Peak:  Little Bear Peak
 Route:  West Ridge and Hourglass
 Range:  Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  ncxhjhgvbi
 Date of Info:  8/9/2022
 Date Posted:  8/9/2022

An update from the last report - still a ton of moisture up there but the creek crossing is easily passable again. Marshy around the lake, but mosquitoes weren't an issue passing through. They were actually worse at the 10,100' parking spots where we camped. Hourglass still wet and we chose to climb left of the crux up and crab walk/butt scoot through the water on the way down like many others have mentioned. With approach shoes we were surprised how grippy the rock was even in the flowing water. Pretty much every 6 inches or so in any direction has a white mark from rockfall. Glad I never have to drive that road or be in that gulley ever again!


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Nice work!
08/11/2022 08:43
I bet it feels good to be done with that one! One left now, eh?

08/11/2022 08:50

Thanks Dave!
08/11/2022 13:10
Yup, just Unc left! Feels great to have it done, probably the only one I would never do again! As you can tell, Cory feels the same haha

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