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 Peak:  Capitol Peak
 Route:  Northeast Ridge
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  donovanrice
 Date of Info:  8/21/2023
 Date Posted:  8/22/2023

Left lake at 3:30. Summit at 8. Back to K2 at 9. Back to lake at 11. Back to TH at 1:30.
Could probably start as early as 3 and hit K2 right when light starts getting visible.
Plenty of water sources from TH to lake.
Brought microspikes but did not use them. Had two or three low angle snow crossings.
After the saddle, there is a fork where you can go up or down. Went down which possibly saved us from steeper snow crossings.
I found the cairns after the knife edge to be very easy to follow.
Glissaded with trekking poles on the descent.
Overall, I found the hike to be less technical or scary than I originally thought.
Met some pretty cool people. In the unlikely chance you see this, hit me up!

Comments or Questions
8/22/2023 10:03am
Great job! We are planning on next Monday from the TH. What would you say your hiking speed is? I appreciate your shared experience.

8/22/2023 10:13am
I was hiking with a moderately slow group up to K2, then did the rest by myself. I'm a fast scrambler and am moderately paced downhill.

Okey dokey
8/22/2023 1:21pm
Thank you.

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