Peak:  Little Bear Peak
 Route:  West Ridge and Hourglass
 Range:  Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  jrs1965
 Date of Info:  7/23/2022
 Date Posted:  7/25/2022

Climbed Little Bear on Saturday, the 23rd. The road still suxs. The Lake Como area probably has the most mosquitos I've ever experienced in Colorado. The lake is loaded with trout. We started at 3:30 AM to try and get ahead of any other parties. It worked. Hourglass wasn't too bad going up. The previously mentioned red, 300 foot, 6 mm cord was gone. The 8 mm burgundy rope which was mentioned on the fb page was still there. It had taken a few hits from rock fall and the core was showing. Also, a black and red 11 mm that was really beat-up and tied into an older, even more beat up rope was there. I thought the most challenging portion of the route was above the Hourglass. On our ascent, we went to the left at the anchor station. We went too far left after the anchor and ended up in some really crappy terrain. We topped out on the ridge about 30 feet to the west of the actual summit at 8 AM. On descent, we followed the route on "Photo #18" of the route description and ended up on the east side of the rappel station. Other than a ton of loose rock, this was a good descent. At the rappel station, I used an oval quick link to tie into the two anchor cables, and my own 100 meter/328 foot, 6 mm cord that was doubled over to rappel to the ledge area which is about 3/4 of the way down the Hourglass. This worked well for us, and we were able to quickly, and safely clear out of the Hourglass. The rest of the descent and walkout was an uneventful suffer-fest.

Comments or Questions
Great weekend on LB
07/25/2022 17:37
Hey, nice report! I think we may have been one of the parties camped nearby. Agreed about going left at the anchor. That final pitch was tough for sure.

07/26/2022 08:24
Yes, we camped out in the open on the west side of the lake. I think there might have been less mosquitos in that area. My second time up LB. Other than the road, it's a fun peak...

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