Peak:  Casco Peak (13er)
 Route:  French/Frasco/Casco Combo
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  RyGuy
 Date of Info:  06/05/2016
 Date Posted:  06/05/2016

This conditions report covers Casco/Frasco/French.
Couple notes: Halfmoon Creek is raging right now. Unless you have like 14 inches of clearance, don't plan to drive across the creek.
There is a pair of logs that cross the river about 80 yards east (Down the road) that you can use to cross. They are a bit fun to use, but work well. It's quite the bushwhack to get back to the road at the creek crossing. Expect to add 20 minutes or so for that. The second creek crossing (South Halfmoon) is also quite high. There is another pair of logs down across the creek about 100 yards up. Also requires a lot of bushwhacking to find. And last but not least...START early. We started at 3:30AM, but should have started at 1:30 realistically. Despite a decent freeze, the snow started becoming sloppy about 2 hours after sunhit on Casco. The ridge from Casco to Frasco and French was decent, but also got sloppy before 10AM. On the way out, the snow was complete mashed potatoes. There are some spots in the basin you can avoid the snow for short bits, but we ended up spending a ton of time post holing, even with snowshoes (Although they did help)

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