Peak:  Mt. Bierstadt (14er)
 Route:  West Slopes
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  bradyj
 Date of Info:  03/25/2014
 Date Posted:  03/25/2014

Road is plowed like always. Snowshoes are a must. We used them to about 13600 for traction and because it was easier than taking them off. Still post holed at times. From the TH we shot straight towards the ridge and stayed to the west of the main trail as the main trail looked to have some deep snow. Picture is of the slopes looking back towards the trail head.

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 Comments or Questions

Thanks for the update. Question....
03/26/2014 20:09
When you say the road is plowed like always, do you mean it's plowed all the way to the TH? I ask because I had the impression that they don't plow this road during the winter (I guess technically it's Spring now...) Thanks!


Plowed to the CG.
03/26/2014 22:06
No. It's plowed to the camp ground. Sorry. I don't know when they plow it the rest of the way. It's about 3 feet of snow now and the road reflectors are just above the snow.


Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away..
03/27/2014 13:25
... they used to plow it to the pass all winter long. But probably 8 or 10 years ago, Clear Creek County decided they didn't have the money to keep that up. Now, their goal is to have it plowed to the pass by Memorial Day weekend and they usually do make that date. Park County usually gets their side done by then as well but not always...


03/27/2014 14:22
I don't mind some extra mileage thanks for the info Brady & Jay

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