Peak:  Longs Peak (14er)
 Route:  Keyhole Route
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  lackerstef
 Date of Info:  09/27/2011
 Date Posted:  09/28/2011

The route is clear of snow up until passing through the Keyhole. After that, there are very few patches of ice and snow UNTIL the Trough. The trough has a considerable amount of snowpack and ice which is manageable with MicroSpikes. The fourth picture I have attached shows The Narrows (dry). The Homestreach is also clear of snow. If there are any storms that pass through, I would approach Longs with an extreme willingness to turn around. I have also included a video taken from the Summit. I came across someone in the Boulder Field who turned around reporting lots of wind pass the Keyhole. That was not the case for me, so things change quickly up there. Again, proceed with caution and if you don't have some sort of traction (Crampons/microspikes), you may be flirting with a fall. Bring your helmet too! There was one other person heading toward the summit yesterday in shorts, no helmet, and duct-taped shoes passing through the keyhole at about 1:30/2:00pm- not advised. I state in my video you "could" be up there in shorts, but of course I would never actually attempt it. PM with any questions you may have about the route!

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 Comments or Questions

09/28/2011 16:45
do you have any pictures or info on the cables route or Keyhole ridge? or any of the waterfall ice in the area? Thanks!



some info
09/28/2011 16:52
All I could tell you from the view of the cable route on the north face is that there was significantly more snow than anywhere else on the mtn. sry if this is obvvious being a north face in the fall, but I did the keyhole route so I can't give technical advice on any other route.


perhaps this helps?
09/28/2011 16:59


09/28/2011 19:00
thank you sir


09/28/2011 19:10
no problem. best of luck if you get to climbing up there!


09/29/2011 16:28
think an ice axe is necessary at the trough?


09/29/2011 19:18
wouldnt hurt! i would bring it if you got it

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