Longs Peak  
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2017-01-21  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2017-01-22, By: unclegar
Info: Longs Peak East Trail. Also went to Chasm Jct. The lower trail had obvious boot tracks as well as snowshoe tracks. I used snowshoes. Took the winter cutoff and once above treeline I barely punched through but there was a trail of tracks next to me most of the time. I took a little more direct route. It was cold enough that I mostly stayed on top of the snow if I walked next to the herd trail. Very cold near Chasm Jct. but it was also getting close to dusk. Water line froze, phone quit, GPS quit. Good thing I was just going for some exercise. 
2017-01-07  Route: Longs Peak Trail
Posted On: 2017-01-07, By: d_baker
Info: Hiked as far as Chasm Lake junction. Trail to there is trenched out since recent storm. 
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2017-01-01  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2017-01-01, By: thatclimberguy
Info: Summited the Keyhole route today. Besides some high wind gusts, the route is in good condition. Solid trench thru treeline. Patchy/avoidable windblown snow after treeline to the keyhole. Trough has the most snow as usual, have good footwear. I did summit in microspikes after the keyhole, but legit Crampons are best after that, be careful. Ice Axe would be helpful after the keyhole, but if you only ave trekking poles, that'd probably be fine for present conditions. Narrows and Homestretch have very little snow night now  
2016-12-29  Route: Keplinger`s Couloir
Posted On: 2016-12-30, By: justiner
Info: From Wild Basin, 3 of us went out and established a trench on trail from the TH to ~ 1/2 mile to Sandbeach Lake, where we moved off trail. That trench should be around for a few days, until out of treeline, where the wind will obliterate it. Kep. is very dry, with only patches of snow. Kicking down rocks is a danger. Top of Keps to Homestretch has a few small snowfields, which will be your greatest objective dangers, as they're just windblown slabs sticking to the rocks. Homestretch is relatively snow/ice free and requires no additional equipment to get up/down. Prepare for a long day. If you find a lone snowshoe, well, that's mine. Beer upon its return! https://www.instagram.com/p/BOoJUIqBrqu/ 
2016-11-26  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-11-26, By: Zak Mcracken
Info: Similar to the last conditions report. Extremely mild day on Longs. Didn't see a single person from after the fork at Chasm Lake until below the Keyhole on the way down. Windy in the boulder field below the Keyhole, then very little wind on route until the summit. Snow and a few wind slabs building up on the ledges -- slabs can be avoided. Trough is mixed rock and hard snow, slightly slightly softer on the way down -- crampons were very useful. Narrows and homestretch largely free of snow that can be totally avoided, or is in flat sections where it doesn't matter. 
2016-11-13  Route: Loft - via East Longs Trailhead
Posted On: 2016-11-15, By: Kevin Baker
Info: The Loft has some ice that can be avoided below the exit ledge. Microspikes were useful. There is a small section of steep snow on the ledge exit. The exit left out of Keplingers has some minor ice patches. 
2016-11-10  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-11-10, By: CoHi591
Info: Absolutely beautiful day on Longs. Not a cloud in the sky, absolutely no wind, and didn't see another person from the time I left my car until I got back to Chasm junction on my way down. Info from the last condition report still relevant... hard packed snow on the trail from just after Chasm to the start of the boulder field, deeper stuff between the boulders easy to avoid but I did posthole up to my thigh once or twice. Past the Keyhole there's a decent amount of snow and ice. But much of it is avoidable or inconsequential, and there's a good boot pack in place so I didn't feel the need to use any extra gear. The trough, as previously reported, is pretty full of snow and ice. This was the challenging part of the day for me, and I think traction and an ice ax are pretty necessary to comfortably ascend the upper part. I would say from this point forward your spikes and ax should definitely come with. The narrows and homestretch had a little bit of snow/ice, but not enough to make it feel too different than it normally does. The trough is really the only area to take extra care. Had a blast sliding down it though. Here are a few pictures. 
2016-11-05  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-11-06, By: psaavedra26
Info: Summited on Saturday 11/5. Hard packed snow on granite pass trail. 1-3 feet of snow near the end of the boulder field. Patches of packed snow on the ledges. The trough is covered in ice and 2-4 feet of snow the whole way through. Crampons or microspikes would be helpful but not necessary to get up. Patches of packed snow on the narrows. The homestretch cracks have snow deep down in them but other cracks remain dry. If you plan on going up be prepared for cold, wet and windy conditions. 
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2016-10-30  Route: View from the Area, West side
Posted On: 2016-10-31, By: WillRobnett
Info: Keyhole far left at the ridge, The Trough center right heading up. 
