Peak:  Mt. Columbia
 Route:  Southeast Ridge
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  coloradomojo
 Date of Info:  4/16/2023
 Date Posted:  4/17/2023

Attempted from Harvard Lakes TH. Basically little snow to turn off from Colorado Trail, but lots there after. One old snow shoe trail and a couple of old skin tracks off and on to treeline.

Made it to 13,300ft but with strong wind and a reminder that the snow we traveled across with spikes would be softening, we turned around. The softening snow didn't disappoint....areas of postholing even with snowshoes. My son found evidence that even a moose had belly-flopped in soft snow.

Saw about 20 sheep at 12k. Didn't see a moose but saw more moose poop below treeline than I have collectively ever seen. Be wary as there was evidence of moose calf poop as well.

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