Columbia Point  
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2016-12-21  Route: Obstruction+Columbia from the east
Posted On: 2016-12-29, By: Dad Mike
Info: -started at Spanish Creek Trailhead at 5:45am -trail starts on the south side of the creek...not the north side like it says in Roach's book -was able to locate the trail with cairns and some trail tape...helped that I had been up this way in winter once before -put snowshoes on around 10,000' and wore them until I got to the bottom of the couloir -snow in the couloir was unconsolidated, but not very deep...I found very little avy danger...I opted to stay on the rocks just left of the couloir to avoid wallowing -trickiest climbing of the day was from the top of the couloir to the summit of Columbia Point...starts with a tricky traverse on icy rock...then up a narrow gully...2 down-climbs and some easy route finding on a class 3 face get you to the summit -the ridge up and over Kitty Kat and Obstruction is a non-issue -the hike down Bear's Playground was awesome with Crestone Peak towering over my left shoulder and the Carson group to my right -connected back with my trench and cruised back down to the road -back at my jeep at 3:45pm...10 hours, 12.5 miles, 6100 feet 
2016-10-27  Route: Obstruction+Columbia from the east
Posted On: 2016-10-28, By: desertdog
Info: No snow on the route. The ridge traverse is a little tricker than it looks. It took us one hour to cross it. Not a soul at Colony Lakes. We had the whole area to ourselves on a perfect weather day! 
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2016-07-07  Route: Kit-Columbia-Obstruction
Posted On: 2016-07-09, By: TallGrass
Info: See Kit Carson condition report for approach. No snow to Kit/Columbia saddle, but snow on slab of ice in it. Was able to stretch to rock in middle of ice, the punch hands in snow for balance to reach rock on Columbia side. Rest of route melted out up to Columbia and on to Kitty Kat, Obstruction, Bears Playground, Tedious Ridge, and Humboldt saddle. 
2015-09-12  Route: Obstruction+Columbia from the east
Posted On: 2015-09-17, By: TallGrass
Info: Clean and dry. Photo shows location of the memorial plaque in case covered by snow or rocks with Kitty Kat Carson on the left. See report for Obstruction Peak if coming from Humboldt saddle. 
2012-06-03  Route: Bears Playground
Posted On: 2012-06-05, By: JosephG
Info: No notable snow. Deadfall on both the old 4WD trail and the new Humboldt trail is easily negotaited. Several route descriptions suggest staying on the N/NW side of the jagged ridge from Humboldt‘s saddle to Bear‘s Playground. We found staying on the ridge proper more straightforward; certainly more enjoyable. Generally stay right (NE) when ascending Kitty Kat (dumb name; sigh). Use trails abound. Obviously, employ your own route-finding discretion, but as a rule the use trails have the right idea. The view to Kit Carson Peak revealed snow in the Avenue in inconvenient locations. Broken Hand Pass also still has snow. Picture 1: Bear‘s Playground to Kitty Kat Carson Picture 2: Gully up Kitty Kat Picture 3: Kit Carson and the Avenue 

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