Peak:  Snowmass Mountain (14er)
 Route:  East Slope
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  Crestoner
 Date of Info:  06/11/2011
 Date Posted:  06/13/2011

-- There are many fallen trees (aspens) across the first 5 miles of the trail. Between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon, a large rock fell into the trail ~500 feet past the "Snowmass/North Snowmass overlook" (~mile 4.5?).
-- The logjam is now in "Spring condition"....full length (all snow gone), many logs unstable.
-- The serious snow (i.e., time for snowshoes...) now starts where the trail enters the woods above the switchbacks, ~0.5 mile past the logjam, and goes all the way to the summit; there is some snow on the trail below the logjam, but its inconsequential.
-- Snowmass Lake is still largely frozen.
-- There is very deep snow in the camping area at the east end of the lake. There are 2 "dry" spots at the lakes edge.
-- The temps at the camping area were very comfortable: mid 50s during the day, a little below freezing at night.
-- The logs for crossing the stream at the lake have all washed away since last season. The snow overhangs the stream in the camping area, so some short logs (or a 4-foot hop) will get you across the stream. We and another group made a small log bridge, but the snow overhang its braced on will likely be gone in a day or two. Unfortunately, with the snow cover, fallen logs are hard to come by in the camping area. I found a large log ~250 feet north from the stream, ~100 feet from lake edge. I broke off all of the branches. But, it was just too heavy for my wife and me to move very far. If a group could get this log to the stream, it would be great for a new crossing...its ~12-feet long, maybe 18" in diameter.
-- With the exception of that one "cliff," you can walk on hard snow right along the lakes south edge at the beginning of your climb. We cramponed up right after crossing the stream.
-- The climbing route from the lake to the summit ridge is in exquisite condition! The climbing was awesome. We gained the summit ridge at the second notch, just to the left of the large rock mass of the summit area.
-- On the west side of the summit ridge, the snow is hard and steep. We were back there ~0900.
-- With 2-3 short walks to connect the best slopes, you can glissade almost all the way from the summit ridge to the large rock at the west end of Snowmass Lake.

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