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 Peak:  Capitol Peak
 Route:  Northeast Ridge
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  shapovalovm
 Date of Info:  9/27/2023
 Date Posted:  9/28/2023

Still pretty much summer conditions, other than the walkaround of K2 on the north side, which holds some snow/ice. I just climbed over K2 and it was not too bad.

Knife's edge is so much fun! The rock is solid and secure. In most of the places you can walk on the side. Very often there are ledges to the sides below as well and exposure does not feel horrible. Overall, I think it is a great fun place to be Sad it's kind of short.

The most laborious and time consuming parts of the route for me were the first saddle to K2 and knife's edge to the summit. The former is just a ton of boulder hopping. The latter just never ends and navigation is not always obvious. At some point I realized that the motto must be "when in doubt, traverse around", because going up generally puts you in harder terrain or forces you to go down anyway.

Foliage is beautiful up there and I think it's just before the peak colors. Saw 2 bears on the trail within the first mile after upper TH.

Started ~6:15am, finished by 5:25pm.

Oh, last note: I parked my Accord at 2WD TH only to later realize I could've driven it all the way to the upper TH. First 1.75m (of 2m) are very easy, the rest has a couple potholes and rocks. With careful maneuvering still looked doable. In fact, coming down I saw a Civic arriving to the TH. Note, you cannot park anywhere from lower TH to about .25 before upper TH.

#1) Foliage#2) Knife's edge and the following ridge#3) Northern side of K2

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