Peak:  Torreys Peak
 Route:  Kelso Ridge
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Grisel
 Date of Info:  2/26/2023
 Date Posted:  2/28/2023

Road up to upper TH had snowmobile tracks about half way in the morning but all the way up by end of day. Trail from there had somewhat of a trench until standard trail turns right towards base of of kelso mountain, from there we kept going straight to avoid getting near the base of kelso. On the return, we aimed for the creek and followed that to the bridge. Avy debris on a couple of the slopes of kelso. We stashed our snowshoes right after the turn off towards the saddle/start of kelso ridge. We donned micro spikes til the first snow ramp, I went up it regretting not switching to crampons which my partner did. There's a 10ft deep cornice right after this to be wary of, we climbed around it as best as possible but definitely the spookiest part of the day. The white wall had a snow ramp up to the scrambling portion but we rode the rock around it just fine. The crux of the route was staying ridge proper where the summer trail skirts the last bump. The slopes were loaded with cornices on top so be mindful of what you're standing as you get closer to the knife edge. The knife edge was surprisingly easy. Snow made it about 6 inches wider and we just walked across it. The snow there was stable and supportive( didn't see any signs of instability the whole day). Snow storm was rolling in once at summit and we high tailed it out of there. Trench from upper TH was all filled in with new and blowing snow. Overall snow conditions were good but everything was definitely loaded and getting new snow.


Comments or Questions
nice report
02/28/2023 13:07
with wonderful photographs.

02/28/2023 16:13
With ltlFish99.

Good to meet you guys up there
03/01/2023 19:50
Strong work on Kelso ridge

03/19/2023 04:26
GreenOnion and ItFish, thank you! Grays and Torreys make it easy for photos

Astrobassman, good to meet you too man! Was surprised to see anyone else out there after having the whole to place to ourselves most the morning

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