Quandary Peak  
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2016-09-26  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-09-27, By: crester
Info: Beautiful clear day. Temperature at trailhead 27 at 8:00 am. Summit temperature 48 at 11:15 am. 
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2016-09-10  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-09-12, By: shettysarita
Info: We started the hike at around 5:30 AM. The road to actual trail parking lot was closed; so we parked at the overflow parking lot. Weather was very pleasant. It was quite windy up the mountain and pretty cold at the peak, so be prepared for it. No Snow at all, so no need of any traction or snow boots. Saw beautiful sunrise, some fall color along the tree line hike, low lying clouds, mountain goat along the trail, overall a very easy and beautiful hike. Come in early for better parking, as we could see cars parked along the road when we came back from the hike. The trail was very crowded this weekend, seems like one of the popular peak. All in all, an easy hike with a beautiful view. 
2016-09-04  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-09-04, By: xyz123CA
Info: Route early in the AM had the "usual"... high wind, sleet, some snow. Peak was actually fairly dry and once clouds cleared, great visibility. 
2016-08-31  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-09-03, By: JColk
Info: There was an inconsequential amount of snow on the mountain and no ice on the tallus. It was relatively close to summer condition, with some old/packed snow...relatively cold at the summit. 
2016-08-28  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-08-29, By: MariahHat
Info: We started at 6am with good weather, slightly overcast. Some snow and ice near summit. Arrived on top just before 10am (I'm slow) and stayed there for 10 min., in that time the clouds came in and it started to snow heavily. Attached pic is very close to summit. Halfway down the weather improved and sun actually came out. I arrived at trailhead at 12:30pm. 
2016-08-27  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-08-28, By: camposte
Info: Last 900ft to the summit had some snow. Not too bad and passable. The summit had snow on it as well 
2016-08-20  Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-08-22, By: TheItinerantTwo
Info: Gate to Blue Lakes trailhead was open. Conditions up west Ridge were great. Left parking lot at 6:00 am. Some snow left in the gulleys. If you are following the GPX file, do not take the path along the river like the GPX file shows. Follow the initial sign marked "Trail". Some of the rocks have some ice covering them once you get to the class 3 sections. Nothing to concerning. if descending east ridge, get ready for the conga line. West ridge was void of all people. Great class 3. 
2016-07-03  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-07-06, By: codyhensch
Info: This was my first 14er. We started our hike about 4:40am, there was about 8 other cars in the main parking area at that time. I started with fairly light layers on, but made many changes throughout the hike up. Up above the tree line it was a little windy and the temperature was a bit cooler. The trail was well marked and pretty easy to follow for most of the hike. When you get within about a half mile from the peak, there is a much steeper climb and the trail becomes a little harder to follow. There is definitely a lot of loose rock, but we didn't have much issue finding good footings while climbing. Right before the peak there is a bit of snow still, keep to the right side of that and you'll be fine. Made it to the top in about 2.5hrs. By the time we were coming down there was a lot of people making their way up which made the decent take a bit longer than it could have. Peak conditions for us were very foggy, windy, and snowing a bit. We missed out on the great views from the top, but it was still great being up there. As you can see from the pictures we also ran into a mother mountain goat and its baby. They didn't act aggressive at all, we just gave them their space and let them continue on their way. 
2016-06-25  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-27, By: maylemay
Info: For my very first 14er a couple of freinds and I decided to try Quandry since it wasn't too far of a drive and it is not too difficult. We drove to the base of the mountain and slept in the car the night before (which was a bad idea; I hardely slept at all). We woke up at 4 and were on the trail by 4:30. It took us just under 2.5 hours to summit and under 2 hours to return to the trailhead. The trail was in very good condition and there were even crews out working on it when we were on the way down. The trail was nearly completely snow free other than a small patch just before the summit that was easy to cross with nothing but boots. Most of the surrounding peaks still had a decent amount of snow on them which made for some wonderful pictures. Hiking Quandary was very enjoyable and I plan on hiking many more in the future. 
2016-06-25  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-25, By: meagerfindings
Info: Started the hike at 4:40 AM. Chilly 45 degrees, but stopped to delayer in the first 15 minutes of hiking up the not so subtle start. The trail was completely dry until right before the summit where there was a small, melting snowfield for 200 ft (no-postholing required). After eating lunch/breakfast on the summit we started heading down into the masses. By 8:30am the trail was packed with hikers reaching the summit. Mountain goats on the way up and down today. These baby goats were not cautious around people, however their parents were lurking nearby, play it safe! Beautiful day with perfect weather. Wish we had started earlier as descent would have more pleasant without throngs of people. 
