Peak:  Mt. Columbia
 Route:  Southeast Ridge
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  Chipmunk
 Date of Info:  2/3/2023
 Date Posted:  2/3/2023

Made it to Harvard Lakes TH in a 4Runner with snow tires. The road is snowy but there are plenty of tracks to follow. Easy in the morning when frozen, a little sloppier on the way out this afternoon.

The Colorado Trail is nicely packed down with intermittent dry patches and ice.

Two groups did Columbia today - myself and partner and a third solo hiker. We started later than the solo hiker and he did a ton of work re-establishing the trench! Our path diverged from his at times, but all routes lead to the summit (and some also lead to 'fun' snowshoe rock walking).

Snowshoes are necessary to treeline, we stashed them and barebooted the ridge. Beautiful day!

Started at 7:30, summit at 12:30, back to the car at 3:45.

#1) Climbingcue doing what he does best - climbing#2#3) Start of ridge#4) Final part of ridge and Columbia summit#5) Harvard from the summit of Columbia#6) Climbing up stable snow to a ridge point#7) Taken on descent#8) Bomber trench through the trees

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Nice work!
02/03/2023 19:09
I put a trench in last Tuesday but turned around near tree line. I hope this helped yall!

02/06/2023 18:33
Thanks! I think there were some remnants down low, but up high we were stomping through fresh powder. Hope you can make it back for redemption soon!

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