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 Peak:  Mt. Harvard
 Route:  Harvard and Columbia Traverse
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  Jajohnson11
 Date of Info:  10/17/2023
 Date Posted:  10/20/2023

Snow in the forest to start is frozen in the AM and will slow you down a bit but nothing serious. Dry trail once you leave the forest and all the way to Harvard. Traverse is dry until you contour pt 13,497 at which you will be postholing. You'll see our knee deep footsteps hopefully they make life easier. The descent down to 12,800 is no issue, nor is getting back to the base of the ridge. The talus fields are a nightmare. We played a game of the snow is lava jumping on the tops of the rocks hoping they weren't loose. The talus is all filled in with snow so proceed with caution. I imagine this added about 1.5hrs to our day with how slow we needed to move. Brought traction but never used it because the snow is soft and you'll just be postholing!

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