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2016-07-09  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-07-09, By: oldgrayhair
Info: The Mt. Massive trail from the East Slope is in summertime conditions with a few muddy spots from snow melt. I was able to get to the top of Massif Green before running out of energy to continue to North Massive; I have included a picture of North Massive for your information. 
2016-01-03  Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-01-03, By: SnowAlien
Info: Solid trench up Massive, but none existed for North Massive. Managed to set a skin track in deep snow. No issues with gaining the ridge, stayed in the trees. Above 12k ridge is windblown, no flotation needed. Long day. 
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2015-06-05  Route: North Halfmoon Creek TH
Posted On: 2015-06-05, By: Lyssah
Info: The route starts out from North Halfmoon Creek TH wet but passable. It stays that way for about 1.3 miles up into the trees. Slowly, broken snow drifts start to appear across the trail that must be crossed/postholed. The trail is indistinguishable from about 1.6 miles in on, all snow-covered and poor trail markings on the trees. I‘ve been on this trail several times so I knew how to get where we wanted to go by sensing, but it was VERY DIFFICULT finding any vestige of trail. The large, flat rock slabs that have had past glacial activity are the only indicators of being on the right track at times. We used snowshoes from 1.6 miles to tree-line and were very happy we did so. Temperature was such that we had base layers, pants, gaiters, hiking boots, gloves, snow hats, and medium weight jackets. We elected not to go onto the steep stuff after treeline as the snow looked iffy in the afternoon heat and we turned around. Still lots of snow up there currently. And the mosquitoes are back. 
2015-03-15  Route: Massive East Ridge
Posted On: 2015-03-16, By: Yikes
Info: Final winter conditions report for 2015 (from me). Yep, the mountain is still there. Good trench from the Hatchery. Snow was pretty stable in the morning and no snowshoes required. The warm afternoon was a different story, bring snowshoes or swim (saw a few postholes so deep that I thought I should dig down to see if anyone was buried under there). No winter difficulties on the ridge between Massive and North, just a long, slow slog. 3 more days. Those with some free time this week should take advantage of the "as good as it gets (in winter)" conditions. 
2015-02-01  Route: Fish Hatchery
Posted On: 2015-02-01, By: Monster5
Info: The current trench for Massive trends a bit far right between the N Massive and Massive ridges. I.e. well-positioned to make a loop out of Massive and N Massive though it adds an additional 3/4 mi RT to just Massive. Snowshoes used both up Massive NE and down N Massive NE ridges for about a mile each near treeline (thanks to Yikes and crew for some morning breaking). Windswept or hardpack on both ridges above treeline. Axe used briefly between Massive Green and N Massive though probably not necessary on a less windy day (we were hiding just off the ridge rather than taking the ridge proper). Sustained 35-40 mph with a gust or two about 50 mph. No stability concerns on route and choosing a good line near treeline to access/drop N Massive NE ridge. Around 15.5 mi for the loop though a lot of it cruiser. Probably goes by faster if you don‘t have to brace every dozen ft. 
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2012-06-02  Route: From massive summit
Posted On: 2012-06-04, By: Rcizzle
Info: Sorry this is from my phone so it‘s going to be short and to the point. From Massive summit the route is mostly clear. There are few snow patches that did not freeze well between summit and Green, however they could be avoided. After you navigate around a rock rib on north massive you‘ll find loose scree and some insignificant ice. There is about a 50‘ section of snow with a very low grade leading to the summit that is pretty sturdy on the ascent but does force some minor PHing on the descent. Not worth putting gaiters on. Also give plenty of time on the return to massive summit if you choose to do so. Its grueling and weird freakishly building tstorms have been producing cloud to ground lightning as early as 9:45. That was the case on Saturday especially with warm above average temps and up slope up valley winds driven should cause some concern when you‘re up there. As we near the Soltice the longer duration of sunhit has really made for some interesting weather. From the fire weather forecasts, this is not monsoonal so the 12 o‘clock rule hasn‘t been very reliable. Happy climbing all. 

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