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2016-10-27  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-10-28, By: Jrodicon
Info: 1-2 feet of snow covering a lot of the ledges and trough. The crux of the ledges (with the 2 bars sticking out of the rock) is clear. Narrows and homestretch had a bit of ice and snow but were pretty bare overall. Used microspikes and ice axe. 
2016-10-22  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-10-23, By: frodacious
Info: Summitted Longs on Saturday in 5.5 hours. Trail good to the Keyhole, then there was a decent amount of snow on the Ledges section. Even the surfaces without snow had a layer of rime that made them a bit slick. Easily doable with microspikes and an ice axe. The trough had more rime, ice, and snow and was a bit more difficult. I put my microspikes on at the beginning of the Trough. Sections of the trough I was able to snow climb with my axe. The narrows had a bit of ice but the ice patches were avoidable. The Homestrecth was snow and ice free up until the upper third. At this point the part that you naturally want to climb was filled with snow. The snow section here was easy with spikes and ice axe. Incredibly gusty conditions made this climb exhilarating. I had to hug a rock at the chockstone between the narrows and homestrech in order to not get knocked over by the wind. Conditions might be changing soon as I hear there is supposed to be some snow falling up there in the near future. 
2016-10-09  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-10-10, By: LataLizzy
Info: Be prepared for lots of snow past the keyhole. Microspikes are a necessity, and gators are really nice to have as well. You could wear snow pants, I suppose, but you may get too hot in the later part of the day. I was fine in a warm, windproof jacket with two base layers, leggings, gators, spikes, ski gloves, and a hat. Be ready for the snow to slow you down significantly. I'm not a terribly slow hiker, and it took me just under 7 hours to summit. Come prepared and start early! 
2016-10-01  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-10-01, By: Marmot96
Info: Great weather today - no wind and a pretty warm day. The narrows still has some snow/ice (likely isn't going anywhere) but it is very doable with microspikes. Plan on the section past the Keyhole taking a little extra time due to slippery rock. 
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2016-09-17  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-09-26, By: oI2ange
Info: I went on Longs Peak through the Keyhole route on 9/17/16. The trail was dry for the most part but there was definitely snow and ice past the Key hole. I would heavily recommend microspikes, especially for the descent of the route. 
2016-09-17  Route: Loft and Keyhole
Posted On: 2016-09-17, By: LoveThisSite
Info: Windy day! Went up to the summit via Loft. There is snow on the exit ramp of the Loft Couloir - did not need traction though. The Loft proper, the down climb to Clark's arrow, Keplingers and the Homestretch are all pretty much dry. On the way down, we took the Keyhole route. Narrows is dry. Trough has snow/ice - an inch or two at most. Recommend microspikes for this section, though most people were managing just fine even without traction. Ledges were completely dry. 
2016-09-17  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-09-17, By: EM_in_CO
Info: As of this morning, there was snow and ice in the Trough. The ice is avoidable and the snow is mostly avoidable based on the route a person takes up the Trough. The snow is less than one inch. Both the Narrows and Homestretch have ice in places; however, the ice is avoidable in both sections of the hike. 
2016-09-10  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-09-11, By: mlz2000
Info: Route dry, no issues. This could change Monday. 
2016-09-10  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-09-10, By: xrcdrvr
Info: Drove to Longs at 3:45 am and started hiking immediately. Parked along side of road as lot was full but was able to find parking at campground. Summited at 8:10 and only stayed about 15 minutes on the summit. Back to vehicle by 2 pm. Overall, great day and low crowds (from what I have read about Longs) We never had to wait long at any location. Great conditions on mountain few small ice patches but easily dealt with and no danger to the hike. Conditions will change soon, get it while you can! 
2016-09-08  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-09-12, By: ZyLi
Info: I summited on Sept. 8, 2016. It was a fine day with temp. at 56/high and 36/low. The whole route has been dry 99%, a few tiny icy spots on trough but easily avoidable. Wind factor not a problem, a bit strong wind (50-60mph) in boulderfield and then at Keyhole, and then at turn of trough to narrows, all easy to handle. No winter climbing tools (ice axes, crampons...) required in the whole climbing. Back home to the east coast now, checked this morning the weather conditions seems to get severe direction from today. Hike/climb safe, fellas! 
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2016-09-05  Route: Keyhole Route
Posted On: 2016-09-05, By: jfm3
Info: Summitted this morning in dry conditions. There are several small sections of the Narrows and Trough that have some accumulated ice but these are easy to avoid. No snow lingering, from what I saw. The rock was quite cold- I'd recommend a good pair of gloves for above the Keyhole to keep your hands from freezing when you scramble! Strong, constant wind from the Boulderfield on up. 

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