"South Little Bear"  
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2016-08-01  Route: Hourglass
Posted On: 2016-08-02, By: spiderman
Info: Climbed from the hourglass route. Near the top of the standard/shredded ropes there is a blue rope heading up and to the right. That rope is also shredded and "tied" together at many spots. Good for a handhold but don't trust it with your life. We climbed up that right side of the gully and then traversed for 45 minutes to Mamma Bear. Insights: no need for ice ax. No need for harnesses or rappel device since the ropes are too shredded. Did climb with trail runners; left our climbing shoes in our packs. Total climbing time from 2wd TH: 12h. It might be faster to do Mamma Bear from Lake Como side than the direct/private property issue ridge. 

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