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 Peak:  Capitol Peak
 Route:  Northeast Ridge
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  mjordan
 Date of Info:  9/10/2023
 Date Posted:  9/15/2023

We summited on Sunday 9/10 so take it with a grain of salt. There has been snow up there since!

Beautiful day on Capitol. Summited at 8:30am and saw some clouds way off in the distance so headed down trying to beat the 3pm snow that was forecasted. Ended up getting caught in a sleet/snow storm when returning across the knife edge. Terrifying and awesome at the same time.

A couple snow crossings in the boulder field on the back side before K2 if you dont drop low. We just carefully crossed them and tried to use previous footprints. It would be a hell of a ride if you slipped, but not deadly.

I liked going up and over K2 instead of around.

Knife edge isnt as scary as people make it to be in my opinion, but still a great rush. Have fun and know its different up there every single day right now since the first snow has started.

Oh yeah - take your rod theres tons of fish in the lake, we caught them all evening!

#1) Knife edge#2) Knife edge in the sleet storm#3) Knife edge again#4) Looking up towards the summit#5) Capitol Lake#6) Cutthroat trout#7) Doubled up

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