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 Peak:  Snowmass Mountain
 Route:  East Slopes
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  sehessler92
 Date of Info:  8/13/2023
 Date Posted:  8/15/2023

Peak Conditions: No ice axe is needed on the standard route. Microspikes were more a preference thing but I appreciated having mine although the snow fields did get soft pretty quickly. The willows right by the lake ended up having a ton of dew on them early in the morning which completely soaked the front half of my clothes so bringing waterproof clothes, extra socks, and extra layers is highly recommended. Watch out for a very thin coat of ice on rocks on the backside of the ridge up to snowmass especially with this monsoonal afternoon weather. There are two log jams ( that or the original log jam was split into two). I took the one further from the lake itself and it seemed pretty stable (even with a backpacking backpack on). Once you get to the lake there is another set of logs you will have to cross so take your time there as they can be slick early in the morning.

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