Peak:  Crestone Peak (14er)
 Route:  South Face
 Range:  Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  jimmtman
 Date of Info:  06/29/2013
 Date Posted:  06/30/2013

Not much snow going up to BHP - one short steep section (photo 1) with lots of steps and then it is dry. We had crampons but others used microspikes. The Red Gully is largely melted out and the route tends to weave left and right to avoid the snow - only a couple snow crossings were mandatory - no traction used or needed. Thunderstorms started at noon and went until 5 pm or so.


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 Comments or Questions

07/03/2013 19:43
Thanks, for posting a trip report about Crestone. I'm heading there Friday and wanted to ask you a few questions if you have time?

1. Footwear. I was hoping to get by with trail runners, but the snow patch in your picture makes me think that may not be a great idea. Would you go with trail runners, or do you think light boots are warranted?

2. Traction. Could you do broken hand pass without any? I have microspikes, but my partner only has crampons, so if we can make it withought him buying spikes it would be preferable.

3. Axe. Is there enough depth in the snow to need one, or would you say the steps are so deep and the snow so melted that it's not any use?

Thanks for your help!


07/04/2013 04:29
Kyle - I hope you have a good time on Friday.

I think some light boots are a good idea for the snow patches - you could put your trail runners in your pack and wear those for the clear parts.

Axe was helpful on the way up and down. The snow depth is still 12+ inches deep and the snow was very soft in the afternoon so we kicked steps without traction but it was so soupy sometimes your foot would just give out and you were hanging from your axe sunk to the head.

I think you could do BHP without traction if you had an axe. The snow was a little soft in the early AM and there are good steps there. With no traction it would be good to have a decent boot.



07/05/2013 00:40
Much appreciated Jim!

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