Peak:  Torreys Peak
 Route:  NW Face/Tuning Fork
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  thurs
 Date of Info:  4/12/2023
 Date Posted:  4/12/2023

Tuning Fork still has a ways to go. Not super wintery but definitely not isothermal. That said we bailed before 13k because the snow really sucked and wasn't getting better. Maybe it's better up higher but it was only getting icier as we ascended (at 2pm, lol)

Today despite the heat and sun it was pretty locked up even in the afternoon. Top of the snowpack was a very crusty 2" wind slab that was fairly saturated with water and was weird to ski -- at best...

Apron is fully isothermal and it is possible to ski to and from the lower TH.


Comments or Questions
nice effort
04/12/2023 22:46
That certainly is a fun route.

Tuning fork
04/15/2023 17:25
What do you mean it has a ways to go? Is it filled in with snow from the top?

04/23/2023 19:36
”ways to go” til it's appreciably isothermal

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