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 Peak:  Capitol Peak
 Route:  Northeast Ridge
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  jfm3
 Date of Info:  8/20/2023
 Date Posted:  8/21/2023

I climbed Capitol from the trailhead on 8/20. There were some cows in the meadow after leaving the trees on the ditch trail. I used the logs to cross the creek in the morning and waded across in the afternoon on the descent (very refreshing for sore feet).

There are several short/small snowfields on the lower part of the traverse on the east side of the Mt. Daly saddle. I used strap-on crampons and a short ice axe for both the ascent and descent of the longest snowfield that starts at ~12,800', and goes most of the way up the large, tan-colored talus.

I thought the cairns on the east face above the Knife Edge were difficult to find. They are there, and constructed in obvious places, but seemed to blend in with all the loose junk that litters the upper mountain. The final ridge/traverse to the summit at 14,000', after turning off the east face, has some rock that looks far too large and solid to be loose, but somehow still is. I also saw Andrew Hamilton and Andrea Sansone with 2 other people at the Knife Edge. That seemed to be a good omen.

It seems I didn't take any pictures between the Mt. Daly saddle and K2, so refer to previous CRs for pictures of the snowfields below K2.

Comments or Questions
8/21/2023 11:45am
Thanks for the post and congratulations. What time did you start from the trailhead?

8/21/2023 12:58pm
From the Garmin inReach data: I started at 5:46 AM, reached the summit at 11:39 AM, started the descent at 12:02 PM, reached K2 at 1:20 PM, got back to the Mt. Daly saddle at 2:52 PM and returned to the car at 5:09 PM. Long day. I ran (slowly, but I did run) from the saddle down to the car. I ran the flat part of the ditch trail on the way up, then hiked everything else. The weather was great all day so I didn't rush at all. The section between the saddle & K2 was slowed by crampon/ice axe transitions too.

8/21/2023 1:50pm
Thanks so much! Great job!

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