Peak:  Torreys Peak
 Route:  West Ridge
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  stomblin7
 Date of Info:  2/11/2023
 Date Posted:  2/11/2023

Might as well just put spikes on from the car at Loveland pass - I put them on for Cupid's descent and that's all I used the entire day. If you don't want to slide around Grizzly's ridge descent - I'd recommend crampons, but you can manage with spikes if you are comfortable on slick snow. The snow is pretty soft and slick, and in places it is wind crusted and in places you will sink calf to knee deep. I did get my axe out for a glissade and to regain Grizzly, I recommend bringing it. A lot of ppl on ridge before Grizzly opted for snowshoes, I didn't find them necessary. It took me 1 hr 45 min from Grizzly summit to Torrey Summit - that ridge is never ending. Was a great day out. I will update pics when I get out of ski traffic.

#1) Path to Grizzly#2) Ridge down the back side of Grizzly headed to Torrey’s#3) Looking back at Grizzly from Torrey’s saddle

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It was
02/11/2023 19:37
great finding someone else on top of Torreys. That is a fun route!

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