‘t attempt to go beyond keyhole. 
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2016-01-17  Route: Chasm Lake
Posted On: 2016-01-17, By: Jeremya
Info: Hard Snow packed trail to Chasm lake. I didn‘t put on snowshoes and they weren‘t needed; I did put on crampons and pull out the ice ax to cross some of the steep snow after the cutoff. Up to the cutoff hiking boots and winter gear were more than enough. 
2015-12-26  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-12-27, By: johnalcorn
Info: Made it just beyond the keyhole. Decided to turn back due to high winds. Throughout the trees snow is well-packed. I broke my own trail past treeline. Snowshoes highly recommended from treeline to the keyhole. Hope to return before school starts back and make the summit. 
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2015-12-19  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-12-19, By: Alan Arnette
Info: Snowshoes very helpful below treeline after recent snows. Winter shortcut at Brooks Creek Bridge, not worth it now - deep drifts. Above treeline, windblown as usual. Stopped at Keyhole/Loft junction due to high winds. 
2015-12-06  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-12-07, By: Wolfman_CO
Info: The trail is boot-packed up to treeline, then wind-blown and boot-packed to the Chasm Lake junction. From Chasm Lake junction to the boulder field the trail is fairly clear of snow and when it‘s not clear the snow is minimal. Boulder field in similar condition- snow in parts but mostly wind cleared of snow. Snow shoes not necessary, micro-spikes helpful but also not mandatory. Stopped at the top of the Keyhole due to intense winds and lots of spin-drift after the Keyhole. 
2015-12-06  Route: Keplinger`s Couloir
Posted On: 2015-12-07, By: pbakwin
Info: 8 of us went to the summit, and since we put in an excellent snowshoe track others might want to follow - if you have a jones for a really long route on the shoulder of winter. The trail up to Sandbeach Lake was easy to follow, then we kind of wandered through the trees - not the most direct route but certainly better than setting your own track. Removed snowshoes at the top of the krumholz. There was decent snow all the way up the couloir - good cramponing. A couple of dry spots, but mostly continuous snow to the top (Homestretch has snow). Not enough snow to be a worthwhile ski yet of course. 
2015-11-08  Route: Kieners
Posted On: 2015-11-09, By: FireOnTheMountain
Info: Lot of unconsolidated. Lambslide felt stable despite the healthy amount of snow. Really slow conditions top of crux to base diamond steps which were dry. Time consuming and hard work conditions. 
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2015-11-07  Route: MLW
Posted On: 2015-11-07, By: cordisimo
Info: I did Mt Lady Washington today, trail is completely packed to Chasm Junction and otherwise not too deep. I saw one party on Lambs Slide (looked like all snow aside from a few ice patches, could be a pretty thin coat of snow though), another mid-way through the boulder field and talked to another guy in the parking lot headed for Alexander‘s Chimney. Enough snow to be fun but not so much as for it to quite be a death march. 
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2015-10-16  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-10-16, By: madadraw1
Info: Weather man called for no rain today, so did not start until 6AM. No wind on the summit either. There was some scattered areas of snow on The Trough. Would be doable in hiking boots alone, but easier with microspikes. Otherwise, this route remains free of snow. I added a picture of the worst of the snow we encountered on The Trough. Completed the hike in about 11.5 hours but that included a long break on the summit on a perfect Colorado day! 
2015-10-09  Route: Loft ascent, Keyhole descent
Posted On: 2015-10-09, By: bmcqueen
Info: Loft snowy. Crampons on upper half. Down climb into Kepplingers had a couple tricky snow covered moves. Homestretch mostly dry and in good shape. Some avoidable snow and ice. Narrows mostly dry with some avoidable snow and ice. Trough quite snowy and entry move on descent was tricky and snow covered. Spikes recommended for trough this weekend. Ledges were getting sun today and should be mostly dry Sat and Sun. 
2015-10-03  Route: Cables Route
Posted On: 2015-10-04, By: Wolfman_CO
Info: There was a decent dusting of snow from the Boulder Field on up early in the day. The North Face/Cables Route had snow and some ice. Winter equipment recommended- micro spike/crampons, ice axe, etc. Quite a few parties had turned around at the Keyhole due to the ice and snow. By mid afternoon the snow had all melted in the Boulder Field, but it did start to rain/snow on the drive out, so there is likely fresh snow this morning. Summer/Fall is ending quickly! 
