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Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2011-07-02, By: iquack08
Info: I did Grays than Torreys. Still small, medium, and large snow patches. Everything was bootpacked, so there were no problems with the trail. A little slushy on the way back. Started at 6am, finished at 10:15am. Only boots are necessary. FYI - The trail junction that separates Grays and Torreys is at the sign that says something like keep on the trail. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2011-06-26, By: ameristrat
Info: Hiked the Grays and Torreys East Slopes today. Some snow along the trail up to the creek. Good bootpack all the way so don't worry. The trail was a creek by the afternoon. Above the creek, there was snow up to the face but, again, a good bootpack. The switchbacks are peaking through the snow and bare up high, but we missed the first one and ended up on a decent, easy class 2 trail up the ridge above lost rat to the summit. No snow here. Trail down Grays and up Torreys was snow free, and coming down , there was a good bootpack or no snow all the way. No need for anything more than good, waterproof hiking boots. We left at 10:15, summited Grays at 12:30, summited Torreys at 1:45 and got back to the car at 4. Post-holing was minimal. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2011-06-16, By: One Sierra Charlie
Info: The standard route is mainly snow covered from the basin to the summit. A summit ski is possible with a short section of skiing between/stepping over rocks. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2011-06-03, By: kimmykazu
Info: My friend and drove up to tackle Gray‘s/Torrey and right off the access road, we saw a Tacoma backing down the trail. As we turned the FIRST right turn, Our Subaru said no way. My friend didn‘t want to hike the road to the trailhead and at 6:00 AM we should have started earlier if we were going to add this mileage in. As the sun melts, the road should be better. I hike Spaulding and Evans the same day. As I looked over at Gray‘s/Torrey. They were COVERED in snow! 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2011-05-06, By: BAUMGARA
Info: Skied Grays yesterday. There‘s a lot snow back there, I didn‘t ski the bowl below Grays for avy concerns but I did see a boarder go down Dead Dog. With the warms temperatures this weekend I‘m sure the snow will really begin to stabilize. The skiing was great below 13k‘, above 13k‘ still wind loaded. 
Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2011-04-30, By: Matt Lemke
Info: MountainFever and I went out to the Stevens Gulch Road last Thursday and hiked the road to the official Grays/Torreys trailhead. Wanted to climb all the way up Grays but the snow conditions looked pretty questionable. Snowshoes were really not needed but we only got a little over 12,000 feet before turning around. There is still an absurd amount of snow in the Front Range. Saw a couple skiers as well. Weather was great though and I shot some fantastic photos. one can drive up the Stevens Gulch road for at least a couple weeks. We even saw a snowmobile sitting down on the slopes about 20 feet below the road waiting to be hauled out in the summer. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2011-02-07, By: xavier3181
Info: Stevens Gluch road is well packed and snow shoes are optional. Highly recommend skiing up. Once you get to the Summer Trail head the snowshoes are required, a GPS would also be advisable because most of the trail is unrecognizable to anyone who hasn‘t climbed Grays before. We didn‘t make it much past the treeline due to extremely high winds, whiteouts and bitter windchill. There is alot of snow.. the trail had at least 3-6 feet of snow on it. A good pair of snow shoes is required 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2011-01-16, By: luckyzsquirrel
Info: From the Bakerville Exit the road is very well packed but not passable by automobile. The road up to the summer trail head is extremely packed and snowshoes are not needed (but don‘t necessarily hurt either). Beyond the summer TH however there are no trees for shelter and there is deep fresh snow and many drifts. Snowshoes a must. Didn‘t make it all the way up due to adverse conditions but further up out of the valley there was only light snow (all blown into the valley probably). 

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