Peak:  Pikes Peak (14er)
 Route:  East Slope
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  IHikeLikeAGirl
 Date of Info:  09/14/2013
 Date Posted:  09/14/2013

Just wanted to post a trail conditions report for the bottom half of Barr Trail. The trail is in the worst shape I‘ve ever seen as far as being damaged by the recent rains (in 17 years), but not horrible. If you‘re a trail runner, you will not be setting a PR for awhile.

Ascended the Incline, went up to Barr Camp, and came down Barr Trail. Incline was not badly damaged. Just more pebbles on the RR ties than normal and some very minor wash areas. Barr Trail between No Name Creek to Barr Camp was fairly normal, no significant issues. Below No Name was where most of the damage was. Pictures don‘t show it, but some of the washed out areas were a foot or more deep and you had to straddle some of the areas, on the narrow sections, and waddle your way down. A few people wiped out and had some pretty good scrapes and young children really had a tough time...many tears.

There‘s also a boulder (~5-6‘ in diameter) sitting in the middle of the trail, ~.75-1 mi from the bottom of the trail. Thank you Kevin and Terrie (Terri?, Terry? Terr E?) for modeling the size of the boulder and how to gracefully get around it. (Kevin, PM and I'll send you the pictures I took of you and your lovely companion).

Can‘t speak for the trail above Barr Camp...sorry.

Photos (click for slideshow):
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09/14/2013 23:56
That's a big rock in the way!

When I was back in CO in June, I hiked up to Barr Camp and was impressed with the work that was done on the lower portions of the trail.
Looks and sounds like there will be a need for a lot more work to the trail.


Wish I Saw it Move
09/15/2013 02:54
Would have been great to have been there (out of harms way) when the boulder dislodged and settled on the trail, against the fencing.

Yes, lots of work is needed on Barr Trail, but fortunately, there are usually a lot of volunteers, due to the locale. Makes me wonder how bad the many other trails in the state are looking.


09/15/2013 21:08
I head up that trail frequently. Thanks for posting.

Duffus Kentucky Climber

Crags trailhead
09/17/2013 00:27
Do you have any info on the conditions of the Crags Camp trailhead?
We are headed there in the morning.


A Day Late....
09/17/2013 15:56
Sorry, I did not have any information for that side...and even if I did, I would have been too late anyway. Hope you are having a good hike up Pikes Peak, weather looks perfect!

Duffus Kentucky Climber

The next day
09/18/2013 16:45
The road to Crags Trailhead is in good condition and can be driven in passenger cars. No washouts or damage from the recent rain event is evident.

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