2015-09-29  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-09-30, By: alpha
Info: Some snow up high Monday night (9/2. Trough: 3/4" of fluffy snow that made the rocks slick and required slow/careful travel. Not enough for micro-spikes, etc., to help. Narrows: wet in the usual places but not snowy or icy Homestretch: wet/snowy in some places. The snow was melting out when we were there and may or may not be turning into verglas. It was mostly avoidable, but once the shoes are wet it can make the rest slick because of it. 
2015-09-27  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-09-28, By: fortfunben
Info: There was very little snow on Sunday, September 27th. All easily avoidable. Narrows, ledges, and homestretch all dry. Took us just under 11 hours. Left trailhead at 4:35AM and returned at 3:30. 
2015-09-26  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-09-26, By: ezabielski
Info: Back to summer conditions. Who knows how long it will last. No problems with ice, snow, or seeping water. Barely a breeze in most place. 
2015-09-19  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-09-22, By: sirtimbly
Info: First time up Longs. Ice and snow were present past the Keyhole. On the Ledges, Trough, Narrows and Home-stretch. Nothing deeper than half an inch, and it was melting a little in the afternoon. I wouldn‘t say the snow is completely avoidable anymore, but it didn‘t require any special equipment either. Wind was extremely high above treeline all day, especially along the narrows where it gusted strong enough to rip a stocking cap off. Some people reported lots of ice in the boulders approaching the keyhole before the sun came up. I got there late enough that it wasn‘t a problem. Got to TH very late due to dead car battery back at camp. Started from TH at 4:45am. Arrived at Keyhole at 10am. Summit at 12:30pm. Back to TH at 7pm. (Getting pretty dark!) 
2015-09-18  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-09-18, By: cbrobin
Info: Yesterday I summited Longs with only a bit of snow in the trough. Woke up in Estes Park to see quite a bit of snow over the whole mountain. Slippery I bet. Shout out the guy from Indiana. Great hiking with you to the Keyhole. 
2015-09-13  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-09-15, By: Sunshineof1985
Info: This is my 44th fourteener this summer. My goal is to climb them all before the snow gets too bad. You can read more about this hike and others at Sunshineof1985.com! Enjoy! Distance: 14.77 mi. Elevation Gain: 5,100 ft. Time started: 8:45am End time: 5:15pm Time to Summit: 4 hours and 30 minutes Time to Descent: 3 hours (not including time spent on summit) GEAR (to bring): Helmet, GPS, extra socks, phone, SPOT Satellite Tracker, Map, Topo Map from 14ers.com, hiking boots with 2 pairs of socks on, long-sleeve, wind-guard/raincoat, light weight puffy coat, lightweight gloves, day pack with water sack (64 oz or more), snacks. Road Condition: Blacktop. Trail Condition: Dry and all snow/ice is 100% avoidable. The trail to the summit is extremely well marked with signs and bulls-eyes painted (once on the back side of the Keyhole). The trail through the forest is nice and easy. Once out of the trees, the wind started to pick up right away. Still an easy trail to follow with well marked junctions. The Keyhole was extremely windy BUT- it only lasts for a moment until you get onto the other side. On the backside of the keyhole, there is very little loose rock BUT, the rock is so smooth it becomes somewhat slippery. If it rained the night before, and the weather looks good all day, wait to leave until the sun is out to let the ice melt (early fall). It‘s also not as steep as what I expected it to be. I never felt overly exposed on the route. 
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2015-09-12  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2015-09-13, By: daneburnell
Info: It was a phenomenal day on Longs. We only encountered ice once when my friend went off-route in the Trough, none if you stay on route. Timed it well, getting to the boulder field at 6:30am, right when it was getting light. Temps were nice. Sidenote: not many aspens have started to change color yet, but a lot of the shrubbery & bushes above treeline has turned dark browns/reds/yellows and is quite pretty. Sidenote 2: saw cars getting ticketed at the parking lot for sticking out 1 or 2 feet into no-parking areas, so dont do that. Timeline: 3:35am - left Trailhead 7:10 - arrived at Keyhole 7:30 - arrived at Trough 8:05 - arrived at Narrows 8:30 - summit 9:10 - left summit 9:30 - arrived at top of Trough 9:55 - arrived at Ledges 10:20 - arrived at Keyhole 1:15pm - returned to Trailhead 
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