2016-06-19  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-19, By: Runnergirl
Info: Quandary trail is in good condition. My friend and I started about 6:45am and wore just hiking shoes. Summited in under 3 hours. 2 snow fields on the upper sections, but not terrible to maneuver through. I would bet with warm weather conditions snow will be gone completely in a week or two. I would say to go now though as views are phenomenal with snow still covering a lot of the distant peaks. 
2016-06-18  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-19, By: Anorvell
Info: The trail is all clear except for 3 small snow patches. Gets a bit slushy later in the day bit just boots needed! 
2016-06-11  Route: South Gully aka Cristo Couloir
Posted On: 2016-06-11, By: MountainHiker
Info: Cristo Couloir is past its prime, but we still had a great glissade. Did not do the snow climb - we climbed the rocks on the left (west) side of the couloir. The snow next to the rocks was really soft with some ice underneath in places. We elected to scramble in places we might have otherwise crossed snow. We spoke to some skiers who told us the snow was user friendly for climbing mid-couloir. The snow was great for the glissade. Some extra care was needed on the upper steep patch because there's no run out before crossing the rock to the main stretch. Rocks are starting to poke through in the usual spots down lower. I was able to ride a good butt toboggan over minor rocks, but there were a couple places that required stopping and resetting the line. Remember, while glissading you have little ability to steer, so you really need to watch where your fall line will take you. The snow is melting fast. We're glad we got this one in! I'll put some pictures on the Facebook group. 
2016-06-10  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-14, By: Boomer68
Info: Just wanted to add an update for anyone thinking of doing Quandary soon. We left TH at 08:00 and made it to the summit without any winter gear (just good hiking boots). I am a big guy (220 lbs) and did post hole about 4 time going up and a little more coming back down. My daughter, who is much lighter, only post holed once or twice. I don't think you have to worry about the snow that much from this point on. 
2016-06-08  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-08, By: jdcoleman
Info: Go early for a great hike on Quandary. We started hiking on standard route East Ridge at 4:40 am and did not post hole AT ALL on the way up (and fell through once or twice on the way down). Snow/ice was frozen solid and we cruised on top of it the whole time. Hardly any snow in the trees. Took the summer route to the left and it was fine, ended up taking the winter route down via glissading. Lots of snow from treeline up, but, we were fine - all the late starters were slushing through ice mush while we were cruising down between 830-900. I judged them. We summited at 7:07. Absolutely beautiful conditions to peak today. Glissading down was so much fun - very glad I had the GoPro! 
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2016-06-04  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-04, By: xrcdrvr
Info: Was a good day to go up Quandary. We started at 0730 (having left house at 0530) and summited at 1040. Snow was soft but still easy to get through. Only some post holing down near tree line as mentioned in other post. We got off trail at noon again having post holed some on way down. I recommend trying to stay on winter trail down low as we ventured over to summer trail but had a lot more soft snow. I purposely didn't wear any traction all day and made it just fine. A guy on trail behind us was in loafers and I bet he made it, albeit with wet feet...lol. 
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2016-06-04  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-06-04, By: JuJu
Info: Stunning day up Quandary. Started from TH just before 4am. There was a little postholing down low near the trees. Good, firm snow conditions above, so microspikes were really helpful. Summit around 7am. Making our way back down, snow was already soft by 8:30am and full on sloppy joes/postholing by 9am at the base. Flotation would be helpful (necessary!) if getting a later start though I wouldn't have wanted to be out there for much longer! 
2016-06-03  Route: South Gully aka Cristo Couloir
Posted On: 2016-06-04, By: polar
Info: No solid freeze overnight, so the snow was punchy even at 6 am. Some evidence of wet loose slide on climber's right about half way up. Came down around 9:45 am, the first 500 feet was ok, then it was mashed potato snow all the way to the bottom. Not very fun even on a snowboard. My friend who was on foot was postholing all the way to his waist, he had to hike down the rocky slope to skier's right. 
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2016-05-30  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-05-30, By: das3596
Info: Road is clear to the TH. I don't think they really got any snow last Thursday. At least not anywhere near what was forecast. Trail is dirt/snow/ice mix the first half mile and then hard packed uneven snow up to tree line. Used spikes once I hit first icy patches. Snow was hard and well travelled all the way to the top before sunrise and continued using spikes to my summit at 6:30am. Hung out for a few and descended quickly on my spikes. Snow was starting to get soft even at 7:00. 
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2016-05-29  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-05-29, By: jmark
Info: Left TH at 7:30am. Summited at 12:30pm. Back to car at 2:30pm. Trail is covered in packed snow most of the route. I wore microspikes the whole time and carried snowshoes on my back. Only postholed a little between 10,500' and 11,000' on the return. Saw people going up and down with skies, boards, crampons, spikes, and nothing. Didn't see anyone having any problems. Enjoy! 
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