Peak:  Mt. Shavano
 Route:  Angel of Shavano
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  Christensenje
 Date of Info:  4/8/2023
 Date Posted:  4/8/2023

Skied it today

If Im being really honest, Im sorry skiers, but its just not in this year. From the summit, you can finagle maybe 10 turns before putting your skis on your pack for a LONG, dry walk down and over to a sliver of what is remaining on the angels wings. From there, we were able to ski back down to within half a mile of the trailhead. With the high pressure rolling in this week, there not going to be much left of the wings in 2 weeks. The north east face, south of Shavano looks like wayyyy more fun skiing if thats what youre after.

Hikers, coverage is amazing. You can (with flotation), hike on snow up the gully to find the dry trail weave in and out of the snow patches. There is snow almost the whole way from the trailhead, so you do want some flotation.

Parking wise, we didnt want to risk it so we parked at Angel Campground. It adds 3.5 miles and 700-800 feet, so the total day was around 11.25 miles and 53,000-5,500ish vert. The best beta I had for the main road that we found out afterwards is you can maybe get to 2 miles away from the trailhead adding 4 total miles but less vert.

Have fun! Be safe! Check CAIC before going!

#1) Looks more like a pterodactyl#2) Whats left of the wing.#3) Snow coverage on the summit.

Comments or Questions
04/08/2023 22:23
Total day of 53,000 vert - you outdid Everest! ;-)

04/09/2023 08:50
HA! Ya dude, we were planning to do double Everest today but had dinner plans at 5, so had to cut it a bit short

Where is the good skiing
04/11/2023 20:40
Is there good skiing on the NE face of Shavano? or on a Peak South of Shavano (Missouri Hill)

Good skiing
04/12/2023 06:47
The peak south connected by the saddle. Honestly Id just choose a whole different mountain and drainage this year.

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