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 Peak:  North Eolus (Unranked)
 Route:  South Ridge
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  ballardwf04
 Date of Info:  6/20/2023
 Date Posted:  6/23/2023

Hiked North Eolus on Tuesday, and it's still very snowy up there above 12,500. I made it up with spikes and poles but crampons/ax would make your life much easier. Due to the difficulty we had getting to the summit of North and how snowy Mt. Eolus looked, we decided not to go for the double peak. Glissading conditions are very in, that's for sure. Will have to make another trip to the Basin in the future.

#1) The basin leading to Eolus. The hardest part is gaining traction on the steep uphill slope at the end of the basin.#2) Conditions on Eolus as of 6/20

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